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THE LIVES OF THE GREAT ARTISTS (Neville Jason) (Naxos Audio Books: NA691012)

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Item number NA691012
Barcode 9789626349106
Release date 30/06/2008
Media type CD
Number of units 6
Artists Jason, Neville
Composers Vasari, Giorgio
Disc: 1
The Lives of the Artists
1 Preface to The Lives
2 Cimabue c. 1240-1302? [1240-1300]*
3 Giotto c. 1267-1337 [1276-1336]
4 When the Pope had seen these works…
5 Andrea Pisano c. 1290-1348/9
6 Luca Della Robbia 1399/1400-1482 [1388-?]
7 Paolo Uccello 1396/7-1475 [1350-1432]
8 Lorenzo Ghiberti 1378-1455
9 Donatello and Filippo, when they perceived…
10 Masaccio 1401-1428 [?-1443]
11 Filippo Brunelleschi 1377-1446
Disc: 2
The Lives of the Artists
1 Brunelleschi: Filippo was born in the year 1377
2 On his arrival, the wardens of S. Maria…
3 It then occurred to Filippo that he would…
4 The murmurers had now been silenced…
5 Donatello 1386?-1466 [1383-1466]
6 Piero della Francesca c. 1410/20-1492
7 Fra Angelico c. 1410/20-1492 [1387-1455]
8 Antonello da Messina c. 1430-1479
9 Fra Filippo Lippi c. 1406-1469 [1381-1438]
10 Jacopo, c. 1400-1470/71, Gentile 1429?-1507 and Gi
11 Sandro Botticelli 1444/5-1510 [1437-1515]
Disc: 3
The Lives of the Artists
1 Andrea Verrocchio c. 1435-1488
2 Andrea Mantegna 1431-1506 [1451-1517]
3 Luca Signorelli 1441?-1523 [1439-1521]
4 Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519
5 He afterwards devoted even greater care to…
6 Giorgione 1476/8-1510 [1470-1511]
7 Piero di Cosimo c.1462-1521? [1441-1521]
8 Bramante 1444-1514
9 Fra Bartolommeo 1472/5-1517 [1469-1517]
10 While he was engaged in producing these…
11 In his childhood Raphael imitated the style…
Disc: 4
The Lives of the Artists
1 Andrea del Sarto 1486-1530 [1478-1520]
2 At that time there was a sacristan…
3 When Andrea left for France,…
4 Rosso Fiorentino 1495-1540 [?-1541]
5 Francesco Mazzuoli, called Parmigianino 1503-1540
6 Albrecht Durer 1471-1528
7 Giulio Romano, prob.1499-1546 [1492-1546]
8 Sebastiano del Piombo c. 1485-1547 [1475-1547]
9 Jacopo da Pontormo 1494-1556 [1493-1558]
10 By these and his other works Jacopo took…
Disc: 5
The Lives of the Artists
1 Jacopo Tintoretto 1518-1594
2 Francesco de Salviati 1510-1563
3 Accordingly, they united to spread abroad…
4 Michelangelo Buonarotti 1475-1564
5 Lorenzo's garden was full of antiquities…
6 When the statue was finished,…
7 After the Pope had returned to Rome…
8 While Michelangelo was at Carrara…
9 Michelangelo had already finished…
10 I had returned to Florence to serve…
Disc: 6
The Lives of the Artists
1 Michelangelo was employed by Paul IV…
2 Michelangelo was devoted to the labours…
3 Michelangelo enjoyed excellent health…
4 Titian c. 1485-1576 [1480-?]
5 The year that Andrea Gritti was appointed…
6 Titian did for Queen Mary a Prometheus…
7 Jacopo Sansovino 1486-1570 [1477-1570]
8 The Florentine nation being at that time…
9 Giorgio Vasari 1511-1574
10 But as I was thus winning honour, fame and…
11 I left Rome in October 1546…
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