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MURAKAMI: Dance, Dance, Dance (Naxos Audio Books: NAX43512)

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All things considered, I'm the most ordinary guy you could hope to find. So why do these weird things keep happening to me?' Weird? Well, ghostly signs in the night, unexplained murders, a psychic teenager who can get vibes from cars, a one-armed, surfing Vietnam vet poet and a Sheep-Man, for example. All centred around the Dolphin Hotel, once a small, but profoundly idiosyncratic establishment, now transformed into a glistening symbol of economic success. But there's a secret lurking behind its gleaming fa?ºade. Dance, Dance, Dance is a supernatural thriller, a detective novel and a love story, as unique as its extraordinary characters.
Item number NAX43512
Barcode 9789626344354
Release date 29/10/2007
Media type CD
Number of units 11
Disc: 1
1 Chapter One
2 The hotel should never have been built where it wa
3 I hardly knew a thing about her.
4 Chapter Two
5 I scarcely talked to the cat.
6 Chapter Three
7 After that, my days were busier than ever.
8 Chapter Four
9 Hello, Dolphin Hotel!' went a cheerful voice.
10 I couldn't say I exactly understood things either
11 Chapter Five
12 But instead of a magic wand, she used a computer …
13 Since you insist,' the man began, straining his ne
14 Chapter Six
15 I clamped my lips tight and stared at the bottle o
16 I drank a total of four vodka-and-sodas.
Disc: 2
1 Chapter Seven
2 I picked up a car-rental pamphlet and acted like I
3 About the old Dolphin Hote …' she began.
4 But the whole place was completely dark.
5 She stared off into space and was shaking her head
6 And you haven't heard anybody talk about something
7 She looked up and smiled.
8 In the taxi we talked about nothing in particular.
9 First thing in the morning, I called down to the f
10 And this is where the Dolphin Hotel entered the pi
11 Chapter Eight
12 I got ahold of the guy,' he said.
13 I started to think about my ex-partner.
14 I pressed the button.
15 His grades were good too, always first or second i
16 She was tired. She needed somewhere to roost.
17 Chapter Nine
18 For a moment, I tried to picture sleeping with an
Disc: 3
1 Chapter Ten
2 The darkness was without end.
3 This is stupid.
4 Chapter Eleven
5 The Sheep Man looked me hard in the face and shook
6 So I really am part of something here?'
7 Hey, what is this world you keep talking about?'
8 Chapter Twelve
9 The doorbell,' I mumbled.
10 Chapter Thirteen
11 Chapter Fourteen
12 After McDonald's, I walked for another thirty minu
13 Suppose Kiki wasn't acting …
14 Chapter Fifteen
15 My friend snapped into action immediately.
16 I stationed Yuki in the waiting room and went to p
17 No sooner had I punched the PLAY button …
Disc: 4
1 Chapter Sixteen
2 What's your mother's name?' I asked.
3 So that makes it nice and friendly?'
4 Yuki hung up her fur coat and turned on the heater
5 Chapter Seventeen
6 I explained it to her. Over and over again.
7 Before noon I drove to Aoyama to do my shopping …
8 Chapter Eighteen
9 What old times could Gotanda possibly have to talk
10 Funny, isn't it?'
11 Gotanda pressed an index finger into his temple an
12 Uh-huh.'
13 I told him I had no idea.
14 No, not really, I told him.
Disc: 5
1 Chapter Nineteen
2 I didn't say anything.
3 We sat on the floor with brandy-and-sodas …
4 Later, both lying full-length in Gotanda's luxurio
5 Mei.' I said her name over again.
6 Chapter Twenty
7 Caught in the cross hair of the real and the imagi
8 Chapter Twenty One
9 Listen,' Fisherman said, coughing …
10 Fisherman rubbed the horizontal scar on his nose.
11 The second photo was more graphic.
12 Yesterday at noon, the lady reserved a double room
13 I cocked my head to the side and kept silent.
14 By eleven, they hadn't stopped.
15 Chapter Twenty Two
16 I almost asked them to show me where it said that
Disc: 6
1 Chapter Twenty Three
2 I see,' I said. 'So that's what it was.'
3 So about the Sheep Man. Where did you see him?'
4 Then you're kind of clairvoyant?' I asked.
5 Chapter Twenty Four
6 Is there something wrong with you, son?'
7 He heaved a long sigh.
8 I don't mind seeing Yuki that often,' I said, 'but
9 Chapter Twenty Five
10 Humans achieve their peak in different ways.
11 On the way back, Yuki hardly said a word to me.
12 It was Gotanda.
13 Chapter Twenty Six
14 The three of us used to talk until dawn,' Gotanda
15 But it is my fault', he insisted.
Disc: 7
1 Chapter Twenty Seven
2 Yes, but - '
3 what are you watching?'
4 It was my turn not to respond.
5 Chapter Twenty Eight
6 Yuki's features underwent a remarkable change …
7 Chapter Twenty Nine
8 She stared out the window and said nothing.
9 Ame was dressed in a denim shirt and white shorts.
10 Dick and I met in Tokyo,' Ame spoke to me as she c
11 Sure,' the poet answered, rising to his feet.
12 I gazed out at the ocean as I listened.
13 You're a decent fellow, I can tell,' she began ear
14 Don’t ever call me Princess again,' she said …
15 Yum,' she exclaimed.
16 Returning to my room, I opened a bottle of wine …
17 June ran her fingers across my chest.
18 You really pick up on things, don't you?'
Disc: 8
1 Chapter Thirty
2 Yuki mulled this over.
3 I may not have heard a thing.
4 I knocked.
5 I went over to the window and looked down.
6 What are you going to do? Stay here?
7 The child seems to have calmed down considerably …
8 Chapter Thirty One
9 This lousy sketch made it cheap and dirty.
10 Chapter Thirty Two
11 It's a dirty world,' I said.
12 Well, if somebody forced them on me …'
13 Then go ahead and puke.'
Disc: 9
1 Chapter Thirty Three
2 The more I thought about Yumiyoshi …
3 I snapped my fingers.
4 Listen, I'm just a plain, run-of-the-mill person.'
5 We got off the expressway at Yokohama …
6 So you want me to take the money?'
7 Chapter Thirty Four
8 Yuki didn't move.
9 I carried in the coffee and found Ame and Yuki sit
10 I made it down to Odawara and got on the Tokyo-Nag
11 That evening I'd gone to his condo in Azabu …
12 Don't think I haven't thought about it.'
13 Now', I said, 'she's trying to lead me somewhere a
14 Chapter Thirty Five
15 He finished his coffee and lit up another cigarett
16 Chapter Thirty Six
17 Ame was indeed 'kind of out of it.'
Disc: 10
1 Chapter Thirty Seven
2 Interested? You are weird.'
3 Chapter Thirty Eight
4 My spine turned to ice, I couldn't utter a word.
5 Chapter Thirty Nine
6 Was the sickness in here or out there?
7 What's new with you?' I asked.
8 The whole thing's in pieces, like a dream.'
9 Come clean? When there's no evidence you did anyth
10 I can take off any time,' I said.
11 Chapter Forty
12 Chapter Forty One
13 Still, I know you hate me for it,' said Yuki.
14 Chapter Forty Two
15 My room,' I repeat after her.
16 She stands back up and into a vertical shaft of il
Disc: 11
1 Chapter Forty Three
2 Here is where the old Dolphin Hotel used to stand.
3 Okay,' I said.
4 Like crazy,' I said.
5 Yumiyoshi buried her face in my neck.
6 Chapter Forty Four
7 Yumiyoshi was shaking me.
8 Step by step, even more slowly and deliberately, w
9 Hey it's simple,' came Yumiyoshi's voice from beyo
10 I looked at the clock.
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