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SHAKESPEARE: Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is the play which, in English literature at least, effectively invented the modern love story. Its charm and its power derive from the romantic setting (Verona, an Italian Renaissance city), the youthful innocence and ardour of the lovers, and (perhaps crucially) the excitement and drama created by the opposition which they have to contend with, an opposition which does not simply stem from the older generation but which is starkly present in the feud between their two families and which seems to be supported by the malignity of Fate. The wit, tenderness, dramatic variety and poetic beauty of this play continue to work their spell: it has proved a perennial favourite inspiring, even in our century, works such as the musical West Side Story.
Item number NA312512
Barcode 9789626341254
Release date 01/10/2004
Category Shakespeare
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 3
Artists Lesser, Anton
Sheen, Michael
Shaw, Fiona
Bradley, David
Madoc, Philip
Beckinsale, Kate
Rodway, Norman
Souza, Edward de
Britton, Jasper
Harris, Simon
Loe, Judy
Yapp, Peter
Williams, Heathcote
Barber, Frances
Composers Smith, Alice Mary
Producers Soames, Nicolas
Disc: 1
Romeo and Juliet
1 Romeo And Juliet - The Prologue - Chorus
2 Act 1 Scene 1: A Street In Verona
3 Act 1 Scene 1: (Prince) Rebellious Subjects, Enemi
4 Act 1 Scene 1: (Montague) Who Set This Ancient Qua
5 Act 1 Scene 2: A Street
6 Act 1 Scene 3: A Room In Capulet's Mansion
7 Act 1 Scene 3: (Nurse) Even Or Odd, Of All The Day
8 Act 1 Scene 4: A Street Outside Capulet's Mansion
9 Act 1 Scene 4: (Mercutio) O Then I See Queen Mab H
10 Act 1 Scene 5: The Great Hall In Capulet's Mansion
11 Act 1 Scene 5: (Capulet) Welcome, Gentleman! Ladie
12 Act 1 Scene 5: (Romeo) If I Profane With My Unwort
13 Act 1 Scene 5: (Chorus)
14 Act 2 Scene 1: Outside Capulet's Mansion
15 Act 2 Scene 2: Outside Capulet's Mansion
16 Act 2 Scene 3: Outside Friar Lawrence's Cell
17 Act 2 Scene 4: A Street In Verona
18 Act 2 Scene 4: (Nurse) I Pray you Sir What Saucy M
19 Act 2 Scene 5: Capulet's Mansion
20 Act 2 Scene 6: Friar Lawrence's Cell
Disc: 2
Romeo and Juliet
1 Act 3 Scene 1: Verona, A Public Place
2 Act 3 Scene 1: (Prince) Where Are The Vile Beginne
3 Act 3 Scene 2: Juliet's Bedroom
4 Act 3 Scene 2: (Juliet) Shall I Speak Ill Of Him T
5 Act 3 Scene 3: Friar Lawrence's Cell
6 Act 3 Scene 3: (Romeo) 'Tis Torture, And Not Mercy
7 Act 3 Scene 3: (Friar Lawrence) Hold Thy Desperate
8 Act 3 Scene 4: Capulet's Mansion
9 Act 3 Scene 5: Juliet's Bedroom
10 Act 3 Scene 5: (Lady Capulet) Ho, Daughter, Are Yo
11 Act 3 Scene 5: (Capulet) When The Sun Sets, The Ea
12 Act 3 Scene 5: (Juliet) O God! - O Nurse , How Sha
13 Act 4 Scene 1: Friar Lawrence's Cell
14 Act 4 Scene 1: (Friar Lawrence) Hold Then, Go Home
15 Act 4 Scene 2: Capulet's Mansion
16 Act 4 Scene 3: Juliet's Mansion
17 Act 4 Scene 4: A Room In Capulet's Mansion
18 Act 4 Scene 5: Juliet's Bedroom
19 Act 4 Scene 5: (Friar Lawrence) Come, Is The Bride
Disc: 3
Romeo and Juliet
1 Act 5 Scene 1: A Street In Mantua
2 Act 5 Scene 1: (Apothecary) Who Calls So Loud?
3 Act 5 Scene 2: Friar Lawrence's Cell
4 Act 5 Scene 3: A Churchyard Outside The Tomb Of Th
5 Act 5 Scene 3: A Churchyard Outside The Tomb Of Th
6 Act 5 Scene 3: (Romeo) How Oft When Men Are At The
7 Act 5 Scene 3: (Friar Lawrence) Saint Francis Be M
8 Act 5 Scene 3: (Prince) What Misadventure Is So Ea
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