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TIMSON: Stories from Shakespeare, Vol. 2

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The first volume of David Timson's series retelling of the stories from Shakespeare's plays was widely praised by newspapers and educators alike. Here is volume II, with more key plays. Including Julius Caesar, The Merchant of Venice, and Henry IV, all texts which regularly appear on the exam syllabus. As before, the stories are illustrated by numerous examples from the plays themselves. They are read by two leading Shakespearean actors: Juliet Stevenson and Alex Jennings.
Item number NA340912
Barcode 9789626344095
Release date 01/07/2006
Category Classic Fiction
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 3
Artists Jennings, Alex
Stevenson, Juliet
Disc: 1
Julius Caesar
1 As You Like It
2 Act 1 Scene 2 ‘Gentleman, [Giving him a chain from
3 But while Rosalind was telling Celia...
4 Act 2 Scene 7 ‘All the world's a stage...’
5 Orlando and Adam fed well...
6 Act 3 Scene 2 'From the east to western Ind...’
7 Celia too had found some verses... (Act 3 Scene 2)
8 Just at that moment who should appear... (Act 3 Sc
9 So Rosalind was pretending to be a boy...
10 Act 3 Scene 5 ‘Who might be your mother...’
11 Things were getting complicated
12 Act 3 Scene 5 ‘Think not I love him, though I ask
13 When Orlando made his appearance... (Act 4 Scene 1
14 When Orlando left to dine...
15 Julius Caesar
16 Act 1 Scene 2 ‘I cannot tell what you and other me
17 At the games the people were pressing Caesar...
18 Act 2 Scene 1 ‘Is Brutus sick, and is it physical.
19 Nor was Caesar's wife Calpurnia...
20 Act 3 Scene 1 ‘O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so l
21 Brutus assured him...
22 Act 3 Scene 1 ‘O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece o
23 The confused people of Rome... (Act 3 Scene 2)
24 The crowd was silent...
25 Act 3 Scene 2 Friends, Romans, Countrymen...
26 The crowd was moved by Mark Antony's grief...
27 The Merchant of Venice
28 Act 1 Scene 1 ‘In Belmont is a lady richly left...
29 Antonio hadn't enough money...
30 Act 1 Scene 3 ‘Go with me to a notary, seal me the
31 Antonio thought this was a good joke...
32 Act 2 Scene 7 ‘O hell! What have we here?’
33 Next it was the Prince of Aragon's turn... (Act 2
34 Portia sighed once more... (Act 3 Scene 1)
35 With each tide more bad news... (Act 3 Scene 2)
36 There was further joy...
Disc: 2
Richard II
1 Portia’s cousin was a learned man of law, Dr. Bell
2 Act 4 Scene 1 ‘The quality of mercy is not strain'
3 But Shylock was deaf... (Act 5 Scene 1)
4 Shylock having denied mercy to Antonio... (Act 5 S
5 Portia and Nerissa arrived home just before their
6 The Taming of the Shrew
7 Act 2 Scene 1 ‘I'll attend her here...’
8 Baptista nervously put his head... (Act 2 Scene 1)
9 Meanwhile, a more gentle wooing was taking place..
10 Act 4 Scene 1 ‘Last night she slept not, nor to-ni
11 Back at Baptista's house, young Lucentio...
12 Act 5 Scene 1 ‘Husband, let's follow to see the en
13 A feast was given by Baptista...
14 Act 5 Scene 2 ‘I am asham'd that women are so simp
15 Richard II
16 Act 2 Scene 1 ‘This royal throne of kings, this sc
17 Gaunt tried to warn King Richard...
18 Act 3 Scene 2 ‘So when this thief, this traitor, B
19 But Richard's confidence soon vanished... (Act 3 S
20 The young Duke of Aumerle bade Richard... (Act 3 S
21 And so Richard, with no power left to him...
22 Act 4 Scene 1 ‘Here, cousin, seize the crown.’
23 Richard's grief at his loss overwhelmed him... (Ac
24 In despair Richard smashed the mirror...
25 Act 5 Scene 5 ‘That hand shall burn in never-quenc
26 In his dying moments... (Act 5 Scene 6)
27 Henry IV Part I
28 Act 1 Scene 1 ‘A Son, who is the Theme of Honour’s
29 Prince Hal, although he was the Prince... (Act 1 S
30 Prince Hal had another friend called Poins... (Act
31 Hotspur had hoped to strike a deal with the King..
32 Act 2 Scene 4 ‘A plague of all Cowards still, say
33 By the time Falstaff had finished... (Act 2 Scene
34 But Falstaff's plans for their evening's... (Act 2
35 Then Hal and Falstaff swapped parts. (Act 2 Scene
36 Their play was interrupted by the Sheriff of Londo
Disc: 3
The Merry Wives of Windsor
1 That night at the palace, Hal got a strong telling
2 Act 3 Scene 2 ‘I will redeem all this on Percy’s h
3 King Henry was moved by his son's strong words...
4 Act 4 Scene 2 ‘...and such have I to fill up the r
5 King Henry made one final offer... (Act 5 Scene 1)
6 The Battle of Shrewsbury raged
7 Act 5 Scene 4 ‘What? Old Acquaintance? Could not a
8 But as Hal left the battlefield.... (Act 5 Scene 4
9 And hoisting the body of Hotspur... (Act 5 Scene 4
10 Henry IV Part II
11 Act 2 Scene 1 ‘What is the gross sum that I owe th
12 The cunning Falstaff talked very sweetly...
13 Act 2 Scene 4 ‘You whoreson Candle-mine you...’
14 There was no time for any further questions...
15 Act 4 Scene 5 ‘Why doth the Crown lie there, upon
16 Too full of sorrow for his father, Hal quietly lef
17 Act 5 Scene 5 ‘God save thy Grace, King Hal...’
18 The Merry Wives of Windsor
19 Act 1 Scene 3 ‘... Briefly, I do mean to make love
20 So Falstaff planned to get close to both wives...
21 Act 1 Scene 4 ‘You jack'nape; give – a this letter
22 Mistress Quickly calmed the fiery Frenchman... (Ac
23 Mistress Page was shocked to get such a letter...
24 Now Master Ford was by nature a very jealous... (A
25 Falstaff could hardly believe his luck...
26 In the middle of a field on this... (Act 2 Scene 3
27 It was nearly eleven o'clock... (Act 3 Scene 3)
28 But Falstaff's amorous words... (Act 3 Scene 3)
29 Falstaff disappeared into the basket... (Act 3 Sce
30 Nevertheless, when Mistress Quickly came to Falsta
31 Act 4 Scene 2 ‘Shall I put him into the basket aga
32 The merry wives decided to play a trick on Ford to
33 Act 4 Scene 4 ‘There is an old tale goes that Hern
34 That night, at the stroke of twelve... (Act 5 Scen
35 All the 'fairies' danced round Falstaff...
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