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Item number CHAN 10036(2)
Barcode 095115103623
Release date 12/01/2005
Category CD
Label Chandos Records
Media type CD
Number of units 2
Artists Opie, Alan
Collins, Anne
Gilchrist, James
Shchavinsky, Mechislav
Stephen, Pamela Helen
Evans, Rebecca
Tear, Robert
Williams, Roderick
Bullock, Susan
Monk, Gregory
Bottone, Rebecca
Burgess, Sally
Richardson, Stephen
Composers Britten, Benjamin
Conductors Hickox, Richard
Orchestras City of London Sinfonia
Disc: 1
Albert Herring
1 Act I Scene 1: The morning room at Lady Billows' h
2 Act I Scene 1: Doctor Jessop's midwife … (Florence
3 Act I Scene 1: I hope we're not too early (Miss Wo
4 Act I Scene 1: Stuffy! Tobacco stink! (Lady Billow
5 Act I Scene 1: Now then! Notebook, Florence! (Lady
6 Act I Scene 1: The first suggestion on my list (Vi
7 Act I Scene 1: Is this all you can bring? (Lady Bi
8 Act I Scene 1: Begging your pardon (Superintendent
9 Act I Scene 1: Virtue, says Holy Writ (Vicar, Supe
10 Act I Scene 1: Right! We'll have him! (Lady Billow
11 Act I Scene 1: Interlude
12 Act I Scene 2: Bounce me high (Emmie, Cis, Harry)
13 Act I Scene 2: Shop! Hi! Albert! (Sid, Albert)
14 Act I Scene 2: Did you ever have a pint at the loc
15 Act I Scene 2: Sid I'm sorry but … (Albert, Sid, N
16 Act I Scene 2: We'll walk to the spinney (Sid, Nan
17 Act I Scene 2: He's much too busy (Albert)
18 Act I Scene 2: Mum wants two penn'oth of potherbs
19 Act I Scene 2: Good morning, young man! (Florence,
20 Act I Scene 2: We bring great news to you (Lady Bi
21 Act I Scene 2: Well, think of that, my lad (Mum, A
22 Act II Scene 1: Inside a marquee … (Florence, Nanc
23 Act II Scene 1: For 3 precious weeks (Florence, Na
24 Act II Scene 1: That's a fine sight for sore eyes!
25 Act II Scene 1: Quickly, quickly (Miss Wordsworth,
26 Act II Scene 1: I don't think you ought! (Nancy, S
27 Act II Scene 1: Bells offstage - Quick, here they
28 Act II Scene 1: Husssh! … Harold Wood! (Miss Words
29 Act II Scene 1: Come, let's sit down (Lady Billows
Disc: 2
Albert Herring
1 Act II Scene 1: I'm full of happiness (Lady Billow
2 Act II Scene 1: As representing our local Council
3 Act II Scene 1: My heart leaps up with joy to see
4 Act II Scene 1: Erhumph … (Superintendent, Vicar)
5 Act II Scene 1: Go on, Albert! (Mum, Florence, Sup
6 Act II Scene 1: Albert the Good! (Vicar, Florence,
7 Act II Scene 1: Bring the plates! Quickly now! (Si
8 Act II Scene 2: Albert the Good! (Albert)
9 Act II Scene 2: Why did she stare … ? (Albert)
10 Act II Scene 2: You oughtn't to whistle (Nancy, Si
11 Act II Scene 2: Come along, darling (Sid, Nancy)
12 Act II Scene 2: Heaven helps those who help themse
13 Act II Scene 2: Albert! Albert? Fast asleep, poor
14 Act III: The following afternoon …
15 Act III: Is she asleep? (Emmie, Nancy, Cis, Mayor,
16 Act III: What the hell d'you think I am? (Sid, Nan
17 Act III: How's the manhunt? (Sid, Superintendent,
18 Act III: Have you found him? (Mum, Superintendent)
19 Act III: All that I did! (Mum, Nancy, Miss Wordswo
20 Act III: Fools! (Lady Billows, Nancy, Vicar, Miss
21 Act III: In the midst of life is death (Vicar, Nan
22 Act III: Albert … ? (Albert, Lady Billows, Miss Wo
23 Act III: I can't remember anything (Albert, Mum, N
24 Act III: Hi! That's my girl (Sid, Children, Albert
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