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Summer holiday activities for the young and young

The ‘My First’ album series is an excellent springboard for a lifelong journey through classical music. The tracks will appeal and engage a younger audience, and the colourful booklets contain information on every piece. It is perfect for children learning an instrument, or for those who love to dance to traditional classical music.

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Image My First Ballet Album
A bird dancing, an ox on a roof, flowers doing a waltz, a swan twirling about... what world is this? This is the magical world of ballet. The stage is full of people in colourful costumes, but nobody speaks. All the stories are told by music and dancing. Composers have written such exciting pieces for ballet: listen to this collection and see which ones you like best!

Image My First Piano Album
Listen to the piano turn into a bumblebee, a donkey, trolls, a bird, a horse and a butterfly! Sometimes it isnt anything except a piano, but the music coming out of it is exciting and beautiful. Can you spot Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? Mozart makes it twinkle in all kinds of different ways. There are so many things to enjoy here, and all from the most amazing musical instrument: the piano.

Image My First Violin Album
From folk music to film music, the violin is the star of instruments. Millions of children all over the world learn how to play it and the top performers make it sound beautiful. They can also do clever things on it, with their fingers whizzing up and down, and the bow moving so fast you can hardly see it. Take the music of Mr Paganini on track 1 - he really knew how to show off. Here is the violin in the spotlight: listen to it sing!

Image My First Orchestral Album
Hearing a whole orchestra play is a bit like looking at an enormous colourful painting, full of amazing patterns. The instruments of the orchestra all make different sounds, and when they play together they can make you think and feel and imagine hundreds of different things!

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