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Catalogue number CHAN3074(2)
Barcode 0095115307427
Release date 12/01/2005
Label Chandos Records
Format CD
Number of discs 2
Artists Miles, Alastair
Boe, Alfred
ONeill, Dennis
Yurisich, Gregory
Eaglen, Jane
Rose, Peter
Plowright, Rosalind
Gritton, Susan
Composers Verdi, Giuseppe
Conductors Parry, David
Orchestras Geoffrey Mitchell Choir
Philharmonia Orchestra
Disc: 1
1 Prelude
2 Act I Scene 1: Yes, Ethiopia once again has dared
3 Act I Scene 1: I pray that I be chosen (Radames)
4 Act I Scene 1: Goddess Aida, fair as a vision (Rad
5 Act I Scene 1: Have you just heard a joyous tale (
6 Act I Scene 1: Aida! (Radames, Amneris)
7 Act I Scene 1: Alas, I hear the cries of war (Aida
8 Act I Scene 1: Grave is the cause (The Pharaoh, Me
9 Act I Scene 1: Now go forward noble army (The Phar
10 Act I Scene 1: As victor then return! (Aida)
11 Act I Scene 1: The sacred names of a father and lo
12 Act I Scene 1: Hear me, ye gods, pity my cry! (Aid
13 Act I Scene 2: Almighty, almighty Phtha (High Prie
14 Act I Scene 2: Sacred Dance of the Priestesses
15 Act I Scene 2: The gods have shown you favour (Ram
16 Act I Scene 2: Great Godhead we petition thee (Ram
17 Act II Scene 1: We hear the hymns and cheering (Sl
18 Act II Scene 1: Dance of the Young Moorish Slaves
19 Act II Scene 1: No more now! (Amneris)
20 Act II Scene 1: Now the battle is over your people
21 Act II Scene 1: Tremble! I know your secret … (Amn
22 Act II Scene 1: But, look with pity on my distress
23 Act II Scene 1: Now go forward noble army (Chorus,
24 Act II Scene 1: Hear me, ye gods, pity my cry! (Ai
25 Act II Scene 2: Glory to Isis, goddess fair (Popul
26 Act II Scene 2: Trumpet Fanfare
27 Act II Scene 2: Ballabile
28 Act II Scene 2: Glorious warrior Radames (Populace
29 Act II Scene 2: Valiant pride of your country (The
30 Act II Scene 2: Worship and glory to all the gods
31 Act II Scene 2: As you see, I am wearing the colou
32 Act II Scene 2: O King, by holy Isis (Radames, Pha
33 Act II Scene 2: Glory to Isis, goddess fair (Phara
Disc: 2
1 Act III: Thou art to great Osiris (Chorus, High Pr
2 Act III: Come to the shrine of Isis (Ramfis, Amner
3 Act III: Soon Radames will come! (Aida)
4 Act III: Oh, skies of blue (Aida)
5 Act III: I come, full of concern (Amonasro, Aida)
6 Act III: Once again you will see our lofty forests
7 Act III: No more my daughter (Amonasro, Aida)
8 Act III: Father … the Egyptians … have not … ensla
9 Act III: At last I see you, my sweet Aida … (Radam
10 Act III: Your people rise again, arming for battle
11 Act III: We'd leave this white oppressive heat (Ai
12 Act III: Ah no! We'll leave here! (Radames, Aida,
13 Act III: You! Amonasro! You! The King? (Radames, A
14 Act III: We're betrayed! (Amneris, Aida, Amonasro,
15 Act IV Scene 1: My hated rival has escaped me (Amn
16 Act IV Scene 1: Soon all the priests will gather h
17 Act IV Scene 1: Ah! You must live (Amneris, Radame
18 Act IV Scene 1: Who will save you, wretched madman
19 Act IV Scene 1: Alas! I feel I'm, dying … (Amneris
20 Act IV Scene 1: Spirit of Isis on us all decending
21 Act IV Scene 1: Radames! Radames! Radames! (Ramfis
22 Act IV Scene 1: Priests of Isis: you're guilty of
23 Act IV Scene 2: The fatal cover's now in place (Ra
24 Act IV Scene 2: My heart foretold this horrifying
25 Act IV Scene 2: Almighty Phtha (Priestesses, Pries
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