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VIVALDI: The Four Seasons

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Item number 8558028-29
Barcode 636943802823
Release date 01/05/2001
Media type CD
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
An Introduction to...VIVALDI: The Four Seasons
1 Introduction: Opening, upward-pointing figure
2 Answering, downward figure completes the phrase
3 Beginning of dialogue
4 The nature of musical conversation; repetition; '
5 Upward pointing to one ' target ' note
6 ' Answer ' points to two, downward notes
7 Same idea repeated 3 times
8 The first Solo section: birdsong from three solois
9 Repeat of ' two-pronged ' theme in orchestra
10 Orchestra depicts murmuring stream, but still ther
11 Further illustrative ' water studies '
12 Orchestra erupts into thunderstorm
13 Orchestral thunder, virtuosic ' lightning ' from s
14 Soloistic ' birds ' return to the air
15 Variant of opening theme, with ' argument ' betwee
16 Cue to First Movement
17 First Movement (Complete)
18 Scene setting and Main Theme of Second Movement
19 Analytical comment and Main Theme again
20 Main Theme varied
21 Further variation, tracing slow, descending scale-
22 Analytical discussion of ' pace ' and ' tempo ' ;
23 Vivaldi springs a surprise, reversing direction an
24 Analytical cue to Second Movement
25 Second Movement (Complete)
26 Undercover ' bagpipes ' initiate the finale
27 Second part of Main Theme: new notes, same rhythm
28 An ' echo ' with a difference
29 Reminder of ' echoed ' phrase in its original form
30 Surprise variant provides springboard into new des
31 Unexpected, ' flowing ' entrance of soloist
32 The use of ' sequence ' in first extended solo
33 Vivaldi prepares expectation...
34 ... and frustrates it by bringing in a new theme,
35 Violins accompanied by flowing ' commentary ' in l
36 Soloist returns with new variant
37 Pace slows as violins trace another four-note scal
38 The peasants return with the main theme, which tur
39 Intensification as harmonies change under broad, d
40 Mini-earthquake transformed into harmonic landslid
41 Critical mood-change in soloist's lonely soliloquy
42 Cue to restoration of main theme in its entirety a
43 Third Movement (complete)
44 Scene setting and opening of First Movement
45 Expanded groups of answering phrase
46 Upper and lower strings alternately succumb to let
47 As in ' Spring ', soloist enters with birdsong
48 Orchestra hijacks soloist's material
49 Soloist returns,first as turtle-dove, then as gold
50 Gentle breezes give away to North Wing
51 The storm subsides; soloist enters as weeping peas
52 Movement ends as storm returns
53 First Movement (complete)
54 Second movement opens with extremecontrasts
55 Second Movement (complete)
56 Stormy Weather; thunder
57 Lightning from upper strings
58 More lightning: ' heat ' lightning from violins, '
59 Torrential rain, depicted by entire orchestra
60 Deferred entry of solo violin, in virtuoso vein
61 Peasant's failing resolve as violin spirals down
62 Nature triumphant; soloist draws on orchestra's 'r
63 The peasant's capitulation
64 Third Movement (complete)
Disc: 2
An Introduction to...VIVALDI: The Four Seasons
1 Repetitiousness and folk music; the movement's ope
2 Secondary theme, a closely related development of
3 Solo entry restates the opening theme, ' double-st
4 Unexpectedly, a new theme where a repeat might be
5 The soloist as ' drunkard '
6 Further violinistic slips and slides
7 Orchestra re-enters with main theme, but is interr
8 Other drunks join in ' dialogue ' with the orchest
9 The orchestral peasants continue their dancing, bu
10 Enter another drunk, courtesy of the virtuoso solo
11 The dance breaks up
12 The drunkard interrupts again, then falls asleep,
13 Conversation amongst the sober peasants leads to t
14 First Movement (complete)
15 Scene-setting for Second Movement
16 Second Movement (complete)
17 Similarities between the Third Movement and the Fi
18 Expectation and surprise: Vivaldi tacks on one bar
19 A case of predictable unpredictablity: novelty and
20 Soloist's double-stopping depicts hunting horns
21 Orchestra yields to unexpected display of virtuosi
22 Soloist suddenly takes the part of the fleeing bea
23 Symmetrical paralels with First Movement: ' beast
24 Death of the quarry, end of the movement
25 Third Movement (complete)
26 Orchestral strings enter, part by part; soloist de
27 Wind subsides and returns, tormenting the trudgers
28 Soloist depicts snow flurries
29 Soloist's flurries interrupted by six blasts of or
30 Teeth chattering, and with stamping feet, the trav
31 Cue to First Movement as a whole
32 First Movement (complete)
33 Soloist's ' aria ' accompanied by pizzicato ' rain
34 A sequence of simple scales, accompanied by openin
35 Two scalewise ideas for the price of one: foregrou
36 New, rising scale-pattern unfurled with ever-great
37 The pace increases eight-fold in concluding downwa
38 Against an unvarying tempo, the pace is repeatedly
39 Foreground / Background
40 Detailed discussion of foreground / background per
41 Second Movement (complete)
42 Scene-setting; soloist begins for the first time
43 Soloist rises progressively, in sequence, decorati
44 First orchestral section; ace is halved; the under
45 The walkers lose their balance and stylishly fall
46 Soloist returns as the original solitary walker an
47 One tempo, two rates of speed: fast for the solois
48 Orchestra evokes the warm winds of the Sirocco
49 Answering blast from the Borea, the could wind of
50 Cue to final movement
51 Third Movement (complete)
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