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Item number CHAN 3091(2)
Barcode 095115309124
Release date 12/01/2005
Category CD
Label Chandos Records
Media type CD
Number of units 2
Artists Magee, Gary
Plazas, Mary
Bardon, Patricia
Wedd, Peter
Harrison, Sally
Stafford-Allen, Toby
McCaldin, Clare
Gavin, Julian
Brocq, Mark Le
Hegarty, Mary
Garrett, Nicholas
Parfitt, Paul
Composers Bizet, Georges
Conductors Parry, David
Orchestras Geoffrey Mitchell Choir
Philharmonia Orchestra
Disc: 1
Carmen (Sung in English)
1 Prelude
2 Act I: In the plaza (Soldiers, Morales)
3 Act I: Just look at that delicious morsel! (Morale
4 Act I: Here come our new soldier boys (Children)
5 Act I: Jose! There was a girl here looking for you
6 Act I: Off with you old soldier boys (Children)
7 Act I: Corporal! Sir! (Zuniga, Don Jose)
8 Act I: We have heard the bell summon us to meet he
9 Act I: Ah, just look! (Soldiers, Cigarette Girls)
10 Act I: But why hasn't she come, our Carmencita? (S
11 Act I: Habanera: Love's a bird wild as any rebel (
12 Act I: Carmen! We will follow you high and low! (Y
13 Act I: The cheek of it! (Don Jose, Micaela)
14 Act I: Give me news of my mother! (Don Jose, Micae
15 Act I: Your dear mother and I were leaving church
16 Act I: I see my mother's face! (Don Jose, Micaela)
17 Act I: Wait a moment. I'm going to read the letter
18 Act I: Come and help! (Cigarette Girls, Zuniga, So
19 Act I: So, corporal, tell me what happened (Zuniga
20 Act I: Well, Carmencita, what do you have to say f
21 Act I: Where are you taking me? (Carmen, Don Jose)
22 Act I: Seguedilla: There's an old bar in the city
23 Act I: Careful, it's the lieutenant! (Don Jose, Zu
24 Entr'acte
25 Act II: Gipsy Song: From far away mysterious sound
26 Act II: Bravo, bravo! More! Keep dancing! (Zuniga,
27 Act II: Hurrah! Hurrah! The Torero! (Friends of Es
28 Act II: Who's that? It's Escamillo, the bullfighte
29 Act II: Hurrah! Hurrah! The Torero! (Zuniga, Offic
30 Act II: Toreador's aria: You're most kind (Escamil
31 Act II: We'll come with you, Senor Torero (Zuniga,
32 Act II:Toreador, be ready! (Friends of Escamillo)
33 Act II: At last! We got rid of them as quickly as
34 Act II: There's a little job that we're starting!
35 Act II: Being in love is not a reason (Dancaire, C
Disc: 2
Carmen (Sung in English)
1 Act II: To bid you welcome to our bar (Carmen)
2 Act II: La la la la la la la la (Carmen, Don Jose)
3 Act II: Back to camp! … Go at once! (Carmen, Don J
4 Act II: Flower Song: That flow'r you threw to me I
5 Act II: No, it's not love at all! (Carmen, Don Jos
6 Act II: Hello! Carmen! (Zuniga, Remendado, Dancair
7 Act II: Lieutenant fair, it's true (Carmen, Remend
8 Act II: The sky above the open road (Gipsies, Fras
9 Entr'acte
10 Act III: Keep going, dear old friend, keep going!
11 Act III: Right! Let's stop for a while (Dancaire,
12 Act III: Shuffle! Cut them! (Frasquita, Mercedes,
13 Act III: In vain you would avoid the bitter things
14 Act III: You're back! (Frasquita, Dancaire, Merced
15 Act III: As for that man, it should be easy! (Fras
16 Act III: Is this the place? (Micaela, Guide)
17 Act III: I say that there's nothing to fear (Micae
18 Act III: It's him! I'm sure it's him over there! (
19 Act III: Escamillo is my name, and I come from Gra
20 Act III: She had a lover here (Escamillo, Don Jose
21 Act III: Hola! hola! Jose! (Carmen, Escamillo, Dan
22 Act III: You should take care, Carmen (Don Jose, D
23 Act III: Alas! Jose, your mother is ill (Micaela,
24 Entr'acte
25 Act IV: A few cuartos! A few cuartos! (Merchants,
26 Act IV: Here they come! Here they come! (Children,
27 Act IV: f you love me, Carmen! (Escamillo, Carmen,
28 Act IV: It's you! It's me! (Carmen, Don Jose)
29 Act IV: Viva! Viva! What a corrida! (Crowd, Don Jo
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