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BECKETT: Molloy (Dermot Crowley/ Sean Barrett) (Naxos Audio Books: NA729212)

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Molloy was written by Samuel Beckett initially in French, only later translating it into English. It was published shortly after World War II and marked a new, mature writing style which was to dominate the remainder of his working life. Molloy is divided into two sections. In the first section, Molloy goes in search of his mother. In the second, he is pursued by Moran, an agent. Within this simple outline, spoken in the first person, is a remarkable novel, raising questions of being and aloneness that marks so much of Beckett's work, but richly comic as well. Beautifully written, it is one of the masterpieces of Irish literature. This is the world premiere recording. Written by a master dramatist, it is ideally suited to the audiobook medium.
Item number NA729212
Barcode 9789626342923
Release date 30/06/2003
Media type CD
Number of units 7
Disc: 1
1 Part 1: I am in my mother's room
2 Part 1: This time, then once more I think
3 Part 1: Then each went on his way
4 Part 1: But that is not, I mean my hand
5 Part 1: And once again I am
6 Part 1: Now of all the noises that night
7 Part 1: But talking of the craving
8 Part 1: In any case I didn't come to listen
9 Part 1: Nevertheless I covered several miles
10 Part 1: And suddenly I remembered my name
11 Part 1: They were watching me
12 Part 1: But I find the morning
Disc: 2
1 Part 1: And in winter, under my greatcoat
2 Part 1: For I had perfected my plan
3 Part 1: Someone was poking the dog
4 Part 1: She ushered me into the drawing room
5 Part 1: In the end it was magic
6 Part 1: The next day
7 Part 1: Now, with regard to the pockets
8 Part 1: It was then that Lousse
9 Part 1: Now as to telling you why I stayed
10 Part 1: So I will only add
Disc: 3
1 Part 1: Now, with regard to my food
2 Part 1: So I will confine myself
3 Part 1: But I left Lousse
4 Part 1: So I was able to continue on my way
5 Part 1: So I set myself to this
6 Part 1: So I crawled into some hole somewhere
7 Part 1: I took advantage of being at the seaside
8 Part 1: Good. Now I can begin to suck
9 Part 1: It was a wild part of the coast
10 Part 1: Let us try and get this dilemma clear
Disc: 4
1 Part 1: And another factor of desquilibrium
2 Part 1: For the truth is I had other weak points
3 Part 1: So I wait, jogging along
4 Part 1: I had a certain number of encounters in th
5 Part 1: For it was not so bad
6 Part 1: This is taking a queer turn
7 Part 1: But before I go on
8 Part 2: Moran - It is midnight
9 Part 2: A man came into the garden
10 Part 2: It was too late for mass
11 Part 2: I left her and went out
12 Part 2: I slept a little
Disc: 5
1 Part 2: The stew was a great disappointment
2 Part 2: I got up and went to the window
3 Part 2: That we thought of ourselves
4 Part 2: I still had a few hours left
5 Part 2: I knew then about Molloy
6 Part 2: It was then that the sound of a gong
7 Part 2: My son came back at last
8 Part 2: Before going into my son's room
9 Part 2: From distance the kitchen seemed
10 Part 2: My son could only embarrass me
Disc: 6
1 Part 2: The night was fine
2 Part 2: In the lane having locked the wicker gate
3 Part 2: It was the summer holidays
4 Part 2: I have no intention of relating
5 Part 2: By the Molloy country
6 Part 2: All these precautions
7 Part 2: One night, having finally succeeded
8 Part 2: The sky was that horrible colour
9 Part 2: Now tell me what you are to do
10 Part 2: The day seemed very long
11 Part 2: I stayed out in the air
12 Part 2: It was evening
Disc: 7
1 Part 2: But I did not go far
2 Part 2: So this third day wore away
3 Part 2: In this way we came to Ballyba
4 Part 2: That night I had a violent scene
5 Part 2: I was therefore alone
6 Part 2: It was evening
7 Part 2: That night I set out for home
8 Part 2: Certain questions of a theological nature
9 Part 2: I have spoken of a voice
10 Part 2: The thought of taking to the road
11 Part 2: Now I may make an end
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