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AUSTEN: Persuasion

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Anne Elliot has grieved for seven years over the loss of her first and only love, Captain Frederick Wentworth. When their paths finally cross again, Anne finds herself slighted and all traces of their former intimacy gone. As the pair continue to share the same social circle, dramatic events in Lyme Regis, and later in Bath, conspire to unravel the knots of deceit and misunderstanding in this beguiling and gently comic story of love and fidelity. Juliet Stevenson reads this unabridged recording with her customary clarity and particular understanding for the words and world of Jane Austen.
Item number NA743612
Barcode 9789626344361
Release date 29/01/2007
Category Classic Fiction
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 7
Artists Stevenson, Juliet
Composers Austen, Jane
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: Sir Walter Elliot, of Kellynch Hall, in
2 This friend and Sir Walter did not marry…
3 He was, at that time, a very young man…
4 Chapter 2: Mr Shepherd, a civil, cautious, lawyer…
5 This was the principle on which Anne wanted…
6 Lady Russell felt obliged to oppose her dear Anne…
7 Chapter 3: 'I must take leave to observe, Sir Walt
8 Here Anne spoke. 'The Navy, I think…'
9 It seemed as if Mr. Shepherd, in this anxiety…
10 Chapter 4: He was not Mr. Wentworth, the former cu
11 They knew not each other's opinion…
12 Chapter 5: On the morning appointeed for Admiral a
13 Anne was so impressed by the degree of their dange
14 Upper Cross was a moderate-sized village…
15 Oh, well', and after a moment's pause…
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 6: Anne had not wanted this visit to Upper
2 One of the least agreeable circumstances of her re
3 The party at the Great House was sometimes increas
4 The folks of the Great House were to spend the eve
5 Chapter 7: A very few days more, and Captain Wentw
6 The child had a good night and was going on well…
7 The next moment she was tapping…
8 Mary had no feelings to make her respect her siste
9 Chapter 8: From this time, Captain Wentworth and A
10 Phoo! Phoo!', cried the Admiral…
11 They were actually on the same sofa…
12 What a great traveller you must have been…'
13 Chapter 9: Captain Wentworth was come to Kellynch
14 Her husband, however, would not agree with her her
15 Charles Hayter had met with much…
Disc: 3
1 In another moment, however, she found herself in t
2 Chapter 10: Other opportunities of making her obse
3 Winthrop, however, or its environs…
4 He had done, and was unanswered…
5 The walking party had crossed the lane…
6 Chapter 11: The time now approached for Lady Russe
7 The first heedless scheme had been to go in the mo
8 They all met and were introduced…
9 The nights were too dark for the ladies to meet ag
10 Chapter 12: Anne and Henrietta, finding themselves
11 After attending Louisa through her business…
12 Miss Elliot', said he, speaking rather low…
13 Everyone capable of thinking felt the advantage of
14 Charles, Henrietta, and Captain Wentworth…
15 Anne had never submitted more reluctantly…
Disc: 4
1 Chapter 13: The remainder of Anne's time at Upper
2 Anne had never entered Kellynch since her quitting
3 Mrs Croft always met her with a kindness…
4 Chapter 14: Though Charles and Mary had remained a
5 Charles laughed again and said…
6 There can be no doubt that Lady Russell and Anne…
7 Chapter 15: Sir Walter had taken a very good house
8 The circumstances of his marriageg, too, were foun
9 Anne mentioned the glimpses she had of him at Lyme
10 It was the same, the very same man…
11 Chapter 16: There was one point which Anne, on ret
12 It was now some years since Anne had begun to lear
13 Sir Walter, however, would choose his own means…
14 Chapter 17: While Sir Walter and Elizabeth were as
15 There had been a time, Mrs Smith told her…
Disc: 5
1 Anne had called several times on her friend…
2 Lady Russell was now perfectly decided in her opin
3 Chapter 18: It was the beginning of February…
4 So ended the first part, which had afterwards put
5 This was Sir Walter and Elizabeth's share of inter
6 Anne was too much engaged with Lady Russell…
7 Anne had been ashamed to appear to comprehend so s
8 Chapter 19: While Admiral Croft was taking this wa
9 It did not surprise, but it grieved Anne…
10 The following morning Anne was out with her friend
11 Chapter 20: Sir Walter, his two daughters, and Mrs
12 Either from the consciousness, however, that his f
13 Upon Lady Russell's appearance soon afterwards…
14 Mr Elliot was not disappointed in the interest…
15 In re-setting themselves, there were now many chan
Disc: 6
1 Chapter 21: Anne recollected with pleasure, the ne
2 Anne heard nothing of this. She was still in the a
3 No', said Anne. I can readily believe all that of
4 Anne's astonished air and exclamation of wonder…
5 Mr Elliot', replied Mrs Smith, 'at that period of
6 The letter I am looking for was one written by Mr
7 My dear Mrs Smith, your authority is deficient…'
8 Yes', said Anne. 'You tell me nothing which does n
9 Anne was shown some letters of his on the occasion
10 Chapter 22: Anne went home to think over all that
11 Anne admired the good acting of the friend…
12 Anne's only surprise was in that…
Disc: 7
1 Here, they were interrupted by the absolute necess
2 A morning of thorough confusion was to be expected
3 Mrs Musgrove was good-humouredly beginning to expr
4 Their preparations, however, were stopped short…
5 Chapter 23: One day only had passed since Anne's c
6 Anne found an unexpected interest here…
7 Your feelings may be the strongest', replied Anne…
8 She could not immediately have uttered another sen
9 Such a letter was not to be soon recovered from…
10 Presently, struck by a sudden thought, Charles sai
11 In his preceding attempts to attach himself to Lou
12 You should have distinguished', replied Anne…
13 Chapter 24: Who can be in doubt of what followed?
14 The news of his cousin Anne's engagement…
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