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FIELDING: The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling

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The 'Voice of the Year' competition introduced and sponsored by Naxos AudioBooks and The Times books pages, edited by Erica Wagner, took place in Spring 2004. Readers without any formal drama training or professional acting experience were invited to send in recordings of a short extract of either Dickens, Austen or from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and an own choice. The judging panel?á- Martin Jarvis, Juliet Stevenson and Anton Lesser, with John Tydeman, David Timson, and Christina Hardyment (audiobook reviewer for The Times), under the chairmanship of Naxos AudioBooks' managing director Nicolas Soames?á- chose the winner and finalists from nearly one thousand entries. First prize was to read a classic for Naxos AudioBooks. The winner was Maurice West, a fifty-five-year-old English teacher from Croydon. His chosen piece was from Tom Jones and he was invited to read an extended abridgement?á- 6-CD set?á- of the same novel. 'We were very impressed by the natural storytelling talent shown by Mr West, with a strong narrative character, a sense of period style as well as a firm grasp of the many characters who appear,' said Nicolas Soames. After graduating from Cambridge, Mr West applied to LAMDA on the main acting course and was accepted. Unfortunately, he didn't have sufficient funds to take up the offer and had to confine his thespian interests to amateur dramatics. Now, later in life, he has a chance to open a new thread of activity. This 6 CD recording of Tom Jones is an important addition to the eighteenth-century audio library on Naxos AudioBooks.
Item number NA633112
Barcode 9789626343319
Release date 22/10/2004
Media type CD
Number of units 6
Disc: 1
The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling
1 In that part of the western division of this kingd
2 Mr Allworthy had been absent a full quarter of a y
3 It was now the middle of May
4 Not otherwise than when a kite, tremendous bird
5 When Jenny appeared before him, Mr Allworthy took
6 Neither Mr Allworthy's house, nor his heart
7 It hath been observed, by wise men or women
8 Eight months after the celebration of the nuptials
9 There have been, in all ages and nations
10 Mrs Wilkins brought back such a confirmation
11 An affection placed on the understanding is, by ma
12 We are obliged to bring our hero on the stage
13 Poor Jones spent a very melancholy night
14 The name of this gentleman
15 The reader may remember that Mr Allworthy gave Tom
16 Jones was lately grown very intimate with Mr Weste
17 The amiable Sophia was now in her eighteenth year
18 Now, though this young gentleman, Jones
19 Her mother first perceived the alteration in the s
20 Just as Tom arrived at Mr Allworthy's outward gate
21 The reader will be pleased, I believe, to return w
Disc: 2
The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling
1 Jones was ordered into a bed
2 If Jones could hope to find no bar to his happines
3 Molly remained a few moments in silence
4 The infidelity of Molly, which Jones had now disco
5 Mr Western was become so fond of Jones
6 Neither Thwackum nor Square were much satisfied wi
7 Jones retired from the company, into the fields
8 When he perceived the enemy's approach, leaped for
9 The rest of Mr Western's company were now come up
10 To Mr Western's house
11 Mr Allworthy had been engaged to dine with Mr West
12 Sophia was in her chamber, reading
13 Mr Blifil soon arrived
14 Soon after Jones had left Mr Western, his sister c
15 Mr Allworthy was now retired from breakfast with h
16 Jones was commanded to leave the house immediately
17 Sophia had passed the last twenty-four hours
Disc: 3
The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling
1 Mrs Western had been engaged abroad all that day
2 The morning in which Mr Jones departed
3 Mrs Western proposed not only an immediate conclus
4 Mrs Honour no sooner heard a piece of news
5 We left Mr Jones on his road to Bristol
6 As for the landlord, he was prevented by his fears
7 The other officers who marched with him were a Fre
8 Jones endeavoured to close his eyes, but all in va
9 The clock had now struck five when Jones awaked fr
10 In the morning Jones grew a little uneasy
11 Mr Jones and Partridge, or Little Benjamin
12 Jones presently ran to lift up the old gentleman
13 The day began to break, when Jones walked forth
14 Jones helped Northerton upon his legs
15 Mr Jones and his fair companion no sooner entered
16 A serjeant and a file of musqueteers
17 We think it no disparagement to our hero
18 The fair one, enraged at her frequent disappointme
Disc: 4
The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling
1 While our lovers were entertaining themselves
2 Now the little trembling hare
3 The landlady, remembering that Susan had been the
4 The lady had no sooner laid herself on the pillow
5 Sophia (for it was she herself) lay reclining her
6 It was now past five in the morning
7 Jones having, at length, shaken Mr Western off
8 Before we proceed any further in our history
9 Sophia, having directed her guide to travel throug
10 Sophia now, at the desire of her cousin
11 At length we are once more come to our hero
12 Partridge began to prophesy
13 They were got about two miles beyond Barnet
14 From that figure which the Irish peer, who bought
15 To dissuade Sophia from the match was an endeavour
16 Our company brought together in the morning
17 Mr Nightingale, having taken a turn or two with hi
Disc: 5
The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling
1 Jones grew still more and more impatient to see So
2 Mr Jones was rather earlier than the time appointe
3 This point being cleared up
4 Jones had not been long gone
5 Jones was no sooner alone than he eagerly broke op
6 The clock had now struck seven
7 As to Squire Western
8 We shalll now proceed to show by what method the s
9 Jones was certainly at this instant in one of the
10 Mr Nightingale came into Jones' room
11 After some hesitation, Jones, upon the strength of
12 We must now convey the reader to Mr Western's lodg
13 By the means of Black George
14 The extraordinary tenderness which I have for my h
15 Love had taken too deep a root in the mind of Lord
16 Mr Jones, at the appointed hour, attended on Mrs F
17 The reader hath been already often informed of the
Disc: 6
The History of Tom Jones - A Foundling
1 Mr Allworthy and Mrs Miller were just sat down to
2 Mrs Miller had not long left the room when Mr West
3 Sophia's ill stars were not contented with all tha
4 Whether it was that Fortune was apprehensive lest
5 Mr Jones passed about twenty-four melancholy hours
6 While Mr Jones was employed in these unpleasant me
7 Mr Allworthy, in talking with Mrs Miller and Mr Ni
8 Allworthy recollected Partridge the moment he came
9 "Mr Allworthy," says she
10 Allworthy was interrupted by the arrival of Mr Dow
11 At length Mr Allworthy arrived at Mr Western's
12 "If this be your resolution," replied Allworthy
13 When Allworthy returned to his lodgings
14 Allworthy then acquainted Jones with the whole mat
15 Jones, being now completely dressed
16 At this instant Western, who had stood some time l
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