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CAMEROON So' Forest: Bikutsi Pop

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I signed a recording contract with Naxos World records based in Tennessee. At the time, I had already programmed and recorded and mixed 10 songs as a demo. These songs were the reason Naxos World decided to give me a record deal. Then I sent them five other songs, and we decided that we would release a CD of 15 titles. I found the best singers and instrumentalists in Bikutsi Pop (my genre) in Yaounde, the town where I live in Cameroon, and started working with them on the songs, then I booked a professional studio, one of the best in the town, Studio Karel DC, for 12 days. We started the recording, using the programmed sounds with the background vocals and after three days we continued with the guitars and bass. We then took two days to edit those recordings before I recorded the lead vocals. I took three days for my leads, then a day for a break, which allowed us to listen to all this. Two days for the addition of my leads, then we prepared the mix.The vocalists I used in this album were Lary and Henry-Georges, the bass guitarist was Gordon, and I did the guitars and the leads. The songs had been arranged by Mr. Isidore Modjo, Gordon and myself. I also helped Mr. Isidore Modjo in the production, as I myself am a sound technician.About the musicThe genre I perform is Bikutsi Pop music. Bikutsi is a genre coming from the south province of Cameroon, and means "the hit of the floor," the dance of Bantu fighters. I add sounds to my music from South Africa and from some other African countries I visited while touring with another band I was in before starting to work on my solo album. These sounds, like flutes, xylophone, kora, etc., allow that new style to be appreciated by a larger number of people out of Cameroon and even Africa.ShambadaThis is a song for the African people. We no more have to stand unemployment — crying and saying that nothing can work because of our history. That story that says foreigners came and exploited our goods and wealth is true. We have to start working and planning. Nothing can happen without effort, and this continent has so many things that can help us improve life.AmazoneThis is a story about a guy and his girlfriend. He’s asking her to consider the love they feel together. She always tries to push away her feelings and wants to become like an Amazon.ZuluThis is some advice for a young African. Sometimes people want to copy the fashions from abroad and stand away from one’s own cultures and traditions. So the young African has to come back to his village, meet his ancestors, and learn about his history and culture.Meding Ya (The One I Love)A love story: the guy is telling his girlfriend that she’s the only one he loves.Wa Wa (You, My Brother)The cry of someone calling back his brother who ran away from his village and went to town after a family dispute. The one who stayed at the village cries and reminds his brother that he still loves him and says that they could erase and forget about the past; he could come back and they would start a new life.Tenter (Always Try)Advice to a young man. It is said he should count first on his own efforts — he has to make his choices and every time assess his situation. He always has to try, try and try again because it’s only when you dream realistically that you can realize high and good things. Even after a defeat, he has to try and try again. The way of the world is to offer chances only to those who dream, try and work.Hakuna Matata (No Problem)One doesn’t lose anything by trying to succeed — this life is a series of failures and successes. There is no problem, Africa can try to break down the doors of these difficulties.Wake YaSomeone is crying after the death of his uncle. This man helped his younger brothers to succeed in their lives, pushing them to get an education, but at the end of his own life, no one was there. His life was a sacrifice for the success of his brothers and now he is dead, leaving a large family of orphans.EstaA man tries to say no to a girl who loves him and doesn’t want to come across her on his travels.BelievingA man is asking himself if he will be ready at the end of his life. He had been joking and wasting his time when his friends and brothers went to school, and now he is always behind them, asking for help.RaveIf you consider life as a human, you find out that life is always a challenge. We want to succeed in life and live in good conditions, while the world does everything to make us fail.Pole Pole (Be Cool)A grandfather in a village is telling a story to young fellows around a fire, saying that they have to live their lives according to Nelson Mandela’s, who suffered but succeeded after a long period in prison. They will need a lot of courage in their lives.GirlA love story. The boy asks his girlfriend to consider all the effort he makes and wants to save a love that is slipping away.RoutesLife is like a labyrinth with too many roads and sometimes the easy ones are not the best. You have to try the hardest ones and sometimes live like a prisoner. As the Bible says, one will find meals only after effort and it’s the same in every choice one makes in this life.JudgementLet’s fight for peace. There are many international meetings for peace but at the end it seems we don’t know if we go forwards or backwards. Each of us has to hold the hand of his brother and join the peace movement. Those who don’t want peace will be punished by nature when they are dead, so it is time to start working for peace in this world.— So’Lead Vocals/Songwriting/Programming: So’ ForestBackground Vocals: Mr. Lary and Henry-GeorgesGuitars: Gordon (Shambada, Believing, Amazone) and So’ Forest Bass: Gordon (Shambada and Wa Wa)Rap: DerouxArrangements: Gordon and So’Produced by Isidore ModjoMixed at Studio Karel DCSynth Suppl. Ruben BinamPictures: EvaPublishing: So’ and Shining Diamond MusicMastering: Ronnie Thomas at Mastermix (Nashville, TN)Special Advice: Mike at Noma Music (California)Special Thanks: God, Mike (Noma), Dolores (Naxos World), Theresa Taylor (Dj Angelfish Ent), Benoît Du Sartel (Pro-Fusion Multicultures, Marseille, Fce), Deroux, Mad, Maxissi, Gordon & Lary, Pasto Samson, Pygmoïd), Bertrand M, my family and friends.God’s eyes were opened that day just for me and he made me meet the right persons at the right place, at the right time, thank God, thank Dolores and Mike.— So’Song LyricsShambada
Africa — Africa
Africa Shambada
Africa — Africa
Shambada bada bada bulé
Shambada bada bada bulé
South Africa
Nde wa dzu ne me bo y a me ke ve biza biza africa
Oh meza boya biza africa
Meza za za boya biza africa
Nde wa dzu ne me bo y a me ke ve biza biza africa
Oh meza boya biza africa
Meza za za boya biza Africa
Ayi ayi ayi ya lé lé lé lé lé lele le le lelele
Le le le le le le le le le lele lé
Martine ma mine
Journée soleil je te propose quelque chose
Sucrée comme du miel
Mets seulement tes greffes
Sois même une blonde une bombe
Les économistes s’en sortent
Mets tes talons rebondis comme un ballon
Un mannequin de top mode c’est en vogue
Visage fardé démarche stylée
Sourcils noircis lèvres rougies
Haut moulant sur pant patte d’éléphant
Pense au maillot de bain
Aux pommades de soins
Africa Sha sha shambada
Nde wa dzu ne me bo y a me ke ve biza biza africa
Oh meza boya biza africa
Meza za za boya biza Africa...ZuluChorus:
Sele le le le le ley ley le
Sele leyle ley le lelele
Ayié yéyé yé yéi yéi yé é é
Item number 76032-2
Barcode 636943703229
Release date 01/10/2002
Category WORLD
Label Naxos World
Media type CD
Number of units 1
Artists Gordon
Lary and Henry Georges
So' Forest
Composers So' Forest
Producers Isidore Modjo
Tilman Jorns
Disc: 1
1 Shambada
2 Amazone
3 Zulu
4 Meding Ya
5 Wa Wa
6 Tenter
7 Hakuna Matata
8 Wake Ya
9 Esta
10 Believing
11 Rave
12 Pole Pole
13 Girl
14 Routes
15 Judgement
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