Romantic Piano Favourites, Vol. 4

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Rustle of Spring, Opus 32 No.3?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á ChristianSinding?á?á ?á (Fruehlingsrauschen)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1856-1941)

2. Edelweiss - Idyll, Opus31?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Gustav Lange

3. The Maiden's Prayer,Opus 4?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Tekla Badarzewska-Baranowska

(La priere d'une vierge)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1834-1861)

4. La Lisonjera (L'enjoleuse),Opus 50?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Cecile Chaminade

(The Flatterer)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1857-1944)

5. Adagio?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á WolfgangAmadeus Mozart

(2nd movement, PianoSonata in F Major, K. 332)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1756- 1791)

6. Serenata, Opus 15?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á MoritzMoszkowski

(arr. Moszkowski)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1854-1925)

7. None but the lonelyheart Op. 6 No.6?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Pyotr ll'yich Tchaikovsky

(Mignon's song fromGoethe's Wilhelm Meister)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1840- 1893)

8. Vocalise, Opus 34 No.14?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á SergeyRakhmaninov

(transcribed by Zoltan Kocsis)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1873-1943)

9. Waltz in C Sharp Minor,Opus 64 No.2?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Fryderyk Chopin

(1810- 1849)


Greensleeves?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á EnglishTraditional

(arr. Friedrich Buck)

11. Melodie in G FlatMajor, Opus 16 No.2?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Ignacy Jan Paderewski

(1860- 1941)


Clair de lune?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á ClaudeDebussy?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á ?á?á?á?á (from Suite bergamasque)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1862-1918)


On Wings of Song, Opus 34 No.2?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á FelixMendelssohn-Bartholdy?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (Auf Fluegeln des Gesanges)?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á (1809-1847)

14. Slavonic Dance No.2 inE Minor, Opus 46 No.2?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á?á Antonin Dvorak

(1841 -1904)


Thedevelopment of the pianoforte during the late eighteenth and earlier nineteenthcentury brought the instrument enormous popularity, as it replaced the morefragile harpsichord as the means, above all, of domestic entertainment. Much ofthe popular music included here was written with this lucrative market in mind.


WolfgangAmadeus Mozart, the earliest of the composers represented here, unless we areto include the traditional English song Greensleeves, attributed erroneously bysome to King Henry VIII, earned a living for himself, in the last ten years ofhis life, by teaching, performing and writing music principally for his ownuse. In letters home to Salzburg from Vienna, where he had settled in 1781 in independence both ofa patron and of his anxious father, he mentions three piano sonatas, which heis sending to his sister Anna-Maria. These sonatas, of which the F MajorSonata, K. 332, is the third, seem to have been written in Vienna in1783. The slow movement of the sonata is a fine example of Mozart at his mostmoving.

ThePolish composer Fryderyk Chopin belongs to the earlier half of the nineteenthcentury. Born in Warsaw in 1810, he moved to Paris, where he establishedhimself as a teacher and as ~ pianist of poetic delicacy, while writing musicfor the instrument that coupled an operatic melodic invention with animaginative and adventurous use of harmony and an expansion of existing forms.

The Waltz in C Sharp Minor is a good example of the magic he could impart to adance that had taken the ballrooms of Europe by storm.


Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy,the second half of his surname assumed in honour of a relative who, like hisown branch of the family, had turned to Christianity, provided his contemporarieswith a number of albums of short piano pieces of great charm. On Wings of Song,however, was originally a setting of a poem by Heinrich Heine, written in 1840,and was to prove enormously popular.


Goethe,the great German writer and polymath, had been visited by the boy Mendelssohnat Weimar, and predicted for him a great future, provided he was not spoiled bythe women, who seemed likely to make much of him. The novel Wilhelm Meister hadlong proved a happy source for composers in search of texts. The book, a Bildungsroman,introduces the mysterious gypsy girl Mignon, and her songs were to be set tomusic by many composers, from Schubert onwards. Tchaikovsky was to set three ofthe songs, to Russian adaptations, and of these the song known in English asNone but the lonely heart, aversion of Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, has won anenduring position.


TheBohernian composer Antonin Dvorak was a near contemporary of Tchaikovsky, a manof peasant origin and of a much simpler cast of mind than the neurotic anddiffident Russian. Dvorak's Slavonic Dances, originally written in the formused he
Disc: 1
Slavonic Dance No. 2 in E minor, Op. 46, No. 2
1 6 Pieces for Pianoforte, Op. 32, No. 3: Rustle of
2 Edelweiss, Op. 31
3 The Maiden's Prayer, Op. 4
4 La Lisonjera (The Flatterer), Op. 50
5 Piano Sonata No. 12 in F major, K. 332: II. Adagio
6 Serenata, Op. 15
7 None but the Lonely Heart (tr. Peter Nagy)
8 Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 (arr. for piano solo by Z
9 Waltz No. 7 in C sharp minor, Op. 64, No. 2
10 Greensleeves (arr. Friedrich Buck)
11 Melodie in G flat major, Op. 16, No. 2
12 Suite bergamasque: III. Clair de lune
13 Auf Flugeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song), Op. 3
14 Slavonic Dance No. 2 in E minor, Op. 46, No. 2
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