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Disc: 1
Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods) (Sung in En
1 Prelude: What light shines down there? (3 Norns)
2 Prelude: Wotan made holy laws and treaties (Second
3 Prelude: That mighty hall the giants have raised (
4 Prelude: Now the gods will seize the spear that wa
5 Prelude: Dawn Music (Orchestra) - To deeds of glor
6 Prelude: Ah, but to prove you love me (Brunnhilde,
7 Prelude: Love, I leave you alone (Siegfried, Brunn
8 Prelude: So by your daring I am fired (Siegfried,
9 Prelude: O heavenly rulers! (Brunnhilde, Siegfried
10 Prelude: Siegfried's Rhine Journey (Orchestra)
11 Act I Scene 1: Now hear, Hagen (Gunther, Hagen)
12 Act I Scene 1: What woman should I wed … ? (Gunthe
13 Act I Scene 1: At Neidhohle the Nibelung gold was
14 Act I Scene 1: You mock me, wicked Hagen! (Gutrune
15 Act I Scene 1: Merrily seeking adventures and fame
16 Act I Scene 2: Which is Gibich's son? (Siegfried,
17 Act I Scene 2: I welcome you, my friend (Gunther,
18 Act I Scene 2: That treasure I quite forgot (Siegf
19 Act I Scene 2: Welcome, O guest, to Gibich's house
Disc: 2
Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods) (Sung in En
1 Act I Scene 2: With your brother I promised to ser
2 Act I Scene 2: I fear not the flames (Siegfried, G
3 Act I Scene 2: Flourishing life's refreshing blood
4 Act I Scene 2: Now on our way! (Siegfried, Gunther
5 Act I Scene 2: I sit here and wait (Hagen), "Hagen
6 Act I Scene 3: Sounds I once knew so well (Brunnhi
7 Act I Scene 3: You've come to me? (Brunnhilde, Wal
8 Act I Scene 3: Fear and dread I read in your featu
9 Act I Scene 3: Hear me with care, and I will tell
10 Act I Scene 3: He sits there, speaks no word (Walt
11 Act I Scene 3: These tales of evil fancies (Brunnh
12 Act I Scene 3: Upon your hand, the ring (Waltraute
13 Act I Scene 3: Go home to the sacred clan of the g
14 Act I Scene 3: Borne on the wind (Brunnhilde)
15 Act I Scene 3: Brunnhild! Your husband comes (Sieg
16 Act I Scene 3: The night draws on (Siegfried, Brun
17 Act I Scene 3: Now nothing can save me (Brunnhilde
Disc: 3
Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods) (Sung in En
1 Act II Scene 1: Prelude (Orchestra)
2 Act II Scene 1: Sleep you, Hagen, my son? (Alberic
3 Act II Scene 1: The might of the gods (Hagen, Albe
4 Act II Scene 1: That ring shall be Hagen's (Hagen,
5 Act II Scene 2: Hoiho! Hagen! Fast asleep? (Siegfr
6 Act II Scene 2: Yet my Siegfried was with Brunnhil
7 Act II Scene 2: I can see a sail in the distance (
8 Act II Scene 3: Hoiho! Hoihohoho! (Hagen, Vassals)
9 Act II Scene 3: Come to my call, and arm yourselve
10 Act II Scene 3: Glad times have come (Vassals, Hag
11 Act II Scene 4: Welcome, Gunther! (Vassals, Gunthe
12 Act II Scene 4: I greet you, noble friend (Gunther
13 Act II Scene 4: A ring I saw upon your hand (Brunn
14 Act II Scene 4: Ha! - Siegfried stole it (Brunnhil
15 Act II Scene 4: Here in Walhall, mighty immortals!
16 Act II Scene 4: Would you defile your name so ligh
17 Act II Scene 4: Shining steel! Holiest weapon! (Si
18 Act II Scene 4: Gunther, look to your wife there (
19 Act II Scene 5: Dark, unholy powers lie here aroun
20 Act II Scene 5: Have trust in me, offended wife! (
21 Act II Scene 5: Can no weapon's point then pierce
22 Act II Scene 5: Deceived am I - and deceiver! (Gun
23 Act II Scene 5: He betrayed you (Brunnhilde, Hagen
24 Act II Scene 5: Since this blow must be dealt her
Disc: 4
Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods) (Sung in En
1 Act III: Prelude (Orchestra)
2 Act III Scene 1: Fair sunlight, shine on us in spl
3 Act III Scene 1: Fair sunlight, send to us the her
4 Act III Scene 1: A goblin led me astray (Siegfried
5 Act III Scene 1: Siegfried, if we find your bear (
6 Act III Scene 1: Why should I let them laugh and j
7 Act III Scene 1: Siegfried! … Evil lies in that ri
8 Act III Scene 1: Siegfried! … Give heed to our wor
9 Act III Scene 1: Come, sisters! Flee from this mad
10 Act III Scene 2: Hoiho! (Hagen, Vassals, Siegfried
11 Act III Scene 2: You drove the game away from us (
12 Act III Scene 2: Drink, Gunther, drink (Siegfried,
13 Act III Scene 2: Mime was a hideous dwarf (Siegfri
14 Act III Scene 2: Now you must hear what happened n
15 Act III Scene 2: Ring and Tarnhelm - both I had fo
16 Act III Scene 2: In grief I watched the branches a
Disc: 5
Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods) (Sung in En
1 Act III Scene 2: Brunnhilde! Holiest bride! (Siegf
2 Act III Scene 2: Siegfried's Funeral March (Orches
3 Act III Scene 3: Was that his horn? (Gutrune)
4 Act III Scene 3: Ah, if Siegfried were back! (Gutr
5 Act III Scene 3: Cast not the blame on me (Gunther
6 Act III Scene 3: Peace with your cries of useless
7 Act III Scene 3: Poor creature, peace! (Brunnhilde
8 Act III Scene 3: Sturdy branches, building his pyr
9 Act III Scene 3: The sun in radiance shines from h
10 Act III Scene 3: O you, you guardians (Brunnhilde)
11 Act III Scene 3: My heritage I claim from the hero
12 Act III Scene 3: Fly home, you ravens! (Brunnhilde
13 Act III Scene 3: Grane, my horse! (Brunnhilde)
14 Act III Scene 3: Give back the ring! (Hagen)
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