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Disc: 1
Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K. 49
1 Overture
2 Act I: 15, 16, 20, 30 (Figaro, Susanna)
3 Act I: What on earth are you measuring (Susanna, F
4 Act I: Supposing one evening the Countess (Susanna
5 Act I: All right. Shut up and listen (Susanna, Fig
6 Act I: Bravo, my lord and master! (Figaro)
7 Act I: So, little master, you're dressed to go dan
8 Act I: But why did you wait till the day of the we
9 Act I: Now for vengeance, glorious vengeance! (Bar
10 Act I: So all is not lost (Marcellina, Susanna)
11 Act I: I bow to your grace (Marcellina, Susanna)
12 Act I: Good riddance, you old spinster (Susanna, C
13 Act I: I don't know what it is that I'm feeling (C
14 Act I: Now I'm done for! (Cherubino, Susanna, Coun
15 Act I: Susanna, heaven bless you! (Basilio, Susann
16 Act I: It's outrageous! Search the castle (Count,
17 Act I: Basilio, run and tell Figaro to come here (
18 Act I: Praise and adore him (Chorus)
19 Act I: So what is all this nonsense? (Count, Figar
20 Act I: Praise and adore him (Chorus)
21 Act I: God bless you! (Figaro, Susanna, Basilio, C
22 Act I: Here's an end to your life as a rover (Figa
Disc: 2
Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K. 49
1 Act II: Hear my prayer, humbly I beg you (Countess
2 Act II: Come here, dear Susanna, and finish your s
3 Act II: How it grieves me, Susanna (Countess, Susa
4 Act II: Tell me what love is (Cherubino)
5 Act II: Bravo, your voice is lovely (Countess, Sus
6 Act II: Kneel down and let me look at you (Susanna
7 Act II: Enough of this nonsense! (Countess, Susann
8 Act II: What does this mean? (Count, Countess)
9 Act II: Come out of there, Susanna! (Count, Counte
10 Act II: So you're proposing not to open it? (Count
11 Act II: Don't worry, Cherubino (Susanna, Cherubino
12 Act II: Look at the little devil! (Susanna)
13 Act II: Everything as I left it (Count, Countess)
14 Act II: Out you come, you vile seducer (Count, Cou
15 Act II: You called, sir? (Susanna, Count, Countess
16 Act II: I cannot believe it (Countess, Susanna, Co
17 Act II: The wedding procession is ready and waitin
18 Act II: Oh, my lord!, My lord! (Antonio, Count, Co
19 Act II: Noble lord, we come for justice (Marcellin
Disc: 3
Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K. 49
1 Act III: This is very perplexing! (Count)
2 Act III: Don't be afraid! (Countess, Count, Susann
3 Act III: How could you be so cruel (Count, Susanna
4 Act III: But I don't understand (Count, Susanna)
5 Act III: Hey, Susanna, how's it going? (Figaro, Su
6 Act III: 'You've won the case already' (Count)
7 Act III: Must I be made to suffer (Count)
8 Act III: Come on, come on, Cherubino (Barbarina, C
9 Act III: And Susanna's not here (Countess)
10 Act III: I remember his love so tender (Countess)
11 Act III: The case is decided (Curzio, Marcellina,
12 Act III: Darling boy, let me embrace you (Marcelli
13 Act III: This is our little baby (Marcellina, Bart
14 Act III: I must warn you, my lord (Antonio, Count)
15 Act III: That's amazing! (Countess, Susanna)
16 Act III: … the breezes … (Susanna, Countess)
17 Act III: That should do the trick! (Susanna, Count
18 Act III: Gentle lady, may these presents (Girls)
19 Act III: Madam, with your permission (Barbarina, C
20 Act III: Hey, what did I tell you! (Antonio, Count
21 Act III: My lord, if you detain these lovely girls
22 Act III: Now I can hear them (Figaro, Susanna, Cou
23 Act III: As true-hearted lovers (Chorus)
24 Act IV: I have lost it, I'm so stupid (Barbarina)
25 Act IV: Barbarina, what's happened? (Figaro, Barba
26 Act IV: Mother! (Figaro, Marcellina)
27 Act IV: The pavilion on the right (Barbarina)
28 Act IV: That's Barbarina! Who goes there? (Figaro,
29 Act IV: Everything's ready; the hour of reckoning
30 Act IV: You foolish slaves of Cupid (Figaro)
31 Act IV: My lady, Marcellina says Figaro will be he
32 Act IV: My lady, you are trembling (Susanna, Count
33 Act IV: At last, the moment I've longed for (Susan
34 Act IV: Come quickly my beloved, I implore you (Su
35 Act IV: Treachery! Now I see how she has deceived
36 Act IV: I'll approach her, oh so softly (Cherubino
37 Act IV: Here she is, my dear Susanna (Count, Susan
38 Act IV: Now we're alone together (Count, Countess,
39 Act IV: Night shrouds the world in mystery (Figaro
40 Act IV: I surrender, my love (Figaro, Susanna, Cou
41 Act IV: Quickly, bring your weapons! (Count, Figar
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