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The Boston Early Music Festival brings together top interpreters and musicologists in the interests of the highest performance standards - clearly the reason behind 'The Times' terming it \the leading festival of early music." One of its most important goals involves the rediscovery and presentation of unknown baroque operas. The BEMF and CPO began working together a few years ago. The first production in this series was the festival's featured work in 2003: Conradi's 'Ariadne'. This recording reaped enormous praise from the public and critics alike and was nominated for a Grammy as best new opera recording in 2005. CPO now presents Jean-Baptiste Lully's 'Th?®s?®e'. This mature work from 1675 is a fascinating demonstration of the magnificence of French classicism, in which elements of divertissement and of tragedy are blended together to form a higher art form - stunning trag?®die lyrique."
Disc: 1
1 Prologue: Overture
2 Prologue: Les Jeux and les Amours (Chorus of Cupid
3 Prologue: Revenez, Amours revenez (Venus)
4 Prologue: La descente de Mars
5 Prologue: Que rien ne trouble icy (Mars)
6 Prologue: Les Hautbois
7 Prologue: Partez, allez, volez redoutable Bellonne
8 Prologue: Qu'il passe au gre de ses desirs (Mars,
9 Prologue: Premiere Air
10 Prologue: Trop heureux qui moissonne (Ceres)
11 Prologue: Second Air
12 Prologue: Pour les plus Fortunez, pour les plus Ma
13 Prologue: Qu'il passe au gre de ses desirs (Mars,
14 Overture: Entr'Acte
15 Act I Scene 1: Avancons, avancons; que rien ne nou
16 Act I Scene 2: Quel que soit mon destin (Aegle, Wa
17 Act I Scene 3: Est-ce aux Atheniens, est-ce au Par
18 Act I Scene 3: Il faut perir, Il faut perir (Warri
19 Act I Scene 4: Le Ciel ne veut-il point mettre fin
20 Act I Scene 5: Laissons aller la Princesse (Cleone
21 Act I Scene 5: Avancons, avancons; que rien ne nou
22 Act I Scene 6: Prions, prions la Deesse (High Prie
23 Act I Scene 6: Mourez, mourez, perfides Coeurs (Wa
24 Act I Scene 6: O Minerve! Arrestez la cruelle furi
25 Act I Scene 6: Liberte, liberte (Warriors)
26 Act I Scene 6: Prelude
27 Act I Scene 7: Les Mutins sont vaincus (King of At
28 Act I Scene 8: Cessez, charmante Aegle, de repandr
29 Act I Scene 9: Prelude: Le Sacrifice
30 Act I Scene 9: Cet Empire puissant que vostre soin
31 Act I Scene 9: March
32 Act I Scene 10: O Minerve scavante! (High Priestes
33 Act I Scene 10: Entrance of Warriors
34 Act I Scene 10: Que la Guerre sanglante (Chorus, H
35 Act I Scene 10: La Marche pour l'Entr'acte
Disc: 2
1 Act II Scene 1: Doux repos, innocente paix (Medee,
2 Act II Scene 2: Je voy le succes favorable (King o
3 Act II Scene 3: Seignur, songez a vous (Arcas, Kin
4 Act II Scene 4: Demeure, escoute un mot, Arcas (Do
5 Act II Scene 5: C'est donc la tout le prix d'une a
6 Act II Scene 6: Regnez, Heros indomptable (Chorus,
7 Act II Scene 6: Premier Air pour l'Entree triompha
8 Act II Scene 7: Que l'on doit estre (Chorus, 2 Old
9 Act II Scene 7: Second Air and Pour le peu de bon
10 Act II Scene 7: C'est assez, amis, c'est assez (Th
11 Act II Scene 8: Thesee ou courez-vous? (Medee, The
12 Act II Scene 9: Depit mortel, Transport jaloux (Me
13 Act II Scene 9: Air pour l'Entr'Acte
14 Act III Scene 1: Vous allez voir bien-tost (Aegle,
15 Act III Scene 2: Le Roy m'ordonne de vous dire (Ar
16 Act III Scene 3: Princesse, scavez-vous ce que peu
17 Act III Scene 3: Prelude
18 Act III Scene 4: Dieux! ou sommes-nous! (Aegle, Cl
19 Act III Scene 5: Contre ce monstre qui m'allarme (
20 Act III Scene 6: Qu'on ne me trouble point (Medee,
21 Act III Scene 6: Invocation: Ritournelle
22 Act III Scene 7: Sortez, Ombres, sortez de la Nuit
23 Act III Scene 8: Que tous fremisse (Aegle, The Sha
Disc: 3
1 Act IV Scene 1: Cruelle, ne voulez-vous pas (Aegle
2 Act IV Scene 2: Quel spectacle vient me surpendre?
3 Act IV Scene 3: Faut-il voir contre may tous les E
4 Act IV Scene 3: Ritournelle
5 Act IV Scene 4: Voyez ce que j'ay soin de faire (M
6 Act IV Scene 5: Aegle ne m'ayme plus (Aegle, These
7 Act IV Scene 6: Finissez vos regrets, c'est trop (
8 Act IV Scene 7: Que nos prairies (2 Shepherdesses)
9 Act IV Scene 7: Aimons tout nous y convie (2 Other
10 Act IV Scene 7: Quel plaisir d'aimer (One of the I
11 Act V Scene 1: Ah! Faut-il me vanger (Medee)
12 Act V Scene 2: Que Thesee est content (Dorine, Med
13 Act V Scene 3: Ce Vase par mes soins vient d'estre
14 Act V Scene 4: Ne craignez rien parfaits Amants (K
15 Act V Scene 4: Oublions le passe, ma colere est fi
16 Act V Scene 5: Ah! Perfide Medee! (King of Athens,
17 Act V Scene 5: Que l'hymen prepare des noeuds plei
18 Act V Scene 6: Vous n'estes pas encor delivrez de
19 Act V Scene 7: Secourez-nous, justes Dieux! (Choru
20 Act V Scene 7: Prelude
21 Act V Scene 8: Le Ciel veut ecarter (High Priestes
22 Act V Scene 8: Vivez, vivez contents (High Prieste
23 Act V Scene 8: Premier Air pour la derniere Entree
24 Act V Scene 8: Second Air - Le plus sage (Arcas, C
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