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Item number NAX88912
Barcode 9789626348895
Release date 29/09/2008
Media type CD
Number of units 28
Disc: 1
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 BOOK I Poverty Chapter 1: Sun and Shadow
2 The man who lay on the ledge of the grating was ev
3 The child put all these things between the bars…
4 There seemed to be some uncomfortable attraction…
5 'Be it as it may, Madame Barronneau approved of me
6 He stepped aside to the ledge where the vine leave
7 Chapter 2: Fellow Travellers
8 "What's the matter, Mother?" said I…
9 'I thank you,' said the other…
10 They were about thirty in company…
11 'Are you' – she turned her eyes, and Pet faltered…
12 Now, there were many stairs and passages…
13 Chapter 3: Home
14 Mr. Arthur Clennam sat in the window of the coffee
Disc: 2
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 He crossed by St. Paul's and went down, at a long
2 Arthur followed him up the staircase…
3 The old man, who had been standing by the door…
4 Arthur opened the long low window, and looked out…
5 Chapter 4: Mrs. Flintwinch has a Dream
6 Chapter 5: Family Affairs
7 'You knew my father infinitely better than I ever
8 Thus was she always balancing her bargains…
9 Little Dorrit let herself out to do needlework.
10 The room Arthur Clennam's deceased father had occu
11 Chapter 6: The Father of the Marshalsea
12 The affairs of this debtor were perplexed by a par
13 The doctor and the debtor ran down-stairs…
Disc: 3
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 By this time, the rings had begun to fall…
2 The turnkey went off the lock of this world next d
3 Chapter 7: The Child of the Marshalsea
4 In those early days, the turnkey first began profo
5 The success of this beginning, which led to the da
6 'Well, my dear,' said the turnkey, 'something ough
7 For the first time in all those years, she sunk un
8 Chapter 8: The Lock
9 She had brought the meat home that she should have
10 All this time, though he had finished his supper…
11 She was so tremulous and agitated, and he was so m
12 The two tables put together in a corner, were, at
13 Chapter 9: Little Mother
14 As these people passed him standing still in the c
Disc: 4
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 There was no-one there.
2 o inconvenienced last night…'
3 She had relieved the faithful fullness of her hear
4 She was about eight-and-twenty, with large bones…
5 Chapter 10: Containing the whole Science of Govern
6 Sometimes, angry spirits attacked the Circumlocuti
7 The present Barnacle, holding Mr. Clennam's card i
8 Mr. Barnacle dated from a better time…
9 Its effect upon young Barnacle was to make him…
10 This airy young Barnacle was quite entertained by
11 Clennam wondered within himself, as they took the
12 With this prelude, Mr. Meagles went through the na
Disc: 5
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Arthur could not but glance at Daniel Doyce in the
2 Chapter 11: Let Loose
3 The landlady, having given her directions…
4 The guest sat looking at her as he smoked out his
5 'Cavalletto. This is in confidence.'
6 Chapter 12: Bleeding Heart Yard
7 He was at a loss to understand what she meant…
8 The remark appeared to suggest to Plornish…
9 'Mr. Plornish,' said Arthur, 'I trust to you, if y
10 Chapter 13: Patriarchal
11 Philanthropists of both sexes had asked who he was
12 'Halloa!' he said.
Disc: 6
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 'I am sure,' giggled Flora, tossing her head…
2 In the midst of her rapidity, she had found that o
3 Mr. Casby shook his head…
4 Mr. F.'s Aunt sat silently defying him…
5 They had crossed Smithfield together…
6 'It's a serious injury, I suppose?' said Clennam…
7 Chapter 14: Little Dorrit's Party
8 Little Dorrit was not ashamed of her poor shoes.
9 As she made the confession, timidly hesitating…
10 'Little Dorrit,' said Clennam…
11 Once, Little Dorrit knocked with a careful hand…
12 They went back again to the gate…
13 Chapter 15: Mrs. Flintwinch Has Another Dream
Disc: 7
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 On a wintry afternoon at twilight…
2 'Never mind that,' returned Jeremiah calmly…
3 Here the sound of the wheeled chair was heard upon
4 Chapter 16: Nobody's Weakness
5 'It is much to be regretted,' said Clennam…
6 The bell at the gate had scarcely sounded, when Mr
7 'But come!' said Mr Meagles. 'You have had a long
8 Besides his dumb-waiter, Mr. Meagles had two other
9 Chapter 17: Nobody's Rival
10 'Well, Gowan,' said Mr. Meagles, even suppressing
11 The latter part of the day turning out wet…
Disc: 8
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 When he had gone to his own room…
2 Chapter 18: Little Dorrit's Lover
3 The Chivery parents were not ignorant of their son
4 The collegians were entertaining a considerable nu
5 The poor fellow stood gazing at her…
6 Young John dolefully protested that he would try t
7 Chapter 19: The Father of the Marshalsea in Two or
8 'I think, William,' said the object of his affecti
9 With these words, and with a face expressive of ma
10 His supper was cooking in a saucepan on the fire…
11 To keep his attention engaged, she talked with him
12 Chapter 20: Moving in Society
13 At last they came into a maze of dust…
14 'And so, Amy,' said her sister…
Disc: 9
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 'Mrs. Merdle,' said Fanny. 'My sister, ma'am.'
2 'Miss Dorrit,' said Mrs Merdle…
3 They spoke no more all the way back to the lodging
4 Chapter 21: Mr. Merdle's Complaint
5 Mr. Sparkler having been in the Guards…
6 When they rose, so many of the magnates had someth
7 Bishop then betook himself up-stairs…
8 Chapter 22: A Puzzle
9 Mrs. Chivery, who was a comfortable-looking woman…
10 The crowd in the street jostling the crowd in his
11 These letters Clennam answered, with the aid of hi
12 Chapter 23: Machinery in Motion
13 The purchase was completed within a month.
14 A diversion was occasioned here by Mr. F.'s Aunt…
Disc: 10
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 'Though indeed,' she hurried on…
2 The Patriarch turning his head in a lumbering way…
3 'Mr. Clennam,' he then began…
4 'In conclusion, Mr. Pancks,' said Arthur…
5 Chapter 24: Fortune-Telling
6 'Really so sorry that I should happen to be late…'
7 Flora, uttering these words in a deep voice, enjoy
8 'Find it a little dull, Miss Dorrit?' inquired Pan
9 If Little Dorrit were beyond measure perplexed by
10 'Maggy, there was once upon a time a fine King…'
11 Chapter 25: Conspirators and Others
12 What Mr. Chivery thought of these things…
Disc: 11
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 The ensuing business proceedings were brief, but c
2 Against these obstacles, the lame foreigner with t
3 Chapter 26: Nobody's State of Mind
4 By this time they had visited the family on severa
5 The venerable inhabitants of that venerable pile…
6 Mr. Henry Gowan seemed to have a malicious pleasur
7 As she shrugged her shoulders, Clennam stiffly bow
8 Chapter 27: Five-and-Twenty
9 Mr. Meagles, with a despondent countenance…
10 'To tell you the truth,' returned Mr. Meagles…
11 'This is odd, Clennam,' said Mr. Meagles, softly.
12 She looked at him for an instant, and then said fr
Disc: 12
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 28: Nobody's Disappearance
2 Minnie was there alone. She had some roses in her
3 Pet's affectionate heart was overcharged…
4 Chapter 29: Mrs. Flintwinch goes on Dreaming
5 Slowly and thoughtfully Mrs. Clennam's eyes turned
6 Mistress Affery, whose fear of thunder and lightni
7 Chapter 30: The Word of a Gentleman
8 Mr. Blandois, not at all put out by this omission…
9 Thus expressing himself, he threw the draggled ski
10 Mr. Blandois was Mr. Flintwinch's most obedient hu
11 Mr. Flintwinch, finishing his tea, not only took a
12 Mr. Blandois thanked her, and kissed his hand seve
Disc: 13
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 As he returned him the candle, he looked at him on
2 Chapter 31: Spirit
3 Mr. Dorrit was in the habit of receiving this old
4 Now, it happened that the Father of the Marshalsea
5 The Father of the Marshalsea in the meantime…
6 His patronage did not stop here…
7 When Little Dorrit had her work on the table…
8 Chapter 32: More Fortune-Telling
9 If he had known the sharpness of the pain he cause
10 She said this, looking at him with…
11 'Mr. Clennam, Mr. Rugg,' said Pancks.
12 Chapter 33: Mrs. Merdle's Complaint
13 'But it is true,' said Mrs. Gowan, with a highly m
Disc: 14
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Now, Mrs. Merdle, who really knew her friend Socie
2 Mr. Merdle, so twisting his hands into what hair h
3 Mr. Merdle, left alone to meditate on a better con
4 Chapter 34: A Shoal of Barnacles
5 Clennam thought (and as he thought it, again felt
6 There was Barnacle junior, also from the Circumloc
7 It was necessarily but a sprinkling of any class o
8 Chapter 35: What was behind Mr. Pancks on Little D
9 This conversation took place in Clennam's bed-room
10 As he kissed her, she turned her head towards his
11 'Compose yourself, sir,' said Clennam…
12 This was the first intimation he had ever given…
13 Chapter 36: The Marshalsea becomes an Orphan
Disc: 15
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 He did not in person dine at this public repast…
2 In the yard, was the man with the shadowy grievanc
3 BOOK II Riches Chapter 1: Fellow Travellers
4 While all this noise and hurry were rife among the
5 The elderly lady, who was a model of accurate dres
6 The head of the large retinue, who was gracious bu
7 He weightily communicated his opinion to their hos
8 There was a sorrowfully affectionate and regretful
9 Chapter 2: Mrs. General
10 Mrs. General gravely inclined her head.
11 Chapter 3: On the Road
12 'Amy, my child,' said Mr. Dorrit…
13 The entrance of the lady whom he announced…
Disc: 16
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Her uncle was so far rescued from that shadow of o
2 No one had interfered in the dispute…
3 Sitting opposite her father in the travelling-carr
4 From these cities they would go on again…
5 Chapter 4: A Letter from Little Dorrit
6 When I go about here in a gondola…
7 Chapter 5: Something Wrong Somewhere
8 'There is no accounting,' said Mrs. General, 'for
9 Mr. Dorrit frowned, and looked anything but please
10 There was a reproach in the touch so addressed to
11 Notwithstanding some objections from Miss Fanny…
12 Here Edward Dorrit, Esquire, eyed Miss Fanny…
13 As his hand went up above his head and came down o
Disc: 17
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 6: Something Right Somewhere
2 The features of the surrounding picture were, a ch
3 Blandois' hand was unsteady; but he laughed…
4 She lowered the window on her side…
5 However, as Miss Fanny called out with much concer
6 The exquisitely bold and original thought presente
7 Chapter 7: Mostly Prunes and Prism
8 Mrs. General having long ago formed her own surfac
9 'You are very good,' said Gowan.
10 Little Dorrit had sometimes thought…
11 The bosom received this tribute in its most engagi
12 Chapter 8: The Dowager Mrs. Gowan is Reminded that
13 Daniel Doyce was still reluctant to consent…
Disc: 18
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 He sadly and sorely missed Little Dorrit.
2 'And may I ask, ma'am,' retorted Mr. Meagles…
3 Poor Mr. Meagles looked aghast with astonishment.
4 Chapter 9: Appearance and Disappearance
5 On one of his visits Mrs. Tickit received him with
6 At that time the contrast was far greater…
7 After looking at the surrounding objects for assur
8 With those words and a parting glance, Flora bustl
9 His turning of his smooth thumbs over one another
10 Chapter 10: The Dreams of Mrs. Flintwinch Thicken
11 He's not at home,' cried Affery.
12 While heaping these compliments on Mr. Flintwinch…
Disc: 19
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 11: A Letter from Little Dorrit
2 It was but yesterday, when I was there, that I saw
3 Chapter 12: In which a Great Patriotic Conference
4 Mr. Merdle stood in one of his drawing-rooms…
5 With some of the Chorus, he laughed about the slee
6 It was a dinner to provoke an appetite, though he
7 Mr. Tite Barnacle's view of the business was of a
8 Bar was a sight wondrous to behold, and full of ma
9 Chapter 13: The Progress of an Epidemic
10 Mrs. Plornish's shop-parlour had been decorated un
11 After very anxious scrutiny, he came out of his re
12 Arthur, with less formality, expressed himself gra
Disc: 20
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 A dinner of soup and a pigeon-pie, served on a lit
2 efusal expressed in Mr. Pancks's continued snorts…
3 Chapter 14: Taking Advice
4 At first, Fanny took this ill, too; protesting to
5 'Dear Fanny, let me say first, that I would far ra
6 There was yet another circumstance which went a lo
7 Chapter 15: No Just Cause or Impediment Why These
8 Mr. Dorrit threw in another compliment here…
9 In his execution of this mission Mr. Tinkler perha
10 The winter passing on towards the spring…
11 After yielding herself up, in this pattern manner…
12 If Little Dorrit found herself left a little lonel
Disc: 21
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 16: Getting On
2 Mr. Dorrit, dressing-gowned and newspapered, was a
3 Mr. Dorrit laughed in the buoyancy of his spirit.
4 Chapter 17: Missing
5 'Allow me to ask, madam,' said Mr. Dorrit…
6 A watch was evidently kept upon the place.
7 Disconcerted by the cold and hard inquiry…
8 Chapter 18: A Castle in the Air
9 Mr. Dorrit was ashamed. He went back to the window
10 His preoccupied face so clearly denoted the pursui
11 Chapter 19: The Storming of the Castle in the Air
12 She paused for an instant in her work to look at h
13 All this happened now, for the first time since th
Disc: 22
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Mrs. General sent up her compliments in good time
2 On the return of that lady to tea…
3 'Ladies and gentlemen, God bless you all!'
4 They remained in a dim room near, until it was alm
5 Chapter 20: Introduces the Next
6 After some pause, a door of communication with…
7 She took her revenge for her old grudge in thus tu
8 He was not going in the same breath…
9 Chapter 21: The History of a Self-Tormentor
10 I liked the children. They were timid…
11 He told me I did not do myself justice.
12 Other conversation followed…
13 Chapter 22: Who Passes by this Road so Late?
14 'And now,' said Daniel, looking at his watch…
Disc: 23
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 In the lull consequent on the departure…
2 Clennam fell back as if the word had struck him a
3 Chapter 23: Mistress Affery Makes a Conditional Pr
4 'You'll be able to take my likeness, the next time
5 Arthur had no choice but to say that his informant
6 Having paid the tribute of a sigh to the instabili
7 'Affery, I want to know what is amiss here…'
8 Chapter 24: The Evening of a Long Day
9 'My dear,' answered Mr. Sparkler…
10 Mr. Sparkler's sentiments as to the plan were, in
11 When the candles were brought in, Mr. Merdle was d
12 Chapter 25: The Chief Butler Resigns the Seals of
13 'May I ask,' he said, 'is this true about Merdle?'
Disc: 24
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Physician's knock astonished Bar…
2 By about eleven o'clock in the forenoon…
3 Chapter 26: Reaping the Whirlwind
4 Mr. Pancks brought his friend and professional adv
5 To all this Clennam merely replied…
6 Arthur was sitting with his eyes fixed on the floo
7 Chapter 27: The Pupil of the Marshalsea
8 Arthur looked at him for a moment in some wonder…
9 Young John was some time absent…
10 'It seems to me just possible,' said Arthur…
11 He did what he could to muster a smile…
12 It has been already stated that Mrs. Plornish…
Disc: 25
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 28: An Appearance in the Marshalsea
2 'If I could believe that,' said Clennam, 'it would
3 Arthur's thoughts had once more wandered away to L
4 Monsieur Rigaud, after frowning at him for a momen
5 'To business,' he then continued.
6 When he had finished this epistle, Rigaud folded i
7 Stretching his body out on the only three chairs i
8 Chapter 29: A Plea in the Marshalsea
9 some time…
10 As they sat side by side in the shadow of the wall
11 The bell began to ring, warning visitors to depart
Disc: 26
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 30: Closing In
2 Mr. Pancks put his hair erect with a general aspec
3 After gazing at her in silence, Mrs. Clennam turne
4 'Bah! Stop an instant! Let us advance by steps.'
5 Mistress Affery, fixedly attentive in the window-s
6 With the set expression of her face all torn away…
7 Many years had come and gone since she had had the
8 Rigaud snapped his fingers tauntingly in her face.
9 Retiring before him with vicious counter-jerks of
10 'This box can never bring, elsewhere, the price it
11 Chapter 31: Closed
12 She stood at the window, bewildered…
Disc: 27
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 She stood in the shadow so that she was only a vei
2 In the softened light of the window, looking from
3 Still, they had not come upon Flintwinch yet…
4 Chapter 32: Going
5 'Oh,' said Pancks. 'Anything more?'
6 Having taken this little liberty with the Patriarc
7 The Last of the Patriarchs had been so seized by a
8 Chapter 33: Going!
9 By this time Mr. Henry Gowan had made up his mind…
10 Without hoping that he or anybody else had been pr
11 The faithful John was on duty when…
12 The secret was safe now!
Disc: 28
Little Dorrit (Unabridged)
1 Chapter 34: Gone
2 'I have nothing in the world.'
3 Flora really had tears in her eyes now…
4 One morning, as Arthur listened for the light feet
5 There was silence, which was not broken…
6 Little Dorrit's old friend held the inkstand as sh
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