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Item number CHAN 3038(4)
Barcode 095115303825
Release date 12/01/2005
Label Chandos Records
Media type CD
Number of units 4
Artists Remedios, Alberto
Collins, Anne
Conoley, Anne
Evans, Anne
Howard, Anne
Grant, Clifford
Connell, Elizabeth
Attfield, Helen
Clarke, Katie
Curphey, Margaret
Bailey, Norman
Hunter, Rita
Walker, Sarah
Squires, Shelagh
Composers Wagner, Richard
Conductors Goodall, Reginald
Orchestras English National Opera Orchestra
Disc: 1
Walkure (Die) (The Valkyrie) (Sung in English)
1 Act I: Prelude
2 Act I Scene 1: The storm drove me here (Siegmund,
3 Act I Scene 1: This house and this wife (Sieglinde
4 Act I Scene 1: Evil fortune's never far from me (S
5 Act I Scene 2: There he lay, feeble and faint (Sie
6 Act I Scene 2: Through field and forest (Siegmund,
7 Act I Scene 2: Friedmund no one could call me (Sie
8 Act I Scene 2: The Neidings raided again (Siegmund
9 Act I Scene 2: So the Norn who dealt you this fate
10 Act I Scene 2: I know a troublesome race (Hunding)
11 Act I Scene 3: A sword was pledged by my father (S
12 Act I Scene 3: Are you awake? (Sieglinde, Siegmund
13 Act I Scene 3: My husband's kinsmen (Sieglinde)
14 Act I Scene 3: Yes, loveliest bride (Siegmund, Sie
15 Act I Scene 3: Winter storms have vanished (Siegmu
16 Act I Scene 3: You are the Spring (Sieglinde)
17 Act I Scene 3: Oh sweetest enchantment (Siegmund,
18 Act I Scene 3: The stream has shown my reflected f
19 Act I Scene 3: Siegmund call me, and Siegmund am I
20 Act I Scene 3: Siegmund, the Walsung, here you see
Disc: 2
Walkure (Die) (The Valkyrie) (Sung in English)
1 Act II Scene 1: Go bridle your horse, warrior maid
2 Act II Scene 1: Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! (Brunnhilde),
3 Act II Scene 1: The usual storm, the usual strife!
4 Act II Scene 1: Pretend that you don't understand!
5 Act II Scene 1: Now it's come to pass! (Wotan)
6 Act II Scene 1: So this is the end of the gods and
7 Act II Scene 1: You never learn what I would teach
8 Act II Scene 1: What must I do? (Wotan, Fricka)
9 Act II Scene 1: Hiaha! Hiaha! Hoyotoho! (Brunnhild
10 Act II Scene 2: Fricka has won the fight (Brunnhil
11 Act II Scene 2: When youth's delightful pleasures
12 Act II Scene 2: She refused to reveal more about i
13 Act II Scene 2: There's more to tell (Wotan)
14 Act II Scene 2: Yet one can accomplish what I may
15 Act II Scene 2: But the Wahlsung, Siegmund (Brunnh
16 Act II Scene 2: Then Siegmund must fall in his fig
17 Act II Scene 2: I give you my blessing, Nibelung s
18 Act II Scene 2: No, have mercy (Brunnhilde, Wotan)
Disc: 3
Walkure (Die) (The Valkyrie) (Sung in English)
1 Act II Scene 2: So I obey his command (Brunnhilde)
2 Act II Scene 3: Rest here for a while, stay by my
3 Act II Scene 3: Away! Away! (Sieglinde, Siegmund)
4 Act II Scene 3: Where are you, Siegmund? (Sieglind
5 Act II Scene 4: Siegmund! Look at me! (Brunnhilde,
6 Act II Scene 4: And if I come (Siegmund, Brunnhild
7 Act II Scene 4: Then greet for me Walhall (Siegmun
8 Act II Scene 4: Woe! Woe! Sister and bride (Siegmu
9 Act II Scene 4: 2 lives now lie in your power (Sie
10 Act II Scene 5: Charms of sleep are sent to still
11 Act II Scene 5: I hear your call (Siegmund, Siegli
12 Act II Scene 5: Wehwalt! Wehwalt! (Hunding, Siegmu
Disc: 4
Walkure (Die) (The Valkyrie) (Sung in English)
1 Act III Scene 1: Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho! (Gerhilde, He
2 Act III Scene 1: Shield me and help (Brunnhilde, T
3 Act III Scene 1: Hear while I tell you (Brunnhilde
4 Act III Scene 1: Pray suffer no sorrow for me (Sie
5 Act III Scene 1: Fly him swiftly, away to the east
6 Act III Scene 1: O radiant wonder! (Sieglinde), "P
7 Act III Scene 1: Stay, Brunnhild! (Wotan, The Eigh
8 Act III Scene 2: Where is Brunnhild? (Wotan, The E
9 Act III Scene 2: Weak-spirited, womanish brood! (W
10 Act III Scene 2: Here I am, father (Brunnhilde, Wo
11 Act III Scene 2: No more will you ride from Walhal
12 Act III Scene 2: Did you not hear what I decreed?
13 Act III Scene 3: Was it so shameful? (Brunnhilde,
14 Act III Scene 3: I know so little (Brunnhilde, Wot
15 Act III Scene 3: You, who this love into my heart
16 Act III Scene 3: You indulged your love (Wotan)
17 Act III Scene 3: Unworthy of you this foolish maid
18 Act III Scene 3: You fathered a glorious race (Bru
19 Act III Scene 3: In long, deep sleep (Wotan, Brunn
20 Act III Scene 3: Farewell, my valiant, glorious ch
21 Act III Scene 3: These eyes so warm and so bright
22 Act III Scene 3: Loge, hear! Come at my call! (Wot
23 Act III Scene 3: Magic Fire Music (Wotan)
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