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PHILOSOPHY - A Very Short Introduction (Maurice West) (Naxos Audio Books: NA334412)

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How ought we to live? What really exists? How do we know? This lively and engaging book is the ideal introduction for anyone who has ever been puzzled by what philosophy is or what it is for. Edward Craig argues that philosophy is not an activity born from another planet learning about it is just a matter of broadening and deepening what most of us do already. He shows that philosophy is no mere intellectual pastime thinkers such as Plato, Buddhist writers, Descartes, Hobbes, Hume, Hegel, Mill and de Beauvoir were responding to real needs and events?á- much of their work shapes our lives today and many of their concerns are still ours.
Item number NA334412
Barcode 9789626343449
Release date 03/10/2005
Media type CD
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction
1 Philosophy - A Very Short Introduction
2 That how people think alters things…
3 Once, a very long time ago…
4 It has often been remarked…
5 Chapter 2: What should I do?
6 In ‘The Apology of Socrates’
7 What should I do?
8 But let us hear Socrates out…
9 Much of Socrates’ argument…
10 Chapter 3: How do we do?
11 Hume is going to argue…
12 We all know that human testimony…
13 We receive a report of something…
14 Doesn’t his argument show…
Disc: 2
Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction
1 Chapter 4: What am I?
2 Milinda’s questioning in this passage…
3 Plato famously compared the self…
4 To use the jargon…
5 Chapter 5: Some themes
6 Once we agree to take…
7 Integrity
8 Political authority – the contract theory
9 Evidence and rationality
10 The self
11 Philosophy and historical context
12 Chapter 6: Of ‘isms’
13 So, you may be thinking…
14 Everyday materialism is the attachment…
15 A materialist’s attention is fixed…
16 All claims to knowledge answer…
17 The early pyrrhonists…
Disc: 3
Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction
1 Chapter 7: Some more high spots
2 René Descartes
3 First, suspend any belief…
4 Hegel: ‘Introduction to the Philosophy of History’
5 Hegel believes that the whole purpose…
6 Because there is this something…
7 Nietzsche: ‘The Genealogy of Morals’
8 Many believed…
9 Herd morality is life-denying…
10 Chapter 8: What’s in it for whom?
11 The individual
12 The State
13 The priesthood
14 The working classes
15 Women
16 Given our topic
17 Animals
18 Professional philosophers
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