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THOMAS: Under Milk Wood

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This varied, well-chosen selection brings onto one CD set the best of Dylan Thomas. Here is the legendary recording of Under Milk Wood, with Richard Burton and Richard Bebb as narrators; but here also are two radio productions he wrote before that great classic, and though interesting in their own right, they show how Under Milk Wood grew gradually in his imagination. Thomas was a charismatic if idiosyncratic performer of his own poetry and stories and here is a representative selection. Performances of Dylan Thomas have since moved on and the greatness of the writer as a poet and storyteller are perhaps best heard in new recordings by actors of our own time. Here Bebb, Madoc and Hughes share some of Thomas's finest, most challenging and endearing works.
Item number NA434312
Barcode 9789626343432
Release date 01/01/2005
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 4
Artists Dylan Thomas
Jason Hughes
Michael Sheen
Philip Madoc
Richard Bebb
Richard Burton
Composers Dylan Thomas
Disc: 1
Under Milk Wood - A Play for Voices
1 First Voice: To begin at the beginning
2 First Drowned: Remember me, Captain
3 First Voice: From where you are...
4 Mr Edwards: Myfanwy Price!
5 First Voice: Come now, drift up the dark...
6 Mother: This little piggy...
7 First Voice: Now, in her iceberg-white...
8 Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard: Mr Ogmore!
9 First Voice: In Butcher Beynon's...
10 Organ Morgan: Help! cries Organ Morgan...
11 First Voice: At the sea end of town...
12 Utah Watkins: (Yawning) Thirty four, thirty five..
13 First Voice: Now behind the eyes and secrets...
14 First Voice: Time passes. Listen. Time passes
15 Rev. Eli Jenkins: Dear Gwalia! I know there are...
16 First Voice: Now, woken at last by the out-of-bed.
17 Lily Smalls: Oh, there's a face!
18 First Voice: Mary Ann the Sailors...
19 First Voice: Now frying-pans spit...
20 First Voice: Mr and Mrs Cherry Owen...
21 First Voice: From Beynon Butchers in Coronation St
22 First Voice: Up the street, in the Sailor's Arms..
23 Captain Cat: (Softly, to himself) Maggie Richards,
24 First Voice: People are moving now, up and down...
25 First Voice: There's the clip clop of horses...
26 First Woman: Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard
27 First Voice: Outside, the sun springs down...
28 First Voice: And in Willy Nilly the Postman's dark
29 Second Voice: ...herring gulls heckling down to th
30 First Voice: The music of the spheres is heard dis
31 Polly Garter: I loved a man whose name was Tom...
32 First Voice: And the morning school is over...
33 First Voice: And the shrill girls giggle and muste
34 Gossamer Beynon: I don't care if he is common...
35 First Voice: In the blind-drawn dark dining-room o
36 First Voice: Lord Cut-Glass, in his kitchen full o
37 First Voice: Captain Cat, at his window...
38 First Voice: The child says, and then she forgets
Disc: 2
1 Second Voice: The afternoon buzzes like lazy bees.
2 First Voice: Now the town is dusk
3 Mr Pritchard: You first, Mr Ogmore
4 Rev. Eli Jenkins: Every morning, when I wake...
5 First Voice: Dusk is drowned forever until tomorro
6 First Voice: Blind Captain Cat climbs into his bun
7 First Voice: Mr Mog Edwards and Miss Myfanwy Price
8 First Voice: The thin night darkens
9 Narrator: It was a cold white day in the High Stre
10 Narrator: I went out of the hotel into the snow...
11 Narrator: And he hurried on, into the dervish snow
12 Narrator: The Hall is shattered...
13 Narrator: Even now, on the frozen foreshore...
14 Quite early one morning in the winter in Wales...
15 The town was not yet awake
16 And climbing down again and up out of the town...
17 Oh, the town was waking now...
18 Lament
19 Poem on his birthday
20 And death shall have no dominion
21 Fern Hill
22 Do not go gentle into that good night
Disc: 3
A Visit to Grandpa's
1 One Christmas was so much like another in those ye
2 Now out of that bright white snowball of Christmas
3 We returned home through the desolate poor sea-fac
4 The grass-green cart, with 'J. Jones, Gorsehill' p
5 He backed the mare into Union Street...
6 'Can I go and see the pigs?'
7 Gwilym's chapel was the last old barn before the f
8 The best room smelt of moth balls and fur...
9 Down the thick dingle Jack and I ran shouting...
10 Our door was open
11 In the middle of the night I woke...
12 In the morning I woke from a dream of fiery horses
13 When we came to Llanstephan village...
14 'Where are we going?' I asked
Disc: 4
And death shall have no dominion
1 It was six o'clock on a winter's evening
2 The barmaid, with gold hair and two gold teeth in
3 Outside Rabiotti's cafe, Leslie said...
4 All over the dripping town...
5 If you can call it a story
6 On Sunday evening, after Bethesda...
7 The charabanc drew up outside...
8 Time clouded over, the cows wondered...
9 The force that through the green fuse drives the f
10 The conversation of prayers
11 A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child
12 Elegy
13 Poem in October
14 The hunchback in the park
15 A Winter's Tale
16 In my craft or sullen art
17 Lie still, sleep becalmed
18 Fern Hill
19 Over Sir John's hill
20 Poem on his Birthday
21 Do not go gentle into that good night
22 Lament
23 Was there a time
24 And death shall have no dominion
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