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RAVEL: Bolero & Ma Mere *D*

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Item number 8558032-33
Barcode 636943803226
Release date 01/05/2001
Media type CD
Number of units 2
Disc: 1
An Introduction to ... RAVEL: Boléro and Ma Mère
1 Bolero-Introduction; cue to unadorned Bolero rhyth
2 Bolero rhythm, Part 2: an extended variation of Pa
3 ' Motto ' rhythm complete
4 But here we have snare drums and plucked violas an
5 Section 1: Introduction of ' the theme ' by solo
6 Flute continues with Part 2 of theme
7 Section 2: Complete statement of theme by clarinet
8 Introduction of ' discordant ' harp into the unfol
9 Section 3: Bassoon introduces closely related vari
10 ...but then veers upwards, slowing rhythm and intr
11 Section 4: ' Petite ' E flat clainet takes over th
12 Section 5: Oboe d'amore takes over theme but retur
13 Section 6: Theme now shared by two instruments: ut
14 Section 7: Tenor saxophone takes Theme as trumpet
15 Section 8: Theme taken by soprano saxphone, ' espr
16 Section 9: Theme: celeste, piccolos and horn; Mott
17 Section 10: Theme: Oboes, horns, clarinets; Motto:
18 Section 11: Theme taken by First Trombone, complet
19 Section 12: Theme: flutes, oboes, clarinets, sax;
20 Section 13: Violins at last take the main tune, jo
21 Section 14: Violins divide into four groups, each
22 Section 15: Trumpet, trombone 2 and tuba join the
23 Section 16: First trombone and soprano saxophone '
24 Section 17: Fortissimo; all strings ' double-stopp
25 Section 18: Entire orchestra now employed, ' as lo
26 Section 19: Sudden, amazing change of key, lurchin
27 Section 20: Key now lurches back to C, as jazzy tr
28 Cue to complete performance
29 Bolero (complete)
Disc: 2
An Introduction to ... RAVEL: Boléro and Ma Mère
1 Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant-Opening figure
2 Same again, with emphasis on delicacy of scoring
3 answering variant, accompanied by plucked double b
4 Reminder of opening figure
5 ... and now its rhythmical mirror image, or almost
6 Answering Phrase 2: a near-inversion, over ' James
7 Pivotal Phrase 3, reversing direction but keeping
8 Reprise of Phrases 1 and 2, but with new accompani
9 Further Reprise of Phrase 2, now on violin, accomp
10 Pavane (complete)
11 Petit Poucet (Tom Thumb)-Introduction; Opening, wi
12 Change of metre continue as solo oboe introduces T
13 Oboe yields to Cor Anglais for Theme Two, against
14 Theme One returns, shared by clarinet and flute, m
15 'Motto' rhythm dominates as intensity increases fr
16 Fear subsides as Theme Two returns, again in Cor A
17 Sensational sound effects evoke a wood at night, w
18 Texture thins; Theme one returns, delicately score
19 The main part of movement ends, with waltz-like ma
20 Petit Poucet (complete)
21 Laideronnette, Imperatrice des Pagodes-Introductio
22 Oriental-orchestral equivalent of an imprial telep
23 ... oboe ' answers ' with a very slightly varied v
24 Expanded derivative of the ' telephone bell ' inte
25 Fragments of theme in flutes and cor anglais, with
26 'Gamelan ' music from flute and piccolo, accompani
27 arrival of Empress; upper strings yield to winds,
28 Laideronnette, Imperatrice des Pagodes (complete)
29 Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bete- opening
30 Characteristic pattern of two short phrases answer
31 Clarinet, flutes and violas, with ' sighing' figur
32 Varied reprise of opening, entry of the ' Beast ';
33 Again the ' Beast ' growls; again the cautious war
34 Derivative of Beauty's Theme from flute, combined
35 ' Beast's theme ' rises in pitch with each success
36 ' Beauty ', ' Beast ' and ' Caution ' motifs all c
37 ' Beast ' (contra-bassoon) climbs ever higher, han
38 Harp's upward glide heralds the moment of transfor
39 Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bete (complete
40 Le jardin feerique-Introduction; Opening bars are
41 The rhythmic basis, and its guises. First, a quest
42 The question intensified:' Oh where went ... my ch
43 The answer, with a falling inflection: ' Gone is y
44 The plea: ' Bring back my childhood!'
45 The response: ' Seek in ... your mem'ry. There it
46 Ravel's use of tone colour to change the feeling o
47 Further illustration of the same point
48 Continued
49 The nobility of the strings
50 Bells evoked by French horns; the final, opulent,
51 Le jardin feerique (complete)
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