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HOMER: Odyssey

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The Trojan War is over and Odysseus, the cunning King of Ithaca, sets out for home, his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus. It proves a long, 10-year journey, fraught with dangers, from Polyphemus, the one-eyed Cyclops, and the seductive Sirens, to the love of Calypso on her all-too-comfortable isle. When he arrives in Ithaca, he has to contend with a group of suitors who have been pressing his wife to forget about her husband, admit she is a widow, and marry one of them. Anton Lesser, one of Britain's finest audiobook stars, brings this great classic to life in the new and imaginative translation by Ian Johnston.
Item number NAX44512
Barcode 9789626344453
Release date 28/05/2007
Category Poetry
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 10
Artists Lesser, Anton
Disc: 1
The Odyssey
1 BOOK 1: Athene Visits Ithaca
2 Athene spoke, then she tied those lovely sandals o
3 Goddess Athene with the gleaming eyes answered him
4 In her upper room …
5 BOOK 2: Telemachus Prepares for His Voyage
6 Antinous was the only one to speak
7 Eurymachus all you other noble suitors …
8 Antinous it's quite impossible for me to eat …
9 The dear nurse Euricle let out a cry …
10 BOOK 3: Telemachus Visits Nestor in Pylos
11 Responding to Telemachus, Geranian horseman Nestor
12 Shrewd Telemachus then said in reply …
Disc: 2
The Odyssey
1 Geranian horseman Nestor then answered Telemachus
2 Athene, bright eyed goddess then answered Nestor …
3 Beside Nestor stood young men …
4 BOOK 4: Telemachus Visits Menelaus in Sparta
5 Menelaus spoke. His words stirred a desire …
6 He finished speaking, then one of his attendants …
7 Shrewd Telemachus then said in reply …
8 Once I'd said this, the lovely goddess answered ri
9 Son of Atreus why question me on this …
10 Shrewd Telemachus then said to Menelaus in reply …
11 Then Medon, an intelligent man said to her …
12 BOOK 5: Odysseus Leaves Calypso's Island and Reach
Disc: 3
The Odyssey
1 But Hermes did not find Odysseus in the cave.
2 Odysseus finished speaking.
3 Poseidon spoke, then he drove the clouds together
4 Then Athene, Zeus's daughter thought up something
5 BOOK 6: Odysseus and Nausicaa
6 When they reached the stream of the fair flowing r
7 White-armed Nausicaa then answered him and said …
8 When Nausicaa had spoken, they heard her words …
9 BOOK 7: Odysseus at the Court of Alcinous in Phaea
10 Beyond the courtyard but near the door …
11 Resourceful Odysseus then answered Alchinous
12 Alchinous then said in answer to Odysseus …
13 BOOK 8: Odysseus is Entertained in Phaeacia
Disc: 4
The Odyssey
1 Once he'd said this Alcinous led them out …
2 Athene spoke and resourceful lord Odysseus was hap
3 Hephaestus finished. Gods gathered at the bronze-f
4 Odyssues spoke and slung the silver studded sword
5 That was the tale the celebrated minstrel sang.
6 BOOK 9: Ismarus, the Lotus Eaters, and the Cyclops
7 Now near the country of the Cyclopes …
8 We lit a fire and offered sacrifice.
9 In the evening he came back …
10 As soon as rose-fingered early dawn appeared …
11 He finished speaking, I answered him and said …
12 BOOK 10: Aelous, the Laestrygonians, and Circe
13 We sailed on from there with heavy hearts.
Disc: 5
The Odyssey
1 As soon as rose-fingered early dawn appeared …
2 After saying this, the killer of Argos pulled a he
3 Her words persuaded my proud heart …
4 Circe finished. Dawn soon came on her golden thron
5 BOOK 11: Odysseus Meets the Shades of the Dead
6 Teiresias finished talking, I drew back …
7 I considered how in my heart I wished to hold the
8 Then I saw Leda wide of Tyndaras …
9 Resourceful Odysseus, Laertes son …
10 I spoke. Then the shade of swift Achilles moved of
11 BOOK 12: The Sirens, Sylla and Charybdis, the Catt
12 Circe paused. I answered her directly.
Disc: 6
The Odyssey
1 They paused. The voice that reached me was so fine
2 It seems Eurylochus, you're forcing me to stand al
3 Once we'd left that island, no other land appeared
4 BOOK 13: Odysseus Leaves Phaeacia and Reaches Itha
5 When the brightest of the stars rose up …
6 Alcinous spoke. They were all afraid.
7 Odysseus finished. Bright-eyed Athene smiled …
8 Bright-eyed goddess Athene then answered him.
9 BOOK 14: Odysseus Meets Eumaeus
10 Eumaeus finished. Meanwhile Odysseus eagerly devou
11 Alright then. I'll tell you the truth of what you'
12 I hung on and was carried off by dreadful winds …
13 Once he'd said this, with his sharp bronze axe he
Disc: 7
The Odyssey
1 BOOK 15: Telemachus Returns to Ithaca
2 Menelaus spoke. Then Atreus's warrior son …
3 Once he spoke, they all heard him and obeyed at on
4 Then the swineherd, a splendid fellow, answered hi
5 Odysseus, born from Zeus then answered him and sai
6 BOOK 16: Odysseus Reveals Himself to Telemachus
7 Shrewd Telemachus then answered him and said …
8 Noble long-suffering Odysseus answered him …
9 No sooner had he said all this …
10 Telemachus addressed the swineherd first and said
11 BOOK 17: Odysseus Goes to the Palace as a Beggar
12 Alright then Mother I'll tell you the truth.
13 When he saw them, Melanthius started hurling insul
Disc: 8
The Odyssey
1 Meanwhile Odysseus and the loyal swineherd paused
2 You really are a man who cares for pigs …
3 However Antinous paid no attention to their words.
4 Long-suffering lord Odysseus then answered him …
5 BOOK 18: Odysseus and Irus the Beggar
6 As he spoke he threw his tattered bag full of hole
7 The suitors in their hearts felt immediately overw
8 The servants looked at one another and burst out l
9 BOOK 19: Eurycleia Recognises Odysseus
10 Resourceful Odysseus then answered her and said …
11 Lady it's difficult to tell you this …
12 Wise Penelope then answered him and said …
13 So Autolycus then answered her and said …
Disc: 9
The Odyssey
1 Once Odysseus spoke, the old woman left the room …
2 BOOK 20: Odysseus Prepares for his Revenge
3 Inside him his heart was growling …
4 Inside Odysseus's lovely home other women slaves w
5 The cattle herder answered him …
6 Once Telemachus had spoken, Pallas Athene roused t
7 BOOK 21: The Contest with Odysseus' Bow
8 After he had said this Telemachus threw off the pu
9 As he said this, Odysseus pulled aside his rags …
10 Then wise Penelope replied …
11 BOOK 22: The Killing of the Suitors
12 Odysseus spoke and Telemachus obeyed his dear fath
13 Meanwhile the suitors were being driven into actio
Disc: 10
The Odyssey
1 Resourceful Odysseus then said to Telemachus …
2 BOOK 23: Odysseus and Penelope
3 As she spoke lord Odysseus who had been through so
4 Odysseus spoke, and sitting there Penelope went we
5 He began by telling how he first destroyed the Cic
6 BOOK 24: Zeus and Athene End the Conflict
7 As they talked this way to one another …
8 So these two talked to one another as they stood i
9 As Odysseus said these word, a black cloud of grie
10 Meanwhile rumour the messenger sped swiftly …
11 Then Athene with the glittering eyes came up …
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