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DICKENS: Our Mutual Friend

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A mysterious boatman on the Thames, a drowned heir, a dustman and his wife, and a host of other Dickens characters populate this novel of relationships between the classes, money, greed and love. The 48 characters are presented with remarkable clarity by David Timson in this unabridged recording of one of Dickens' finest works.
Item number NAX44212
Barcode 9789626344422
Release date 30/04/2007
Category Classic Fiction
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 28
Artists Timson, David
Composers Chailley, Jacques
Disc: 1
Our Mutual Friend
1 BOOK 1 THE CUP AND THE LIP: Chapter 1: On The Look
2 It was not until now that the upper half …
3 Chapter 2: The Man from Somewhere
4 But now a fearful circumstance occurs …
5 The great looking-glass above the sideboard …
6 Now my dear Mrs Veneering,' quoth Lady Tippins …
7 Mortimer proceeds. 'We must now return …
8 Chapter 3: Another Man
9 The wheels rolled on, and rolled down by the Monum
10 As he opened the door, in pursuance of a nod from
11 Mr Inspector had not moved, and had given no order
12 She placed her hands in one another on his shoulde
Disc: 2
Our Mutual Friend
1 The case was made interesting to the public …
2 Chapter 4: The R. Wilfer Family
3 Mrs Wilfer was, of course, a tall woman and an ang
4 Here, Miss Lavinia, from her kneeling situation …
5 The young lady's lamentations were checked at this
6 This as a neat and happy turn to give the subject
7 Chapter 5: Boffin's Bower
8 Mr Wegg was an observant person …
9 The wooden Wegg looked at him with a meditative ey
10 Hem! Flattered, sir, I am sure,' said Wegg
11 Left alone at his stall as the other ambled off …
12 It was the queerest of rooms, fitted and furnished
13 Mrs Boffin's Fashion, as a less inexorable deity …
Disc: 3
Our Mutual Friend
1 Commodius!' gasped Mr Boffin …
2 Chapter 6: Cut Adrift
3 Miss Potterson, sole proprietor and manager …
4 Gaffer was not there, but a pretty strong muster …
5 But Miss Potterson, as a ready schoolmistress …
6 The room was quiet, and the lamp burnt on the tabl
7 The white face of the winter day came sluggishly o
8 Chapter 7: Mr Wegg Looks After Himself
9 When he deems Mr Venus's wheels sufficiently lubri
10 Oh dear me, dear me!' sighs Mr Venus, heavily …
11 Silas receives one from his hand …
12 Chapter 8: Mr Boffin In Consultation
13 Mr Lightwood explained that he came from the proct
Disc: 4
Our Mutual Friend
1 The last time me and Mrs Boffin saw …'
2 Your lawyer, Mr Boffin,' returned Lightwood …
3 But, the worthy Mr Boffin jogged away with a comfo
4 Not very well knowing how to get rid of this appli
5 Chapter 9: Mr and Mrs Boffin In Consultation
6 These two ignorant and unpolished people …
7 With a ready patient face and manner …
8 It appeared, on their drawing up at the family gat
9 Finding it rather difficult to pursue the conversa
10 However, Bella compensating for all drawbacks by r
11 Chapter 10: A Marriage Contract
12 We now come,' says Veneering, 'to the point, the r
13 Betimes next morning, that horrible old Lady Tippi
Disc: 5
Our Mutual Friend
1 Ceremony performed, register signed …
2 All over, that is to say, for the time being.
3 She bursts into tears, declaring herself the wretc
4 Chapter 11: Podsnappery
5 So it came to pass that Mr and Mrs Podsnap …
6 I was inquiring,' said Mr Podsnap …
7 And now the haunch of mutton vapour-bath …
8 While these solemnities were in progress …
9 In the meantime a stray personage of a meek demean
10 Simultaneously with this quenching …
11 Chapter 12: The Sweat of An Honest Man's Brow
12 As Lightwood laughed and passed the wine …
13 It had grown darker as they talked …
Disc: 6
Our Mutual Friend
1 Now,' said Lightwood, 'What's your name?'
2 Lawyer Lightwood, take care, you, what I say …'
3 But he hadn't,' said Eugene, drawing …
4 They said little else as they followed …
5 Chapter 13: Tracking The Bird Of Prey
6 Two taps were now heard on the outside of the wind
7 Thereupon he stirred the fire, and sat down …
8 As the time so passed, this slinking business …
9 Chapter 14: The Bird Of Prey Brought Down
10 Some half hour of this work, and Riderhood unshipp
11 Now see,' said Mr Inspector, after mature delibera
12 We could, and we did.
13 Chapter 15: Two New Servants
Disc: 7
Our Mutual Friend
1 Well! Now, Noddy!' cried Mrs Boffin …
2 A gloomy house the Bower, with sordid signs on it
3 The man of low cunning had, of course, acquired a
4 Thank'ee, Wegg, both for your confidence in me …'
5 Much surprised, Mr Boffin went up stairs …
6 Chapter 16: Minders and Re-minders
7 Mr Boffin dismissed the matter with a nod or two …
8 It was then perceived to be a small home …
9 A surprising spirit in this lonely woman after so
10 Now, greatly to the relief of the visitors …
11 This piece of business thus put in train …
12 As he watched her with another covert look …
13 Chapter 17 A Dismal Swamp
Disc: 8
Our Mutual Friend
1 These are the corporate beggars …
2 BOOK 2 BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Chapter 1: Of An Educat
3 Bradley Headstone, in his decent black coat …
4 Miss Peecher's favourite pupil, who assisted her …
5 The boy knocked at a door, and the door promptly o
6 It was difficult to guess the age of this strange
7 As his uneasy figure went on before them …
8 The master and the pupil walked on, rapidly and si
9 Chapter 2: Still Educational
10 I have nothing to report, Lizzie,' said Eugene …
11 There was an appearance of openness, trustfulness
12 By degrees, as she progressed in this remembrance
Disc: 9
Our Mutual Friend
1 I wish you had been taken up, and locked up …'
2 Chapter 3: A Piece Of Work
3 Meanwhile Twemlow, in an increasing hurry …
4 Mrs Veneering, during the same eventful hours …
5 In these inspiring moments, Brewer strikes out an
6 Then, dinner is had at the Hotel with the legal ge
7 Chapter 4: Cupid Prompted
8 I am sure,' said Miss Podsnap, 'Mr Lammle is like
9 How delightful those interchanges, and the looks …
10 Young Fledgeby was none of these.
11 More prompting was necessary. Cupid must be brough
12 Content perforce with this success for the time …
13 Chapter 5: Mercury Prompting
Disc: 10
Our Mutual Friend
1 Now, look here, Lammle,' said Fascination Fledgeby
2 The respected Mr Lammle was a bully …
3 It was a public holiday, and Fledgeby did not reco
4 You won't say more, I see,' said Fledgeby, looking
5 Lizzie Hexam and Jenny Wren.
6 Chapter 6: A Riddle Without An Answer
7 Eugene,' said Mortimer, disregarding the light int
8 He had not reckoned on their seeking his name …
9 A pause ensued, in which the schoolmaster looked v
10 It was a stab that the blood followed …
11 Chapter 7: In Which A Friendly Move Is Originated
12 As Mr Venus is irritable …
Disc: 11
Our Mutual Friend
1 And yet, sir,' he continues …
2 The palm of Silas Wegg descends with a sounding sm
3 The articles of the friendly move are then several
4 Chapter 8: In Which An Innocent Elopement Occurs
5 You never charge me, Miss Wilfer,' said the Secret
6 The family room looked very small and very mean …
7 Here Bella, deriving no comfort from her charming
8 As she was uninformed respecting the exact localit
9 While they were going along to take boat …
10 I suppose my dear,' said Pa after dinner …
11 Chapter 9: In Which The Orphan Makes His Will
12 Punctual to the time appeared the carriage …
Disc: 12
Our Mutual Friend
1 At the Children's Hospital, the gallant steed …
2 Chapter 10: A Successor
3 Rokesmith departed on that errand …
4 The consideration of Mrs Boffin had clothed Mr Slo
5 Chapter 11: Some Affairs Of the Heart
6 The discreet Mary Anne resumed her seat …
7 Here's a perfectly disinterested person, Lizzie de
8 Lizzie Hexam had changed colour when those changes
9 It being Lizzie's regular occupation when they wer
10 Chapter 12: More Birds Of Prey
11 Taking notice of Pleasant Riderhood at the door …
12 I'll tell you why I ask,' pursued the visitor …
Disc: 13
Our Mutual Friend
1 At first Riderhood had sat …
2 Well? Have you finished?' asked the strange man.
3 Captain! Mentioning them unfort'net words of mine
4 Chapter 13: A Solo And A Duet
5 On board serving as third mate was George Radfoot.
6 Now I pass to sick and deranged impressions …'
7 Now, is it all thought out? All to this time?'
8 Arriving at the house, he found that Mr and Mrs Bo
9 You take advantage of a hasty word of mine,' said
10 Chapter 14: Strong Of Purpose
11 The Secretary pursued his way, not very much eleva
12 The Secretary felt that there was no gainsaying wh
Disc: 14
Our Mutual Friend
1 The Secretary stated to the schoolmaster …
2 All these proceedings occupied John Rokesmith so m
3 Chapter 15: The Whole Case So Far
4 I said,' he began, 'when I saw you last …'
5 You know what I am going to say. I love you.'
6 A worse threat than was conveyed in his manner …
7 Some touch of compunction smote the boy's hardenin
8 They were in the act of emerging into the main tho
9 Chapter 16: An Anniversary Occasion
10 Mr Lammle, all a-glitter, produces his friend Fled
11 The reference,' proceeds Mortimer, 'which I suppos
12 Then Lammle. Too much of him every way …
Disc: 15
Our Mutual Friend
1 In the drawing-room, groups form as usual.
2 BOOK 3 A LONG LANE: Chapter 1: Lodgers In Queer St
3 The old man shook his head, gently repudiating the
4 The old man, who had never raised his eyes …
5 They shook hands and Lammle strode out pondering …
6 With one hand across his breast and the other on t
7 Chapter 2: A Respected Friend In A New Aspect
8 Thus conversing, and having crossed Westminster Br
9 We take the liberty of coming, my young companion
10 Miss Abbey had twice made the experiment of shutti
11 Chapter 3: The Same Respected Friend In More Aspec
12 Poor Pleasant, fortified with a sip of brandy …
Disc: 16
Our Mutual Friend
1 Presently they all return, and wait for him …
2 Chapter 4: A Happy Return of the Day
3 Now Ma,' said Bella, reappearing in the kitchen …
4 However, she persisted in dishing the dinner as we
5 Your grandpapa,' retorted Mrs Wilfer, with an awfu
6 The rosy hours were thus beguiled until it was tim
7 Number three, Pa, is a better thing.'
8 Chapter 5: The Golden Dustman Falls Into Bad Compa
9 The Secretary rose, gathered up his papers and wit
10 She had begun by this time to be his frequent comp
11 Mrs Lammle took the friendliest interest …
12 On one point connected with the watch she kept on
13 The miser?'
Disc: 17
Our Mutual Friend
1 Chapter 6: The Golden Dustman Fall Into Worse Comp
2 At that moment wheels were heard.
3 This, sir,' replied Silas, adjusting his spectacle
4 Mr Venus, who since his introduction to the French
5 Releasing each other, they crept to the door …
6 Mr Boffin came down leisurely …
7 Chapter 7: The Friendly Moe Takes Up A Strong Posi
8 There your expressive countenance speaks indeed!'
9 With still reluctant hands, and not without severa
10 On this head, Silas Wegg had much to say.
11 Ah, dear me, dear me!' exclaimed Wegg with a sigh
12 Chapter 8: The End Of A Long Journey
Disc: 18
Our Mutual Friend
1 So with the humbler houses in the liittle street …
2 She caught up her basket as she spoke …
3 The morning found her afoot again, but fast declin
4 The darkness gone, and a face bending down.
5 Chapter 9: Somebody Becomes the Subject Of A Predi
6 While this discourse was interchanging …
7 I shall be happy, Mr Rokesmith,' returned Bella …
8 So they walked, speaking of the newly filled-up gr
9 The wayward, playful, affectionate nature …
10 The question was so directly at variance with Bell
11 So the interview terminated with pleasant words …
12 Chapter 10: Scouts Out
Disc: 19
Our Mutual Friend
1 Lightwood was at home when he got to the Chambers
2 Lightwood was shaking his head over the air with w
3 Making a dignified attempt to gather himself …
4 Then soberly and plainly, Mortimer, I goad the sch
5 Chapter 11: In the Dark
6 As Bradley passed out at the gate with an undecide
7 They had walked along the Strand, and into Pall Ma
8 Bradley could have hidden a reserved piece of info
9 Chapter 12: Meaning Mischief
10 But seeing that she was turning something in her m
11 It was barely settled when a manly form was seen t
Disc: 20
Our Mutual Friend
1 Chapter 13: Give A Dog A Bad Name, And Hang Him
2 Miss Wren with a fallen countenance sat behind the
3 The chivalrous Twemlow, Knight of the Simple Heart
4 With these words, which had the effect of causing
5 Chapter 14: Mr Wegg Prepares A Grindstone For Mr B
6 The remark seemed rather to abash Mr Venus.
7 The Golden Dustman seemed about to pursue these qu
8 There was a grin upon the ghastly countenance …
9 Now, I wonder,' he meditated as he went along …
10 Chapter 15: The Golden Dustman At His Worst
11 Here Mrs Boffin broke out a-crying.
Disc: 21
Our Mutual Friend
1 I have borne,' said the Secretary, in a low voice
2 Ask me anything you wish to ask,' returned Rokesmi
3 After despatching this second bolt …
4 After which strong avowal Bella underwent reaction
5 Chapter 16: The Feast Of The Three Hobgoblins
6 To inflict a heavy disappointment on this sweet na
7 It was, as Bella gaily said, like the supper …
8 Miss Lavvy came out to open the gate …
9 The cherub not presuming to address so tremendous
10 Lavinia's engineering having made this crooked ope
11 Chapter 17: A Social Chorus
12 Mr Twemlow's little rooms are modestly furnished …
Disc: 22
Our Mutual Friend
1 Was Mr Fledgeby's advocacy as effectual …'
2 But, six o'clock in the evening …
3 Eugene, leaning back in his chair, is observing Mr
4 BOOK 4 A TURNING: Chapter 1: Setting Traps
5 The bargeman turned back. Approaching nearer …
6 Riderhood looked fixedly at him …
7 Lock ho! Lock!' it was a light night …
8 He went into the pelting rain again …
9 Chapter 2: The Golden Dustman Rises A Little
10 Several white dints began to come and go …
11 Mr Lammle rose with an impudent laugh …
12 Mr Boffin took her down, and saw her driven away …
Disc: 23
Our Mutual Friend
1 Chapter 3: The Golden Dustman Sinks Again
2 Mr Boffin, entering the usual chamber …
3 Mr Venus's mouth screwed itself up …
4 At length the document was restored to its place …
5 Chapter 4: A Runaway Match
6 Behold Bella tripping along the streets …
7 A modest little cottage but a bright and a fresh …
8 With his own hands he afterwards put on the desser
9 Chapter 5: Concerning The Mendicant's Bride
10 Mrs Wilfer's baleful stare at the young gentleman
11 Mr Sampson murmured that this was the sort of thin
12 Within a feww weeks afterwards, the Mendicant's br
Disc: 24
Our Mutual Friend
1 The newly-married pair left early …
2 For a City man, John certainly did appear to care
3 While he took his supper, Bella sat by him …
4 I am ready for Thirdly,' said John, 'whatever it i
5 Chapter 6: A Cry For Help
6 Turning again at the water lilies, he saw her comi
7 He would have been base indeed to have stood untou
8 The purity with which in these words she expressed
9 Eugene Wrayburn went the opposite way …
10 She merely kept the boat before the stream now …
11 Chapter 7: Better To Be Abel Than Cain
12 The formality of spreading a tablecloth …
13 He was a better follower than Bradley.
Disc: 25
Our Mutual Friend
1 The school reopened next day.
2 Bradley sat looking steadily before him at the vac
3 Chapter 8: A Few Grains Of Pepper
4 The quaint little chin met Mr Fledgeby's gaze …
5 For the terrors undergone by Mr Dolls that evening
6 With a gleam of neww intelligence in her sharp fac
7 Now the door's shut,' said Mr Fledgeby, sitting up
8 Chapter 9: Two Places Vacated
9 My idea is getting so immense now,' cried Miss Wre
10 Now, the bad child having been strictly charged by
11 Thither he was brought; the window becoming from w
12 After that previous carrying of him in the streets
13 Chapter 10: The Doll's Dressmaker Discovers A Word
Disc: 26
Our Mutual Friend
1 Mortimer.' 'My dear Eugene.'
2 One afternoon when he had been lying still …
3 Chapter 11: Effect Is Given To The Doll's Dressmak
4 They started directly, in a little carriage …
5 The reference was to a young man of reserved appea
6 Then the train rattled among the house-tops …
7 The sun was rising, and his first rays struck into
8 Chapter 12: The Passing Shadow
9 When they had dined and were alone, John Rokesmith
10 Mr Inspector, in a dark-blue buttoned-up frock coa
11 They alighted at last at the counter of a court …
12 Mr Job Potterson,' Mr Inspector continued …
Disc: 27
Our Mutual Friend
1 When John came home to dinner next day …
2 Chapter 13: Showing How The Golden Dustman Helped
3 By a master-stroke of secret arrangement …
4 Bella caught Mr Boffin's twinkling eye for half an
5 Bella, who was still on her knees at Mr Boffin's f
6 Chapter 14: Checkmate To The Friendly Move
7 Mr Wegg, glancing in great dudgeon …
8 It was a very bad night to which succeeded a very
9 You are a fool,' said Wegg, with a snap of his fin
10 Now, scoundrel,' he pursued, 'I am going to finish
11 Chapter 15: What Was Caught In The Traps That Were
Disc: 28
Our Mutual Friend
1 One winter day when a slight fall of snow …
2 Oh! It's in the way of school!' cried Riderhood.
3 The light was the joint product of a fire and a ca
4 Bradley looked at the fire, with a working face …
5 Not until the late daylight made the window transp
6 Chapter 19: Persons And Things In General
7 The stately lady, Mrs Wilfer, perceiving her oppor
8 This visit was, as has been said, a grand event.
9 But the greatest event of all, in the new life of
10 Chapter 17: The Voice Of Society
11 Now, I am Chairwoman of Committees!' cries Lady Ti
12 The fair enslaver haing fallen into one of her gen
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