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Swift: Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged) (Naxos Audio Books: NA0011)

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This year, a new film adaptation of Gulliver's Travels brings Jonathan Swift's classic novel back into focus. In Gulliver's Travels we travel into the realms of the fantastical as Lemuel Gulliver, after being alternately shipwrecked, abandoned and then accosted, is compelled to dwell among a series of extraordinary civilizations. From being incarcerated by a diminutive race to being shunned by a clan of superior horses, Gulliver's far-ranging adventures are at once deliciously absurd and pertinently revealing. The vulgarities and imbecilities of human nature are paraded before our eyes in this novel that remains as one of the most wonderful satires of all time.
Item number NA0011
Barcode 9781843794196
Release date 26/07/2010
Media type CD
Number of units 9
Disc: 1
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 The Publisher to the Reader
2 A Letter from Captain Gulliver to his Cousin Symps
3 I find likewise that your printer has been so care
4 Part 1: A Voyage to Lilliput - Chapter 1
5 The declivity was so small that I walked near a mi
6 But I should have mentioned, that before the princ
7 It seems that, upon the first moment I was discove
8 Chapter 2
9 Towards night, I got with some difficulty into my
10 He desired I would not take it ill, if he gave ord
11 When this inventory was read over to the emperor…
12 Chapter 3
13 When I had finished my work, I desired…
14 But because the reader may be curious to have some
15 Chapter 4
Disc: 2
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 The emperor's palace is in the centre of the city…
2 He began with compliments on my liberty…
3 Chapter 5
4 The emperor and his whole court stood on the shore
5 It is to be observed, that these ambassadors spoke
6 Chapter 6
7 In choosing persons for all employments, they have
8 In the female nurseries, the young girls of qualit
9 I had three hundred cooks to dress my victuals…
10 Chapter 7
11 In the several debates upon this impeachment…
12 'In three days, your friend the secretary…'
13 Chapter 8
14 These considerations moved me to hasten my departu
Disc: 3
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 Part 2: A Voyage to Brobdingnag - Chapter 1
2 I was endeavouring to find some gap in the hedge…
3 They all sat down in a circle about me…
4 When dinner was almost done, the nurse came…
5 Chapter 2
6 I was placed upon a table in the largest room…
7 Chapter 3
8 His majesty sent for three great scholars…
9 It is the custom that every Wednesday…
10 Nothing angered and mortified me so much…
11 Chapter 4
12 Besides the large box in which I was usually carri
13 Chapter 5
Disc: 4
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 I cannot tell whether I were more pleased…
2 The queen, who often used to hear me talk of my se
3 But the greatest danger I ever underwent in that k
4 Chapter 6
5 The king, who, as I before observed…
6 When I had put an end to these long discourses…
7 He fell next upon the management of our treasury…
8 Chapter 7
9 A strange effect of narrow principles and views!
10 Their style is clear, masculine, and smooth…
11 Chapter 8
12 How often did I then wish myself with my dear Glum
13 I slept some hours, but perpetually disturbed with
14 The captain was very well satisfied with this…
Disc: 5
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 Part 3: A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg,
2 The next day I sailed to another island…
3 Chapter 2
4 After dinner my company withdrew…
5 Most of them, and especially those who deal…
6 Chapter 3
7 But it must be observed, that this island cannot m
8 Chapter 4
9 During our journey he made me observe the several
10 Chapter 5
11 I was complaining of a small fit of the colic…
12 Six hours a day the young students were employed…
13 Chapter 6
Disc: 6
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 This project could not be of any great expense…
2 To keep senators in the interest of the crown…
3 Chapter 7
4 After this manner we continued in the island for t
5 Chapter 8
6 Here I discovered the roguery and ignorance…
7 Chapter 9
8 The despatch came from court about the time we exp
9 Chapter 10
10 'I would never marry after threescore…'
11 After this preface, he gave me a particular accoun
12 Chapter 11
Disc: 7
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 Part 4: A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms
2 In this desolate condition I advanced forward…
3 While he and I were thus employed, another horse c
4 Chapter 2
5 The great difficulty that seemed to stick with the
6 Chapter 3
7 I had hitherto concealed the secret of my dress…
8 Chapter 4
9 It put me to the pains of many circumlocutions…
10 Chapter 5
11 'There is likewise a kind of beggarly princes in E
12 I assured his honour, 'that the law was a science…
Disc: 8
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 6
2 I was going on to tell him another sort of people…
3 I told him, 'that a first or chief minister of sta
4 Chapter 7
5 'That our institutions of government and law…'
6 My master further assured me, which I also observe
7 I durst make no return to this malicious insinuati
8 Chapter 8
9 As these noble Houyhnhnms are endowed by nature…
10 Chapter 9
11 The Houyhnhnms have no letters, and consequently…
Disc: 9
Gulliver's Travels (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 10
2 I freely confess, that all the little knowledge…
3 I was struck with the utmost grief and despair…
4 Chapter 11
5 The ship came within half a league of this creek…
6 Our voyage passed without any considerable acciden
7 Chapter 12
8 I am not a little pleased that this work…
9 But as those countries which I have described do n
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