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Item number CHAN 9591(2)
Barcode 095115959121
Release date 12/01/2005
Label Chandos Records
Media type CD
Number of units 2
Artists Lochak, Anatoly
Baturkin, Andrei
Kisselev, Alexander
Prokina, Elena
Rozhdestvensky, Gennady
Apaikin, Herman
Gelahova, Irina
Chernykh, Lydia
Goujov, Mikhail
Composers Shostakovich, Dmitry
Conductors Rozhdestvensky, Gennady
Orchestras Hague Residentie Orchestra
Russian State Symphonic Cappella
Disc: 1
Moskva, Cheryomushki (Moscow, Cheryomushki), Op. 1
1 Overture - Prologue: Meeting you here we do not wa
2 Overture - Prologue: That's right! Music … (Drebed
3 Overture - Prologue: Well I've lived for fifty yea
4 Act I Scene 1: That's the way that our grandfather
5 Act I Scene 1: Now please step into the next hall,
6 Act I Scene 1: Duet: When I am wondering along the
7 Act I Scene 1: Pantomime: Goodbye, Masha! (Bubents
8 Act I Scene 1: What time is it? (Sergey, Boris)
9 Act I Scene 1: Boris's Aria: That's nice! (Sergey,
10 Act I Scene 1: I've come back to Moscow … (Boris,
11 Act I Scene 1: Taram-param, nina nina Spring, "Bor
12 Act I Scene 1: Have you only just got here? (Lidoc
13 Act I Scene 1: I used to go to school and when I g
14 Act I Scene 1: Lidochka, Lidochka … (Baburov, Lido
15 Act I Scene 1: Excursion around Moscow: I beg your
16 Act 1 Intermezzo: Where's the car? (Drebednyov, Va
17 Act I: Intermezzo: Duet: Look into my eyes, my dar
18 Act I: Intermezzo: End of excursion around Moscow:
19 Act I Scene 2: Semyon Semyonovich … (Bubentsov, Ba
20 Act I Scene 2: Ensemble of Residents: A furniture
21 Act I Scene 2: Sergey's song about Mar'ina Roshcha
22 Act I Scene 2: Baburov's song about Tyolpi Lane: I
23 Act I Scene 2: So it's Tyoplyi lane then? (Lyusya,
24 Act I Scene 2: Song about Cheremushki: Cheremushki
25 Act I Scene 2: The manager! The manager! (Barabash
26 Act I Scene 2: What are you thinking of, citizens?
27 Act I Scene 2: Anyway … (Boris, Lidochka)
28 Act I Scene 2: Valka! (Boris, Vava, Drebednyov, Se
29 Act I Scene 2: We haven't received the authorisati
30 Act I: Finale: Cheremushki … (Vava, Boris, Lidochk
31 Act II: Intermezzo: Barabashkin's Couplets: Have y
32 Act II Scene 3: That's it Lidochka, that's it! (Bo
33 Act II Scene 3: Duet: I prostrate myself before th
Disc: 2
Moskva, Cheryomushki (Moscow, Cheryomushki), Op. 1
1 Act II Scene 3: You are not angry my valiant sir?
2 Act II Scene 3: Duet: We went for a stroll beyond
3 Act II Scene 3: Oh, what was that? (Lyusya, Sergey
4 Act II Scene 3: Barabashkin's and Drebednyov's Cou
5 Act II Scene 3: Fedya! (Vava, Drebednyov, Barabash
6 Act II Scene 3: Duet: It's somehow all so stupid (
7 Act II Scene 3: So where is the young man? (Baburo
8 Act II Scene 3: We have a deed to prove this … (Dr
9 Act II: Intermezzo: And where are you off to? … (S
10 Act II: Intermezzo: Song: Moscow nestles on the sk
11 Act II Scene 4: Let's have some tea (Masha, Bubent
12 Act II Scene 4: Duet: The bell, the bell … (Bubent
13 Act II Scene 4: Masha, it's someone ringing for us
14 Act II Scene 4: Polka: Call in! (Masha, Bubentsov,
15 Act II Scene 4: Guests! (Masha, Husband, Wife, Nei
16 Act II Scene 4: Song about Cheremushki: Cheremushk
17 Act II: Intermezzo: Where can we go now? (Lidochka
18 Act II Intermezzo: Ballet: Who is that? (Lidochka,
19 Act II Intermezzo: Apotheosis
20 Act II: Intermezzo: That was the move to the new f
21 Act II: Finale: What is it to me? (Lidochka)
22 Act III: Entr'acte
23 Act III: Scene: Cheremushki! (Baburov, Chorus)
24 Act III: Play something, comrade conductor … (Babu
25 Act III Scene 5: Lidochka's Song: The clock on the
26 Act III Scene 5: Taking things easy! (Bubentsov, L
27 Act III Scene 5: Waltz of the flowers
28 Act III Scene 5: Am I dreaming? (Lidochka, Lyusya,
29 Act III Scene 5: Barabashkin's Song: All lovers' m
30 Act III Scene 5: Are you afraid? … (Lyusya, Baraba
31 Act III Scene 5: Duet: Ni-na, ni-na, ni-na, ni-na
32 Act III Scene 5: Nevertheless, the parade ground h
33 Act III Scene 5: Sergey's Song: I love you (Sergey
34 Act III Scene 5: Not bad that bench (Barabashkin,
35 Act III Scene 5: Are you laughing? (Barabashkin)
36 Act III: Finale: Look, Lidochka! (Boris, Lidochka,
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