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DICKENS: Bleak House (Bob Lawrence/ Sean Barrett) (Naxos Audio Books: NA844312)

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The long, drawn-out case of Jarndyce versus Jarndyce provides the background to this novel which takes us into Dickens' world of impoverished people on the street, lovers fallen on hard times and the grand riches of the upper classes. It is read movingly by Sean Barrett as the main narrator and Teresa Gallagher as the young Esther Summerson.
Item number NA844312
Barcode 9789626344439
Release date 30/04/2007
Media type CD
Number of units 8
Disc: 1
Bleak House
1 Chapter 1: In Chancery
2 Chapter 2: In Fashion
3 Chapter 3: A Progress
4 On the day after my poor good godmother was buried
5 Six quiet years I had passed at Greenleaf …
6 Chapter 4: Telescopic Philanthropy
7 Chapter 5: A Morning Adventure
8 Ada's colour had entirely left her …
9 Chapter 6: Quite at Home
10 When we went downstairs we were presented …
11 Chapter 7: The Ghost's Walk
12 As is usually the case with people who go over hou
13 Chapter 8: Covering a Multitude of Sins
Disc: 2
Bleak House
1 Mrs Pardiggle conducted us into a cottage …
2 Chapter 9: Signs and Tokens
3 I took care that the necessary preparations …
4 With the morning, there came a letter …
5 Chapter 10: The Law Writer
6 Here, in a large house, formerly a house of state
7 Chapter 11: Our Dear Brother
8 Next day the court is all alive.
9 Chapter 12: On the Watch
10 At length, one afternoon a little before sunset …
11 Chapter 13: Esther's Narrative
12 Dinner was now announced, and we went downstairs.
13 Chapter 14: Deportment
14 I found the academy established in a sufficiently
15 By this time we were come to Mr. Krook's …
16 Chapter 15: Bell Yard
Disc: 3
Bleak House
1 Mr. Jarndyce was turning to speak to us …
2 Chapter 16: Tom-all-Alone's
3 Chapter 17: Esther's Narrative
4 If I could have made myself go to sleep …
5 Chapter 18: Lady Dedlock
6 The week had gone round to the Saturday following
7 Chapter 19: Moving On
8 Enter Mr. Guppy.
9 Chapter 20: A New Lodger
10 Chapter 21: The Smallweed Family
11 There comes a knock at the door.
12 Chapter 22: Mr. Bucket
Disc: 4
Bleak House
1 When they come at last to Tom-all-Alone's …
2 Chapter 23: Esther's Narrative
3 At last we came to Soho Square …
4 The house in Thavies Inn had bills in the windows
5 Chapter 24: An Appeal Case
6 In the business of preparation and equipment …
7 When we came to the court, there was the Lord Chan
8 We then took a hackney-coach and drove away …
9 Chapter 25: Mrs Snagsby Sees It All
10 Chapter 26: Sharp Shooters
11 Chapter 27: More Old Soldiers Than One
12 Chapter 28: The Ironmaster
13 Chapter 29: The Young Man
Disc: 5
Bleak House
1 Chapter 30: Esther's Narrative
2 Caddy told us that she was going to be married in
3 Chapter 31: Nurse and Patient
4 There was more movement and more talking than usua
5 Chapter 32: The Appointed Time
6 Chapter 33: Interlopers
7 Chapter 34: A Turn of the Screw
8 When they present themselves in Lincoln's Inn Fiel
9 Chapter 35: Esther's Narrative
10 My guardian now came every day.
11 Chapter 36: Chesney Wold
12 I cannot tell in any words what the state of my mi
13 Stunned as I was, as weak and helpless at first …
14 Chapter 37: Jarndyce and Jarndyce
15 Richard was a little late in the morning …
Disc: 6
Bleak House
1 As they were to remain with us that day …
2 Chapter 38: A Struggle
3 Chapter 39: Attorney and Client
4 Richard, emerging from the heavy shade of Symond's
5 Chapter 40: National and Domestic
6 By the light of the fire, which is low, he can be
7 Chapter 41: In Mr. Tulkinghorn's Room
8 Chapter 42: In Mr. Tulkinghorn's Chambers
9 Chapter 43: Esther's Narrative
10 I could have no anticipation, and I had none …
11 Chapter 44: The Letter and the Answer
12 Chapter 45: In Trust
13 There was a concourse of people in one spot …
14 Chapter 46: Stop Him!
Disc: 7
Bleak House
1 Chapter 47: Jo's Will
2 Phil Squod and Jo are sent out immediately on this
3 Jo is very glad to see his old friend …
4 Chapter 48: Closing In
5 Lady Dedlock dines alone in her own room today.
6 Chapter 49: Dutiful Friendship
7 These blandishments have entirely won the family h
8 Chapter 50: Esther's Narrative
9 Chapter 51: Enlightened
10 We were soon equipped and went out.
11 Chapter 52: Obstinacy
12 The door had been opened to admit another soldier-
13 Chapter 53: The Track
14 Chapter 54: Springing a Mine
15 At this juncture a considerable noise is heard …
Disc: 8
Bleak House
1 Then,' says Mr. Bucket, 'let's hear Mr. Chadband.'
2 Mr. Bucket rings, goes to the door …
3 Chapter 55: Flight
4 My Lady is in that room in which she held her last
5 Chapter 56: Pursuit
6 Chapter 57: Esther's Narrative
7 The whole household were amazed to see me …
8 Chapter 58: A Wintry Day and Night
9 Chapter 59: Esther's Narrative
10 We all three went into the house together.
11 It was my mother's.
12 Chapter 60: Perspective
13 We sat down to dinner, and I had an opportunity …
Disc: 9
Bleak House
1 Chapter 61: A Discovery
2 And now I come to a part of my story touching myse
3 Chapter 62: Another Discovery
4 We went our way too, which was to Lincoln's Inn …
5 Chapter 63: Steel and Iron
6 Chapter 64: Esther's Narrative
7 When we came home we found that a young man had ca
8 Chapter 65: Beginning the World
9 In the afternoon my guardian walked with me to Sym
10 Chapter 66: Down in Lincolnshire …
11 Chapter 67: The Close of Esther's Narrative
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