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DOYLE: The Return of Sherlock Holmes, I-III

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The thirteen stories in this entertaining set chart the activities of the world's greatest private detective from his sudden re-appearance after his supposed death at the Reichenberg Falls. Faithful Dr Watson recounts 'The Adventure of The Empty House', 'The Adventure of the Dancing Men', and others, as - with sharp observation and intelligent deductions - the supersleuth cuts through distractions and diversions to get to the truth. David Timson's recordings have won plaudits across the world. A companion set to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes box set.
Item number NAX39812
Barcode 9789626343982
Release date 01/04/2006
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 10
Artists David Timson
Composers Arthur Conan Doyle
Producers Nicolas Soames
Disc: 1
The Adventure of the Empty House
1 The Adventure of the Empty House
2 All day as I drove upon my round
3 A minute examination of the circumstances
4 I had not been in my study five minutes
5 He sat opposite to me
6 It came about in this way
7 A confederate
8 It was indeed like old times
9 I crept forward and looked across
10 At last, as midnight approached
11 He passed close beside us
12 I have not introduced you yet
13 Our old chambers had been left unchanged
14 He turned over the pages
15 When we were in Switzerland
16 The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
17 Mr Sherlock Holmes was leaning back
18 I looked with interest upon this man
19 Sherlock Holmes listened with closed eyes
Disc: 2
The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
1 I must explain first
2 I was shown by this woman
3 It strikes me, my good Lestrade
4 It was late when my friend returned
5 Well I tried one or two leads
6 Finally, having drawn every other cover and picked
7 I do not know how far
8 He led us through the passage
9 Lestrade looked at Holmes
10 Five minutes later
11 'What's this then?'
12 The thumb mark, Lestrade
13 It was a masterpiece of villainy
14 The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
15 The second case, however, was more serious
16 There are no limits to the possibilities of monoma
17 In half an hour
18 I was sitting in my den
19 The spot where the fragments
20 Sherlock Holmes and I
21 In rapid succession we passed through the fringe
Disc: 3
The Adventure of the Three Students
1 The afternoon was far advanced
2 Sure enough, when we reached Baker Street
3 A four-wheeler was at the door
4 He had just completed his examination
5 When we met again
6 When our visitor had disappeared
7 Now you clearly see
8 The Adventure of the Three Students
9 I must explain to you
10 Bannister was very much upset
11 The sitting-room of our client
12 Mr Soames was somewhat overwhelmed
13 Surely there is another alternative
14 'I understand' said Holmes
15 No names please
16 Holmes made no further allusion
17 Bannister entered
18 For a moment Gilchrist, with upraised hand
19 Have I told the truth
Disc: 4
The Adventure of the Dancing Men
1 The Adventure of the Dancing Men
2 A heavy step was heard upon the stairs
3 Well, we have been married now for a year
4 The interview left Sherlock Holmes very thoughtful
5 Suddenly, as she spoke
6 So indeed, it proved
7 Inspector Martin had the good sense to allow my fr
8 The study proved to be a small chamber
9 A flower-bed extended up to the study window
10 I think that I can help you to pass an hour
11 Even now I was in considerable difficulty
12 It is a privilege to be associated with you in the
13 If Elsie dies, I care for nothing what becomes of
14 A cab had driven up whilst the American had been t
15 The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist
16 My friend took the lady's ungloved hand
17 The first flaw in my happiness
18 Holmes chuckled and rubbed his hands
Disc: 5
The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist
1 We had ascertained from the lady
2 Mr. Sherlock Holmes listened with attention
3 I found that country pub
4 A rainy night had been followed by a glorious morn
5 It was a young fellow about seventeen
6 The strong, masterful personality of Holmes
7 Your reverence need not be excited
8 The Adventure of the Priory School
9 Holmes shot out his long, thin arm
10 His absence was discovered at seven o'clock
11 Well, now, you do not mean to seriously suggest
12 That evening found us in the cold
13 One more question, your Grace
14 There is an inn here, the Red Bull
15 The day was just breaking
16 We continued our systematic survey
17 Now Watson, said he
18 As we approached the forbidding and squalid inn
Disc: 6
The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
1 When we were left alone in the stone-flagged kitch
2 We did not go very far along the road
3 At eleven o'clock next morning
4 His Grace sat very stern and upright in his chair
5 I appreciate your conduct in coming here
6 The fellow was a rascal from the beginning
7 In the first place, your Grace
8 The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
9 I had seldom heard my friend speak with such inten
10 Milverton chuckled
11 Now, you remember the sudden end of the engagement
12 For some days Holmes came and went at all hours
13 Exactly
14 It's a business that needs delicate treatment
15 No sound came from within
16 It was evident that we had entirely miscalculated
17 The woman, without a word, had raised her veil
18 We had breakfasted and were smoking our morning pi
Disc: 7
The Adventure of Black Peter
1 The Adventure of Black Peter
2 Our visitor was an exceedingly alert man…
3 ‘You must have read in the account…’
4 The young inspector winced…
5 Alighting at the small wayside station…
6 It was past eleven o’clock…
7 The man pulled himself together…
8 ‘Well, Watson, what do you think of it?’
9 There had been some talking in gruff voices…
10 ‘It’s soon told…’
11 ‘Now I’ll tell you the queerest part…’
12 The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
13 When the light of the hall lamp…
14 ‘Now I will give you the evidence of Susan Tarlton
15 He unfolded the rough chart…
16 Sherlock Holmes took the glasses…
Disc: 8
The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
1 The gale had blown itself out next day…
2 ‘Now we are making a little progress.’
3 Holmes was pacing up and down…
4 Holmes was curiously distrait…
5 The old man had just finished his lunch…
6 I saw the old man throw up his arms…
7 The old man reached out a trembling hand…
8 She tore from the bosom of her dress…
9 The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter
10 My friend had listened with amused surprise…
11 Sherlock Holmes was a past-master…
12 There were a number of letters…
13 There was a telegraph-office…
14 It was already dark…
15 Holmes replaced the bill in his notebook
16 ‘Could you not follow it?’
Disc: 9
The Adventure of the Abbey Grange
1 I was horrified by my first glimpse of Holmes…
2 There could be no doubt…
3 Dr Armstrong took a quick step forward…
4 The Adventure of the Abbey Grange
5 A drive of a couple of miles…
6 At last she continued…
7 The keen interest had passed…
8 Holmes was down on his knees…
9 During our return journey…
10 The household at the Abbey Grange…
11 She was an interesting person…
12 Holmes’s card sent in to the manager…
13 Before evening, we had a visit…
14 There was a sound upon the stairs…
15 ‘Well, I never thought to see her again…’
Disc: 10
The Adventure of the Second Stain
1 The Adventure of the Second Stain
2 ‘That can be done in a very few words…’
3 Sherlock Holmes rose with a smile
4 Holmes shook his head mournfully
5 When our illustrious visitors had departed…
6 Mrs Hudson had appeared with a lady’s card…
7 ‘One more question, Mr Holmes.’
8 All that day and the next…
9 ‘What do you think of that, Holmes?’
10 ‘What is it, then?’
11 The big constable, very hot and penitent…
12 When we arrived at the residence…
13 The butler had hardly closed the door…
14 ‘What happened there, madam?’
15 The Prime Minister’s manner was subdued…
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