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MURAKAMI: A Wild Sheep Chase

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A Wild Sheep Chase is one of Murakami's most fantastical novels. An advertising executive, infatuated with a girl who possesses the most perfect ears (an erotic charge for him) uses a picture of a sheep with a star on its back. This catapults him into a weird adventure to find the mythical sheep up in the wilds of Hokkaido, Japan's northern island. There are strange encounters, a hotel with an extra disappearing floor, and other oddities. A Wild Sheep Chase is an early Murakami work, but its remarkable and individual voice makes it one of the most thrilling of his books. Superbly read by Rupert Degas with an edge of Raymond Chandler.
Item number NAX41412
Barcode 9789626344149
Release date 01/07/2006
Category Modern Classics
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 8
Artists Degas, Rupert
Disc: 1
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 A Wild Sheep Chase – Part One
2 About her background I know almost nothing
3 Part Two – July, Eight Years Earlier
4 I held out a box of tissues to her
5 3. The Slip
6 Part Three – September, Two Months Later
7 I first became acquainted with her (or rather her
8 ‘What a lovely place,’ she said. ‘Do you come here
9 ‘As a close friend, there’re a couple of things I
10 ‘I grew up in an ordinary little town, went to an
11 5. Unblocked Ears
Disc: 2
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 6. The Further Adventures of Unblocked Ears
2 Part Four – A Wild Sheep Chase, I
3 ‘Okay, I know what you’re trying to say,’ I said..
4 8. Now the Strange Man
5 ‘You are familiar with the party’s name, I trust?’
6 9. ‘The Boss’
7 10. Counting Sheep
8 11. The Limo and Its Driver
9 12. Wherefore the Worm Universe
10 But then some joker of an architect came along to
11 Part Five – Letters from The Rat and Assorted Remi
12 Let me tell you about the towns I've seen..
13 14. The Rat’s Second Letter (Postmarked May, This
14 What the hell was I talking about? Women, that’s r
Disc: 3
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 I found the letter in my mailbox as I was leaving
2 15. The Song Is Over
3 The third J’s Bar was a quarter of a mile away, by
4 At nine o’clock, J’s Bar was starting to get crowd
5 16. She Drinks Her Salty Dog, Talking about the So
6 The drizzle still hadn’t let up by five o’clock th
7 ‘It seems I'm boring you.’ I shook my head
8 Part Six – A Wild Sheep Chase, II
9 Even after I'd finished, the man stared at me with
10 ‘Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?’
11 18. The Strange Man’s Strange Tale Goes On
12 When he finished talking, the man cleared his thro
Disc: 4
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 At that the man lit his cigarette
2 I balanced the lighter in my hand. It had an excel
3 19. The Limo and Its Driver, Again
4 20. Summer’s End, Autumn’s Beginning
5 21. One in Five Thousand
6 22. Sunday Afternoon Picnic
7 There was a travel agency near the train station,
8 23. Limited but Tenacious Thinking
9 The man read back the items from his notepad. A me
10 24. One for the Kipper
11 The chauffeur took us to the airport. The cat rode
Disc: 5
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 We received our boarding passes at the airport che
2 Part Seven – The Dolphin Hotel Affair
3 We came out of the movie theatre and strolled the
4 I wrote my name on the card but had second thought
5 26. Enter the Sheep Professor
6 The fifth, then the sixth day passed. October laid
7 ‘Just great,’ said I. This ‘just great’ business w
8 27. The Sheep Professor Eats All, Tells All
9 ‘February 1936. The Sheep Professor is ordered hom
10 The Sheep Professor had long hair, white as snow
11 The Sheep Professor began. ‘It was the summer of 1
Disc: 6
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 I began with the route the sheep took after it lef
2 28. Farewell to the Dolphin Hotel
3 Part Eight – A Wild Sheep Chase, III
4 It’s not obvious why the Ainu youth, instead of re
5 Of course, the government was not being generous f
6 30. The Further Decline of Junitaki and Its Sheep
7 A few minutes before departure time, she returned
8 Beyond the shops, the road ambled down a slope to
9 The livestock officer drove a small sedan
10 The caretaker was next to the barn, stacking plast
11 31. Night in Junitaki
12 32. An Unlucky Bend in the Road
Disc: 7
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 ‘You leave the disinfecting to the afternoon?’
2 After thirty minutes’ drive, the paved surface sud
3 The sky was weighed down with a moist, uniform gra
4 Straight on across the pasture stood an old Americ
5 Only in the farther small bedroom was there any li
6 33. She Leaves the Mountain; Hunger Strikes
7 34. A Find in the Garage; Thoughts in the Middle o
8 35. The Sheep Man Cometh
9 ‘I’m looking for a friend of mine,’ I ventured
10 36. The Winds’ Own Private Thoroughfare
11 Something gnawed at me. Something that had passed
Disc: 8
A Wild Sheep Chase
1 Seated on the edge of a bridge, watching me, was t
2 Early in the afternoon of the ninth day, I was loo
3 37. Things the Mirror Shows, Things the Mirror Doe
4 On the twelfth day, snow fell for the third time
5 38. And So Time Passes
6 39. Dwellers in Darkness
7 40. The Rat Who Wound the Clock
8 I could say nothing
9 The Rat let go a good, jolly laugh from off in the
10 41. Green Cords and Red Cords; Frozen Seagulls
11 42. Return Visit to the Unlucky Bend
12 43. The Twelve-O’clock Rendezvous
13 Epilogue
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