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HOMER: The Iliad

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One the earliest and greatest epic poems of the Western world, The Iliad tells the story of fifty critical days towards the end of the Trojan war. Achilles has quarrelled with Agamemnon and sulks in his tent while Hector brings his Trojans to the brink of victory; but fate will have the last word. While the heroes fight before the walls of Troy the gods have also drawn up battle lines, and it is their disagreements as much as the heroes' efforts which will decide the conflict. Despite the poem's antiquity, the very real, human qualities of the protagonists and their dilemmas make The Iliad immediately accessible, especially in the hands of a master story-teller such as Anton Lesser. The Iliad was composed in the eighth century B.C. almost certainly as an oral composition incorporating a number of different stories from a rich poetic tradition of works now lost to us. The identity of Homer has been fiercely but inconclusively debated since ancient times. The Greeks believed he was a single person, and various cities competed for the honour of naming him a citizen. However, nothing reliable is known about him, although some traditions insist that he was blind. The poem was originally designed for recitation on important occasions by a professional bard, at least until the sixth century BC when, according to Greek traditions, the Athenian tyrant Peisistratus had the poem written down and codified in a form similar to the work we know today.
Item number NA445812
Barcode 9789626344583
Release date 27/08/2007
Media type CD
Number of units 4
Disc: 1
The Iliad
1 BOOK 1: The Quarrel at the Ships
2 So he spoke and sat back down.
3 Glittery-eyed Athena then spoke in reply …
4 Achilles then, in tears, withdrew from his compani
5 BOOK 2: Agamemnon's Dream
6 Mighty Agamemnon then answered Nestor …
7 BOOK 3: Paris and Helen
8 Then Helen, goddess among women, said to Priam …
9 Then Aphrodite went to summon Helen …
10 BOOK 4: The Armies Clash
11 When Agamemnon saw dark blood flowing from the wou
12 BOOK 5: The Battle Continues
13 BOOK 6: Hector and Andromache
Disc: 2
The Iliad
1 Great Hector of the shining helmet answered her …
2 BOOK 7: A Truce to Bury the Dead
3 BOOK 8: The Trojans have Success
4 BOOK 9: Peace Offerings to Achilles
5 Geranian Horseman Nestor then said in reply …
6 Swift-footed Achilles then answered Odysseus …
7 After a pause, old horseman Phoenix spoke …
8 BOOK 11: The Achaeans face Disaster
9 Swift-footed Achilles looking on noticed Nestor …
10 BOOK 12: The Fight at the Barricade
11 BOOK 13: The Trojans Attack the Ships
12 BOOK 14: The Wounded Leaders Rally the Troops
Disc: 3
The Iliad
1 BOOK 15: The Battle at the Ships
2 BOOK 16: Patroclus Fights and Dies
3 At that moment, Achilles, slapping his thighs …
4 When Patroclus had cut the Trojan's front ranks of
5 BOOK 17: The Fight over Patroclus
6 BOOK 18: The Arms of Achilles
7 As Thetis' feet carried her towards Olympus …
8 Meanwhile silver-footed Thetis reached Hephaestus'
9 On that shield Hephaestus next set a soft and fall
10 BOOK 19: Achilles Arms for Battle
11 BOOK 20: Achilles Returns to Battle
12 BOOK 21: Achilles at the River
Disc: 4
The Iliad
1 Achilles finished. Then Lycaon's knees gave way …
2 BOOK 22: The Death of Hector
3 That's what Hector thought as he stood there waiti
4 Goddess Athena with her glittering eyes replied …
5 Achilles attacked as well, heart full of savage an
6 BOOK 23: The Funeral of Patroclus
7 BOOK 24: Achilles and Priam
8 Silver-footed Thetis did not disagree with Zeus …
9 The old man, in a hurry, climbed in his chariot …
10 With these words, Hermes went on his way …
11 Old godlike Priam then answered Achilles …
12 arioteers …
13 Andromache said this in tears …
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