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DICKENS: Our Mutual Friend

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Out of the dust-heaps and dirty streets of mid-Victorian London Dickens creates a classic murder-mystery tale. A dead man is fished out of the Thames by a scavenger and his daughter. Who is he, and how did he get there? His death affects members of all levels of a society permeated by greed. Dickens presents an array of characters both touching and humorous from Mr. Boffin, the 'Golden' Dustman, to Jenny Wren the lame doll's dress-maker. It is a story enriched by disguise and intrigue, whilst the River Thames, symbolising both polluted and renewed life weaves through it all, in this, the last novel Dickens completed.
Item number NA985712
Barcode 9789626348574
Release date 03/03/2008
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 9
Artists David Timson
Composers Charles Dickens
Disc: 1
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 On the Look Out
2 The Man from Somewhere
3 The Veneering dinners are excellent dinners…
4 Another Man
5 'Am I to show the way?'
6 There being nothing more to be done…
7 The R. Wilfur Family
8 The young lady's lamentations were checked…
9 Boffin's Bower
10 'Now Weg,' said Mr. Boffin, hugging his stick clos
11 The Bower was as difficult to find as Fair Rosamon
Disc: 2
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 Cut Adrift
2 The relief of hearing what she felt sure was a fal
3 Mr. Wegg Looks After Himself
4 Having so held and waved the candle…
5 Mr. Boffin in Consultation
6 The worthy Mr. Boffin jogged away…
7 Mr. and Mrs. Boffin in Consultation
8 'Oh-h!' said Mrs. Wilfur
9 A Marriage Contract
10 Ceremony performed, register signed…
11 The Sweat of an Honest Man's Brow
12 'Now,' began Lightwood, 'what's your name?'
Disc: 3
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 There was a silence…
2 Tracking the Bird of Prey
3 He could see the light of the fire…
4 The Bird of Prey Brought Down
5 'Hand me over those spare sculls of yours...'
6 Two New Servants
7 A gloomy house the Bower.
8 Mr. Wegg (who had had nothing else in his mind)…
9 Minders and Reminders
10 She was one of those women, was Mrs. Betty Higden…
11 This piece of business thus put in train…
12 A Dismal Swamp
13 Of an Educational Character
14 The boy knocked at a door…
Disc: 4
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 'Charley! You!'
2 The master and the pupil walked on…
3 Still Educational
4 Then he fell to talking playfully with Jenny Wren…
5 A Riddle Without an Answer
6 Very remarkably, neither Eugene Wrayburn nor Bradl
7 'You think me of no more value than the dirt…'
8 In Which a Friendly Move is Originated
9 The palm of Silas Wegg descends with a sounding sm
10 In Which an Innocent Elopement Occurs
11 'Ma,' said Bella, angrily, 'you force me to say…'
12 Back came her father, more like a boy than ever…
13 In Which the Orphan Makes His Will
Disc: 5
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 But on the way down they had stopped at a toy shop
2 A Successor
3 Some Affairs of the Heart
4 The dolls' dressmaker sat with her attitude unchan
5 More Birds of Prey
6 The visitor first held the bottle…
7 A Solo and a Duet
8 'Now I pass to sick and deranged impressions…'
9 Arriving at the house, he found that Mr. and Mrs.
10 Strong of Purpose
11 The Whole Case So Far
12 The powdered mortar from under the stone…
13 An Anniversary Occasion
14 A Happy Return of the Day
Disc: 6
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 'But what,' said Bella, as she watched the carving
2 The Golden Dustman Falls into Bad Company
3 Somehow, Bella was not so well pleased…
4 'I don’t mind telling you, Sophronia…'
5 The Golden Dustman Falls into Worse Company
6 Mr. Wegg and Mr. Venus looked at one another…
7 The instant Mr. Boffin was on the other side of th
8 The Friendly Move Takes up a Strong Position
9 Mr. Wegg thereupon made an easy, graceful movement
10 The End of a Long Journey
11 She was gone out of the Lock-house…
12 Somebody Becomes the Subject of a Prediction
13 But for all that, they had a very pleasant walk.
Disc: 7
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 'You know all now,' said Lizzie…
2 Scouts Out
3 Eugene came back…
4 In the Dark
5 Bradley Headstone's face had changed…
6 Meaning Mischief
7 Mr. Wegg Prepares a Grindstone for Mr. Boffin's No
8 'Thank'ee, Venus!' said Mr. Boffin…
9 With this agreable promise, Wegg stumped out…
10 The Golden Dustman at His Worst
11 'Our connexion being at an end, Mr. Boffin…'
12 John Rokesmith from his place in the room…
13 The Feast of the Three Hobgoblins
Disc: 8
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 'We'll break it to you gently, dearest Pa…'
2 A Social Chorus
3 Setting Traps
4 The Golden Dustman Rises a Little
5 The Golden Dustman Sinks Again
6 A Runaway Match
7 Concerning the Mendicant's Bride
8 A Cry for Help
9 She had not been prepared for such passionate expr
10 Looking above, he found that the young moon was up
11 Better to be Abel than Cain
12 He was a better follower than Bradley…
13 Two Places Vacated
14 The Dolls' Dressmaker Discovers a Word
15 But the watchful little dressmaker…
Disc: 9
Our Mutual Friend (abridged)
1 Effect is Given to the Doll’s Dressmaker's Discove
2 They started directly, in a little carriage…
3 The Passing Shadow
4 A twilight calm of happiness then succeeding…
5 The three persons were Miss Abbey and two male gue
6 Showing How the Golden Dustman Helped to Scatter D
7 With a start, Bella directed a hurried glance…
8 Checkmate to the Friendly Move
9 Wegg had repeated the word with a sneer…
10 What was Caught in the Traps that were Set
11 Not until the late daylight made the window transp
12 Persons and Things in General
13 The Voice of Society
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