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AUSTEN: Sense and Sensibility

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When Mrs Dashwood is forced by an avaricious daughter-in-law to leave the family home in Sussex, she takes her three daughters to live in a modest cottage in Devon. For Elinor, the eldest daughter, the move means a painful separation from the man she loves, but her sister Marianne finds in Devon the romance and excitement which she longs for. The contrasting fortunes and temperaments of the two girls as they struggle to cope in their different ways with the cruel events which fate has in store for them are portrayed by Jane Austen with her usual irony, humour and profound sensibility. Juliet Stevenson is acknowledged one of the finest interpreters of Jane Austen.
Item number NAX36112
Barcode 9789626343616
Release date 01/10/2005
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 11
Artists Juliet Stevenson
Composers Jane Austen
Disc: 1
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume I, Chapter 1: The family of Dashwood had lo
2 Mr Dashwood’s disappointment...
3 No sooner was his father’s funeral over...
4 Volume I, Chapter 2: Mrs John Dashwood now install
5 ‘I would not wish to do anything mean...’
6 ‘To be sure it will...’
7 Volume I, Chapter 3: Mrs Dashwood remained at Norl
8 Edward had been staying several weeks in the house
9 Volume I, Chapter 4: ‘What a pity it is Elinor,’ s
10 Elinor started at this declaration...
11 But whatever might really be its limits it was eno
12 Chapter 5: No sooner was her answer dispatched…
13 Volume I, Chapter 6: The first part of their journ
14 In the mean time, till all these alterations could
15 Volume I, Chapter 7: Barton Park was about half a
16 Mrs Jennings, Lady Middleton’s mother...
17 Volume I, Chapter 8: Mrs Jennings was a widow with
18 ‘Mama, you are not doing me justice.’
Disc: 2
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume I, Chapter 9: The Dashwoods were now settle
2 A gentleman, carrying a gun…
3 Sir John called on them...
4 Volume I, Chapter 10: Marianne’s preserver...
5 Willoughby, on his side gave every proof of his pl
6 Perhaps she pitied and esteemed him more...
7 Volume I, Chapter 11: Little had Mrs Dashwood or h
8 In Colonel Brandon alone...
9 Volume I, Chapter 12: As Elinor and Marianne were
10 Margaret related something to her the next day...
11 Volume I, Chapter 13: Their intended excursion to
12 ‘There’s no persuading you to change your mind Bra
13 It was settled that there should be a dance in the
14 Volume I, Chapter 14: The sudden termination of Co
15 One evening in particular…
Disc: 3
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume I, Chapter 15: Mrs Dashwood’s visit to Lady
2 Mrs Dashwood felt too much for speech...
3 ‘Then you would have told me...’
4 ‘A mighty concession indeed!’
5 Volume I, Chapter 16: Marianne would have thought
6 It was several days before Willoughby's name was m
7 He was the only person in the world...
8 Volume I, Chapter 17: Mrs Dashwood was surprised o
9 Elinor smiled again...
10 ‘I have frequently detected myself in such kind of
11 Volume I, Chapter 18: Elinor saw with great uneasi
12 The subject was continued no farther…
13 Volume I, Chapter 19: Edward remained a week at th
14 ‘I think Edward,’ said Mrs Dashwood...
15 Elinor sat down to her drawing-table...
16 Mrs Palmer was several years younger than Lady Mid
17 ‘Here comes Marianne,’ cried Sir John...
Disc: 4
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume I, Chapter 20: As the Miss Dashwoods entere
2 Charlotte laughted heartily...
3 Elinor was again obliged to decline her invitation
4 Volume I, Chapter 21: The Palmers returned to Clev
5 When their promised visit to the park...
6 ‘Poor little creatures!’ said Miss Steele…
7 This specimen of the Miss Steeles was enough…
8 Volume I, Chapter 22: Marianne, who had never much
9 What felt Elinor at that moment?
10 She was silent
11 Here she took out her handkerchief...
12 Volume II, Chapter 1: However small Elinor’s gener
13 As these considerations occurred to her....
14 But it was not immediately that an opportunity of
15 Lucy directly drew her work table near her…
16 Volume II, Chapter 2: In a firm, though cautious t
17 ‘But what,’ said she after a short silence...
18 They were again silent for many minutes...
Disc: 5
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume II, Chapter 3: Though Mrs Jennings was in t
2 Mrs Jennings repeated her assurance...
3 Elinor could not help smiling at this display of i
4 Volume II, Chapter 4: Elinor could not find hersel
5 As dinner was not to be ready in less than two hou
6 This, and the manner in which it was said…
7 After an hour or two…
8 Volume II, Chapter 5: ‘If this open weather holds
9 About a week after their arrival...
10 Elinor found, when the evening was over...
11 Her letter was scarcely finished when a rap foreto
12 Volume II, Chapter 6: Nothing occurred during the
13 He made no reply; his complexion changed…
14 Volume II, Chapter 7: Before the housemaid had lit
15 Mrs Jennings laughed again, but Elinor had not spi
16 In her earnest meditations on the contents of the
17 Elinor said no more
18 That such letters, so full of affection and confid
19 Again they were both silent
Disc: 6
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume II, Chapter 8: Mrs Jennings came immediatel
2 ‘Poor soul!’ cried Mrs Jennings...
3 ‘It would be unnecessary I am sure...’
4 In the drawing room whither she then repaired...
5 ‘You mean,’ answered Elinor, with forced calmness…
6 Volume II, Chapter 9: From a night of more sleep t
7 Mrs Jennings left them earlier than usual...
8 ‘You have probably entirely forgotten a conversati
9 He could say no more...
10 Again he stopped to recover himself; and Elinor sp
11 ‘Good heavens!’ cried Elinor
12 Elinor’s thanks followed this speech with grateful
13 Volume II, Chapter 10: When the particulars of thi
14 Marianne had promised to be guided by her mother’s
15 The calm and polite unconcern of Lady Middleton...
16 Early in February...
Disc: 7
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume II, Chapter 11: After some opposition Maria
2 Their affection and pleasure in meeting was just e
3 After staying with them half an hour…
4 He paused for her assent and compassion...
5 ‘Why to be sure,’ said he, seeming to recollect hi
6 Volume II, Chapter 12: Mrs John Dashwood had so mu
7 Their claims to the notice of Mrs John Dashwood...
8 Lucy was all exultation on being so honourably dis
9 The Colonel, though disclaiming all pretensions...
10 Volume II, Chapter 13: Elinor’s curiosity to see M
11 Elinor was prevented from making any reply...
12 This remark was not calculated...
13 Volume II, Chapter 14: Within a few days after thi
14 I come now to the relation of a misfortune...
15 The events of this evening were not very remarkabl
16 ‘You reside in Devonshire, I think,’
17 As John Dashwood had no more pleasure in music…
Disc: 8
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume III, Chapter 1: Mrs Palmer was so well...
2 ‘That is exactly what I said, my dear.’
3 Here Mrs Jennings ceased...
4 Her first communication had reached no farther…
5 ‘I understand you.’
6 The next morning brought a farther trial of it…
7 Here Marianne, in an ecstasy of indignation clappe
8 ‘Poor young man!’
9 Volume III, Chapter 2: Mrs Jennings was very warm
10 It was lucky, however, for Mrs Jenning's curiosity
11 ‘I do not understand what you mean by interrupting
12 The next morning brought Elinor a letter...
13 Volume III, Chapter 3: The Miss Dashwoods had now
14 Perhaps Mrs Jennings was in hopes...
15 Elinor’s astonishment at this commission...
Disc: 9
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume III, Chapter 4: ‘Well Miss Dashwood,' said
2 How she should begin, how she should express herse
3 ‘Yes,’ continued Elinor, gathering more resolution
4 When Mrs Jennings came home...
5 Volume III, Chapter 5: Edward, having carried his
6 Elinor contradicted it, however, very positively…
7 Elinor had heard enough, if not to gratify her van
8 Volume III, Chapter 6: One other short call in Har
9 Marianne entered the house with her heart swelling
10 The two gentlemen arrived the next day...
11 Volume III, Chapter 7: Marianne got up the next mo
12 Two days passed away...
13 The comfort of such a friend at that moment…
14 Mr. Harris was punctual in his second visit…
15 Elinor could not be cheerful. Her joy was of a dif
Disc: 10
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume III, Chapter 8: Elinor, starting back with
2 The steadiness of his manner and the intelligence
3 ‘You did then,’ said Elinor, a little softened…
4 ‘Your indifference, however, towards that unfortun
5 They were both silent for a few moments
6 ‘Even so. You would be surprised to hear…’
7 ‘Your wife!’
8 ‘Last night, in Drury Lane lobby...’
9 Volume III, Chapter 9: Elinor, for some time after
10 As soon as Mrs Dashwood had recovered herself...
11 ‘At last we are alone.’
12 ‘Oh! my love, I could not then talk of hope to him
13 Volume III, Chapter 10: Marianne's illness though
14 As they approached Barton...
15 Marianne had been two or three days at home...
16 ‘Do you compare your conduct with his?’
17 Here ceased the rapid flow of her self-reproving s
Disc: 11
Sense and Sensibility
1 Volume III, Chapter 11: Mrs Dashwood did not hear
2 Marianne’s lips quivered...
3 Their man-servant had been sent one morning to Exe
4 Mrs Dashwood now looked at her daughter; but Elino
5 Volume III, Chapter 12: Elinor now found the diffe
6 His countenance as he entered the room, was not to
7 Volume III, Chapter 13: Unaccountable, however, as
8 The change which a few hours had wrought…
9 How long it had been carrying on between them...
10 That Lucy had certainly meant to deceive...
11 Edward heard with pleasure...
12 The letters from town...
13 Volume III, Chapter 14: After a proper resistance
14 They were visited on their first settling...
15 What Edward had done to forfeit the right of eldes
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