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JUNG:very Short Introduction

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Anthony Stevens argues that Jung's visionary powers and profound spirituality have helped many to find an alternative set of values to the arid materialism prevailing in Western society. This concise introduction explains clearly the basic concepts of Jungian psychology; the collective unconscious, complex, archetype, shadow, persona, anima, animus and the individuation of the Self. Anthony Stevens examines Jung's views on such disparate subjects as myth, religion, alchemy, 'synchronicity', and the psychology of gender differences. He devotes separate chapters to the stages of life, Jung's theory of psychological types, the interpretation of dreams and the practice of Jungian analysis. Jung's individual theories remain among the most fascinating of twentieth-century psychologists. This introduction will prove popular among a wide range of listeners?á- outside of the psychological fraternity.
Item number NA329812
Barcode 9789626342985
Release date 01/11/2003
Category Non-Fiction
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 3
Disc: 1
A Very Short Introduction - Jung
1 Jung - the Man and his Psychology
2 Background
3 An only child until his sister Gertrud was born
4 Jung's adult delight in solitude
5 Matters came to a head with Carl's confirmation
6 Student years
7 His dedication to scholarship
8 Years of apprenticeship
9 Friendship with Freud
10 As time passed Jung's differences with Freud becam
11 Publication of these views provoked a major rift w
12 Married life
13 Confrontation with the unconscious
14 By 'the reality of the psyche'
15 Creative illness
16 Individuation: the realisation of the self
17 One crucial event that occurred after his mid-life
18 Ageing and growth
19 At the age of 82 he wrote
20 Archetype and the collective unconscious
21 What Jung was proposing was no less than a fundame
Disc: 2
A Very Short Introduction - Jung
1 To a limited extent Jung's archetyes resemble Plat
2 The actualisation of archetypes
3 Archetypes versus cultural transmission
4 The psychoid archetypes and the unus mundus
5 Synchronicity
6 The stages of life
7 The Self
8 The Ego
9 The Persona
10 The Shadow
11 However, the acquisition of a moral complex impose
12 Sex and gender
13 As the parent/child relationship matures within th
14 Anima and animus
15 A self-regulating system
16 A programme for life
17 Archetypal expectations
18 Rites of passage
19 The dymanics of progress
20 Love and marriage
21 The stroke of noon
22 The individuation of the self
23 Psychological types
24 The four functions
25 The two attitudes
26 Eight psychological types
27 Use of typology
28 Dreams
29 After the break with Freud and his encounter with
30 Pure nature
31 Compensatory function
32 Symbolism
Disc: 3
A Very Short Introduction - Jung
1 Interpretation
2 Personal context
3 Cultural context
4 Archetypal context
5 Therapy
6 Illness
7 This was even more true in the case of neurosis
8 It is true that Jung's emphasis is invariably on t
9 The patient
10 Treatment
11 To what did he attribute the 'general neurosis of
12 Jung elucidated the analytic process in the light
13 With regard to the frequency of sessions
14 Active imagination requires a state of reverie
15 The therapist
16 Jung greatly extended the Freudian view of the tra
17 Jung's alleged anti-Semitism
18 The Jews who knew him best have all come staunchly
19 The summing-up
20 Jung's gift for transcending the confines of his o
21 When he eventually discovered in himself the secur
22 Analytical psychology can make no claim
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