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MURAKAMI: Kafka on the Shore

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Kafka on the Shore is the latest novel by Japan's leading literary novelist, who developed a world-wide cult reputation with Norwegian Wood. In Kafka on the Shore, Murakami continues with his remarkable combination of profound insight into humankind with a totally credible touch of the fantastical?á- a unique tour de force. The teenager Kafka Tamura goes on the run and holes up in a strange library in a small country town. Concurrently, Nakata, a finder of lost cats, goes on a puzzling odyssey across Japan. Only gradually do we find how these stories interweave.
Item number NAX40512
Barcode 9789626344057
Release date 01/05/2006
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 14
Artists Bob Rollett
Daniel Philpott
G. Griffin
Georgina Sutton
Gordon Griffin
Oliver Le Sueur
Sean Barrett
Composers Haruki Murakami
Disc: 1
Kafka on the Shore
1 The Boy Named Crow
2 I do as he says, get everything else out of my hea
3 Chapter 1. Cash isn’t the only thing I take from m
4 My fifteenth birthday is the ideal point to run aw
5 Before running away from home I wash my hands and
6 Chapter 2. The following document, classified Top
7 Speaking of children, how many were you in charge
8 It was soon after you observed the airplane-like o
9 Chapter 3. It’s nearly dawn when I wake up...
10 You were on the bus, weren’t you?
11 When we get back to the bus...
12 Chapter 4. US Army Intelligence Section (MIS) Repo
13 It was wartime, and I was always mentally prepared
14 Was there anything unusual in the air?
15 After this then...
Disc: 2
Kafka on the Shore
1 Chapter 5. I’m asleep when our bus drives across t
2 I decide to kill time till the evening...
3 Right in front of the Komura Memorial Library’s...
4 ‘Are you the one who does the tour?’
5 At two o’clock I lay down my book...
6 Our little group starts upstairs...
7 I take the train back to Takamatsu Station
8 Chapter 6. ‘Hello there,’ the old man called out
9 ‘I must say, though, that for a human...’
10 Otsuka stretched out to gaze at the photograph...
11 ‘Instead of being smart, though...’
12 Chapter 7. At 7.15 I eat breakfast...
13 I start on my circuit training
14 He takes the cordless phone...
Disc: 3
Kafka on the Shore
1 Chapter 8. US Army Intelligence Section (MIS) Repo
2 So he stated categorically that special weapons...
3 My hypothesis was this...
4 Eventually, though, the army concluded...
5 Chapter 9. When I come to I’m in thick undergrowth
6 I notice something dark on the front of my white T
7 I take a couple of deep breaths to calm myself dow
8 Her apartment’s two blocks from the Lawson’s
9 Chapter 10. ‘Is it all right, then, if Nakata call
10 Just then Nakata thought he heard a small laugh...
11 The two cats began conversing...
12 Nakata gave this some thought
13 After saying goodbye to Mimi...
14 Chapter 11. When I finish talking it’s pretty late
15 She picks up my T-shirt...
Disc: 4
Kafka on the Shore
1 After she turns out the light and gets into bed...
2 This languid sensation spreads over my lower half.
3 I wash all the dishes piled up in the sink...
4 Chapter 12. October 19, 1972
5 Most things are forgotten over time
6 We climbed up the mountain...
7 I’d like to say a few things about young Nakata...
8 Chapter 13. It’s after twelve, and I’m eating lunc
9 I finish the sandwich...
10 We drive through the twilight city streets...
11 He listens to the music, humming the melody...
12 My watch shows a little before nine
13 I open the curtain at the window
14 Chapter 14. Nakata visited the vacant plot of land
15 A week had passed since he first staked out...
Disc: 5
Kafka on the Shore
1 Nakata sighed, took out his thermos...
2 They came to a corner in a residential area...
3 ‘So you really don’t know who I am.’
4 Chapter 15. Oshima climbs into his Miata and flips
5 It’s after 6 a.m. when I wake up
6 Sitting in these quiet woods...
7 Like someone excitedly relating a story...
8 Back inside the cabin...
9 In the afternoon dark clouds suddenly colour the s
10 Chapter 16. The black dog stood up and led Nakata.
11 ‘What you want to do is take Goma home’
12 ‘Is the Governor going to make Nakata a soldier...
13 Nakata stared at the scene before him without a wo
14 Johnnie Walker started whistling again
Disc: 6
Kafka on the Shore
1 Chapter 17. It’s my third night in the cabin
2 On the fourth day Oshima turns up late in the morn
3 He takes a small box of lemon drops...
4 We’re waiting at a red light...
5 Miss Saeki’s boyfriend died when he was 20...
6 Eventually Oshima became her assistant...
7 Chapter 18. Nakata found himself face up in a clum
8 Standing at the entrance, Nakata removed his hat..
9 The young policeman had listened to the whole stor
10 This was the kind of story TV news programmes lapp
11 Chapter 19. It’s Monday and the library’s closed
12 The next morning Oshima arrives...
13 ‘Is there one of your superiors I could talk to?’
14 Oshima picks up her business card again...
15 ‘How could any woman of generous spirit...’
Disc: 7
Kafka on the Shore
1 After a while Oshima finishes his lunch...
2 Chapter 20. It was already past 8 p.m.
3 At noon, office workers from the nearby buildings.
4 The young man, Togeguchi, told Nakata...
5 ‘Mr Nakata, what do you think about the way the wo
6 Nakata spent an hour at the Fujigawa rest area...
7 Not long after this Nakata found a lorry driver...
9 Oshima picks up the paper and scans the article ag
11 Oshima stays silent for quite some time...
12 And I proceed to tell him everything
13 Chapter 22. The lorry Nakata was riding in arrived
14 ‘I’m especially dumb.’
15 Nakata had a waitress fill his little thermos...
16 It was impossible for Nakata to go on to public ju
Disc: 8
Kafka on the Shore
1 Nakata had worked steadily for 37 years at the fac
2 Nakata hadn’t seen the sea in years...
3 Chapter 23. I don’t know if a ghost is the right w
4 Around nine Oshima roars up in his Miata...
5 During our lunch break Oshima hands me a single...
6 As it gets near closing time Miss Saeki comes down
7 ‘What triggers people to become living spirits?...
8 I listen to the record three times
9 Chapter 24. It was already 8 p.m. when their bus f
10 Hoshino was born into a farming family...
11 ‘Hey Gramps, so you made it, eh?’
12 The pain Hoshino felt at that instant was awful...
13 Chapter 25. I fall asleep for a short time...
14 All of a sudden I realise...
15 ‘So you’re saying that Miss Saeki maybe found thos
Disc: 9
Kafka on the Shore
1 Oshima leans back against the counter...
2 At lunchtime I take over from Oshima...
3 Miss Saeki glances at her watch
4 Chapter 26. It was already pretty late in the afte
5 The next morning they went to the tourist-informat
6 They went back to their inn...
7 ‘Mr Hoshino, I don’t know how many times...’
8 Chapter 27. It’s 2.47 when I notice that the girl’
9 The next day, in the afternoon...
10 Oshima sits down on the bed...
11 She smiles faintly, and it continues to hover arou
12 Chapter 28. For a man his age Colonel Sanders...
13 Fifteen minutes later the girl arrived...
14 Chapter 29. I call up Sakura from the public phone
15 ‘So where’s our little runaway staying these days?
Disc: 10
Kafka on the Shore
1 I sense a presence and open my eyes
2 And you’re sucked into a time warp
3 Chapter 30. The two of them scrambled over the low
4 They cautiously continued down the path...
5 ‘Take it home and put it next to your bed.’
6 Chapter 31. Just after one o’clock I take coffee..
7 For 20, maybe 30 seconds, we’re lost in our own th
8 She closes her eyes
9 Once more I take her hand in mine
10 Miss Saeki came to my room after nine that night..
11 ‘What are you thinking about?’
12 Chapter 32. When Nakata woke up at 5 a.m. he saw t
13 Nakata was by the window...
14 After a couple of hours...
15 By this time the thunder was deafening
16 ‘So what did this Johnnie Walker make you do...’
Disc: 11
Kafka on the Shore
1 Hoshino looked up and swept the room with his eyes
2 Chapter 33. I get the library ready to open...
3 In the station I pass by policemen making their ro
4 ‘Nobody’s going to help me.’
5 ‘That’s part of your theory, isn’t it?’
6 Chapter 34. The massive bank of thunderclouds cros
7 With time on his hands...
8 As Hoshino enjoyed his second cup...
9 He left the cinema...
10 Chapter 35. When the phone rings at 7 a.m....
11 Oshima changes gear to pass a white Toyota...
12 ‘She’s in a very delicate place right now.’
13 Chapter 36. When he got back to the inn...
14 ‘Enough with the stupid jokes!’
15 Hoshino threw his belongings into his bag...
16 ‘So,’ Hoshino said, ‘you killed somebody, huh?’
Disc: 12
Kafka on the Shore
1 They walked through the pines...
2 ‘As you said, it’s happening.’
3 Chapter 37. We stop at a town to have a bite to ea
4 It’s after two when he gets ready to leave
5 She’s very different from you
6 Chapter 38. Hoshino looked up car-rental agencies.
7 They sat at the table and ate their dinner
8 At 8.30 they went out to the rental car...
9 They went back to the apartment at six
10 Chapter 39. My second day on the mountain passes l
11 That night I lie there in the darkness...
12 I make up my mind
13 Chapter 40. Next to the sign that read Komura Memo
14 ‘Is there a particular field or book you’re lookin
15 They picked some books from the stacks...
Disc: 13
Kafka on the Shore
1 After lunch, Hoshino stood up...
2 Hoshino and Nakata read books until two...
3 The two men returned to the reading room...
4 Chapter 41. When I go to the woods this time...
5 I hike along, spraying marks on the trees as I go.
6 Before long my mind wanders into the realms of dre
7 ‘Did I really murder my father?’ I ask
8 Chapter 42. Once the two of them were alone...
9 Miss Saeki closed her eyes, then opened them...
10 She laid her hands on top of the three files on he
11 Nakata carried the three thick files downstairs
12 Chapter 43. With all my baggage gone I can travel
13 As if I’m being shoved from behind by some huge he
14 The boy named Crow continues...
15 Not long afterwards the two soldiers appear
16 Chapter 44. They took the three files to a river b
17 ‘We can’t do it now.’
Disc: 14
Kafka on the Shore
1 Hoshino lifted the old man in his arms...
2 He let out a deep sigh
3 Chapter 45. As advertised, the path from the “entr
4 ‘Do you know why people have to do such cruel...’
5 The place is surrounded by a high, green ridge
6 I go to the kitchen and look to see what’s in the
7 When I wake up it’s dark all around
8 ‘They told me you’re 15,’ she says
9 Chapter 46. After Nakata’s death...
10 As soon as he got up...
11 The more he talked...
12 The Boy Named Crow
13 The man cleared his throat once more...
14 Chapter 47. I wake up a little after dawn...
15 We’re sitting across from each other...
Disc: 15
Kafka on the Shore
1 When the sun is a little bit past its highest poin
2 Silence descends on us for a time
3 Silently she lets go of me
4 There still isn’t a soul along the way
5 Chapter 48. ‘Gimme a break,’ Hoshino repeated
6 Hoshino sighed. ‘So what is this thing’s real iden
7 He laid all his weapons out on the living-room tab
8 Hoshino went over to Nakata...
9 Once he’d closed the entrance...
10 Chapter 49. Just after nine the next morning...
11 He takes out a cigarette from the pocket of his T-
12 It’s a little before 1 p.m. when we arrive...
13 ‘What are your plans now?’ Oshima asks
14 Shouldering my backpack, I walk to the local stati
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