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Dacapo 30th

Dacapo 30th Anniversary



To celebrate the great Danish label’s momentous anniversary, Naxos Direct is offering customers 30% off all Dacapo titles for a month*. Dacapo Records is the Danish national label for classical and new music, founded in 1989 and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. With a focus on Danish composers, Dacapo works to support the Danish music scene and promote its composers abroad.

*subject to availability.
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Image American Recorder Concertos
The late 17th and early 18th centuries were the Golden Age of the Recorder. Played by amateurs and professionals and admired by musical connoisseurs, the recorder was everywhere. From Italy to England, the greatest composers of the day were writing hundreds of masterworks to meet the public’s demand! Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, a scrappy group of colonists were carving a new nation out of the wilderness... But where were the recorders? It is one of the great ironies of the recorder’s long history that despite being ubiquitous in nearly every American public music school program, few composers ever explored writing for it. In order to set this egregious state of affairs to right, Michala Petri, the first Lady of the Recorder, invited four American composers to make their own discovery of just what an Old World Recorder can do! For the newest installment of her ground-breaking Concerto Project, four works have been specially commissioned to showcase the sound of the modern recorder.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Årstiderne - 28 Danish Songs
Following a series of military and economic defeats in the early 19th century, an enterprising group of teachers, pastors and writers set about to revive the Danish national spirit, and subsequently developed the 'folkehojskole' (Folk High School). The movement's chief architect, the poet, philosopher, and pastor, N. F. S. Grundtvig, knew the value of singing for creating a sense of community, and so in 1894 the ?rst Hojskolesangbogen (High School Songbook) was published. A substantial revised edition was published in 1922, including many melodies by the famous composer Carl Nielsen. Today the collection includes 572 songs with 2.4 million copies sold and is the most popular songbook in the country. The natural choice for performing this treasury of Danish song was the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, the elite choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). With two Grammy nominations and the prestigious German ECHO Award for the CD The Nightingale, (recorded with recorder virtuoso Michala Petri), their luminous sound provides the perfect frame for these simple, heartfelt expressions of the Danish soul.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Connect - electronic works for guitar
The five composers behind these world premiere recordings, written for the young classical guitarist Jakob Bangso, all share a keen interest in the field of electroacoustic music. Through live electronics, sound-transforming algorithms and interactive systems, CONNECT explores captivating soundscapes in the borderlands between the acoustic and the digital, the raw and the processed, the heard and the reheard – guitar and electronics are equal partners.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Peter Navarro-Alonso: Le Quattro Stagioni
On this album, two of Denmark's most exciting young ensembles, Ekkozone and Alpha, join forces in exhilarating performances of the Danish composer Peter Navarro-Alonso's (b. 1973) original response to two Vivaldi masterpieces, the iconic Four Seasons and another of the many virtuosic violin concertos from the great Barqoue master's hand.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Martin Lohse: Collage de temps
The Danish composer Martin Lohse (b. 1971) writes contemporary music drawing on musical history. The sensitive elegance of Baroque and Romanticism meet the rigorous certainty of Minimalism – a simplicity of expression approaching the insisting and touching which is evident in all three works on this album. They are thus written with the featured artists in mind, fronted by the pianist David Lau Magnussen with the Danish Chamber Players (Ensemble Storstrom) and an exclusive team of instrumentalists.

Image Works For Solo Viola
The viola occupies a special place in the psyche of musicians and composers. It is an instrument of mystery, soulfulness and even of protest and revolt. Rafaell Altino, principal viola of the Odense Symphony Orchestra, presents this exploration of his instrument’s power and possibilities as realised by six leading Danish composers. Some explore the viola as a tool for sound production while others relish what its distinctive also singing voice does to melodies. The results are as touching and warm as they are fearsome and defiant.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen: Ophelia Dances
The idea of building great music from modest or fragmentary means has characterized the work of Nordic composers for generations. In Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen’s (b. 1958) music, that idea finds a particularly exquisite and absolutely contemporary expression. In Toccata the music glances towards a filmic chase-down, whereas Nielsen in Ophelia Dances claims to ‘hear the dancing’ of that fragile character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The album concludes with Nielsen’s single-movement symphony, Symphony No. 3, which sets in motion a cumulative journey upwards from low to high: a symphonic Tower of Babel, reaching for the heavens.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Scherben – Works for Piano and Ensemble
Søren Nils Eichberg (b. 1973) has had an opera staged at Covent Garden and three symphonies recorded by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Dacapo is pleased to present a selection
of the composer’s piano-focused works performed by the pianist Emil Gryesten and friends,
each written in the decade following Eichberg’s victory at the 2001 Queen Elisabeth
Competition. From the rhapsodic to the cryptic and from the joyous to the cautionary, they
present a picture of one of Europe’s brightest young composers in the full flow of inspiration.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Vivaldi/Rasmussen: The Four Seasons After Vivaldi
In 1608, as the crowning achievement of his training with Gabrieli, Mogens Pedersøn published his First Book of Madrigals with 21 songs of love – both requited and unrequited – in sensual poems. The choral pieces are saturated with images and impressions of all that love. They are moving, intense and sensitive, and even in his youth Mogens Pedersøn was a master of the motion of voices and the use of dissonances that are resolved into the most beautiful concords. A true jewel of Danish music now becomes sounding reality performed in these world premiere recordings by vocal group Musica Ficta under Bo Holten's leadership.

Image Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Complete String Quarte
Danish composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (1932–2016) wrote string quartets all his life. Fourteen in all; the first three dating from 1959, the last ones from 2013. Launching its complete cycle of Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s string quartets, the Nordic String Quartet here presents the first six quartets: Honesty meets schoolboy pranks, obstinacy meets doubt, yes meets no – Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s string quartets are full of such clashes. We start at one point and end at a totally different one. Never fusty, often entertaining, always adamant.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations Recompo
Danish composer Peter Navarro-Alonso’s composition is a note-by-note reinvention of the original Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach. Thus Alpha’s innovative performance adds no additional notes in comparison to the original. It is merely through the very creative and extreme orchestration that the new composition gains its own life.

Image Emil Hartmann: Chamber Music

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Fini Henriques: Works for Violin and Piano
During the last two decades of the 19th century, the generation of Danish composers born in
the 1860s started to make an impact. Among them was Fini Henriques , who also had a veritable
soloist career as a violin virtuoso and became one of best known Danes of his age, appealing to
virtually everyone, both high and low. Johannes Søe Hansen and Christina Bjørkøe explore here
his shorter pieces for violin and piano, both individual pieces and those in the collections Kleine
bunte Reihe and Novelletter . Short pieces with a sharp characterisation works with charm,
warm heartedness and gravity.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Fini Henriques: Piano Pieces
During the last two decades of the nineteenth century, the generation of Danish composers
born in the 1860s started to make an impact. Among them, Fini Henriques (1867 1940), who
had a special gift for beautiful, well shaped melodies, and his popularity rested firmly on a
generous output of single pieces, usually strung together in collections such as those presented
here. Billedbogen (The Picture Book) is a collection for children and proved one of his absolute
bull’s eyes, whereas Erotik (Eroticism) and Melodiske profiler (Silhouettes) see the composer
exploring the world of adult life. Henriques’s best works maintain a high level with their honesty
and that brilliant touch which few of his contemporaries could rival.

Image Poul Ruders: Viola Concerto; Handel Variations
A tribute to inwardness, patience and beauty.' This is how the Danish composer Poul Ruders (b. 1949) described his Viola Concerto from 1994. The music has an almost Late Romantic expressive style and is played with rich, many-faceted feeling by the Norwegian viola virtuoso Lars Anders Tomter. In his Handel Variations (2009) Poul Ruders has composed no fewer than 90 variations on eight bars from Handel's Water Music. The short variations grow together into a symphonic totality where the orchestral colours are constantly shifting and where Handel's starting point develops into pure Ruders.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Knudåge Riisager: Violin Concerto – Etudes
Drawn to the ‘twinkle in the eye’ in Carl Czerny’s Etudes, Knudåge Riisager (1897-1974) wanted them to ‘sparkle like the fizz in mineral water’ when he made his orchestral renderings in the late 1940s. When those scores were refashioned for a ballet, Riisager invested them with even more of his trademark buoyancy and colour. But change was to come with the composer’s Violin Concerto of a few years later. The shift in style reveals the composer’s deep and developing thoughts on musical contrast, instrumental naturalness and concerto form and is realised vividly on this new recording from the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Ian van Rensburg.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Søren Nils Eichberg: Symphony No. 3; Morpheus
This CD marks the conclusion of Soren Nils Eichberg's residency with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra – a fruitful cooperation that has resulted in a handful of large-scale works, born of Eichberg's keen exploration of the orchestra. In place of the thematic formality of its predecessor, Symphony No. 3 looks far out, asking looming existential questions to which there aren't always clear answers. As a counterweight, the even more symphonic 'concerto for orchestra' 'Morpheus' revels in colour and effect, bringing a sense of joy and discovery to the music.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Nicolai Worsaae: Wesenheit ab Wesenheit
Danish composer Nicolai Worsaae (b. 1980) himself claims a fundamental identification with the narrative form found in classical music. Nevertheless, he has in recent years moved farther away from the lyrical and narrative and turned more sharply towards modernism. On this CD you meet Worsaae in two works: For both Wesenheit ab Wesenheit (2011) and WaWV (2014) Worsaae found inspiration in poems by the German prisoner JörgMeyer, who during the late 70’s was confined to isolation in a Danish prison. Worsaae’s father was prison chaplain and in this way met Meyer who was imprisoned for espionage for the GDR in Denmark.

Image Per Nørgård:Whirls World
Per Nørgård(b. 1932) is one of the most frequently played composers of his generation. He has written more than 400 works in all genres and inspired innumerable colleagues in Denmark and abroad. This album presents all of Nørgård’smusic for the Oscar-winning Babette’s Feast film version by Gabriel Axel of Karen Blixen’s short story –not just the snatches of it one can hear in the film. One can also get to know the hypnotic Spell, the ripples and bubbles in Whirl’s World and Trio Breve, which according to the composer himself are to be regarded as fragments of a mosaic.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Bent Sørensen: Rosenbad; Pantomime
Bent Sorensen's music can feel like the product of a dream, at once vague and precise, present and intangible. With Rosenbad and Pantomime, the recording of Sorensen's trilogy Papillons is complete. This is music filled with the ebb and flow of fear, hope and nostalgia and unified by common musical material through the same anchoring piano part across its movements. All works including the Fantasia Appassionata for solo piano are written for Katrine Gislinge, one of the most significant pianists in Scandinavia, here accompanied by Esbjerg Ensemble and the Stenhammar Quartet.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Rued Langgaard: Complete Works for Violin and Pian
£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Poul Rovsing Olsen: The Planets - Works for Voice
The research on the musical cultures of faraway countries left its mark on Poul Rovsing Olsen's (1922-82) oeuvre. He aimed at clarity and substance, and by fusing elements from the Occidental and Oriental traditions he developed a personal musical idiom that was unusual in Danish music. Poul Rovsing Olsen himself said that it was his dream 'to make music as direct as possible, to bring it closer to the listener'. This CD features his last composition A Dream in Violet and four world premiere recordings of his music for voice and instruments, including The Planets, based on a block book from the 15th century.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Niels W. Gade: Comala
In 1840s Leipzig the young Danish composer Niels W. Gade (1817-90) was welcomed with open arms, and became Mendelssohn's successor with the Gewandhaus Orchestra. There Gade himself conducted the first performance of his cantata Comala, which travelled as far afield as the USA and Russia. Comala is a lyrical-heroic legend based on James Macpherson's famous Ossian poems about the warrior Fingal and his beloved Comala, here performed by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra & Choir and an inspired team of international soloists under the renowned French conductor Laurence Equilbey.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Hans Adolph Brorson: The Rare Treasure of Faith
The music and poetry of Pietism offers a beauty that hardly any form of Lutheran religiosity can rival. It is rarely found more radiantly beautiful than in the great collection of hymns 'Troens rare Klenodie' (The Rare Treasure of Faith) by the most important Danish representative of the Pietist movement, Hans Adolph Brorson (1694-1764). The melodies of the sacred Pietist songs are, in their strongly affective nature, in perfect accordance with the fervent and sensual mode of expression found in the texts. Selected from J.A. Freylinghausen’s 'Geistreiches Gesangbuchand' among J.S. Bach’s contributions to Schemelli’s 'Musicalisches Gesangbuch' those melodies are to be heard here, along with related galant music for flute, harpsichord and guitar from the court of the Pietist Danish King Christian VI.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Friedrich Kuhlau: Violin Sonatas Vol. 2

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Niels Viggo Bentzon: The Tempered Piano
During his own lifetime, Niels Viggo Bentzon (1919-2000) became the very symbol of modern music in Denmark. An unstoppable creative force which, right from his breakthrough in the early 1940s, was in a category of his own. Per Salo, the pre-eminent Danish interpreter of Bentzon, here turns to Bentzon’s huge-scale piano cycle The Tempered Piano, with a personal compilation of preludes and fugues from the many volumes that Bentzon wrote with direct inspiration from Bach. Riotous digressions, musical worlds of unbridled fantasy, loosely constructed blowholes –everywhere Bentzon broke new ground – ground far from the golden mean.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Niels W. Gade: Erlkönigs Tochter- Fünf Gesänge, Op
Elverskud (The Elf-King’s Daughter) is a dramatic cantata from 1854, based on Danish medieval ballads. It became one of Niels W. Gade’s greatest successes, not only in his native Denmark but throughout Europe, where Elverskud was performed several hundred times, often conducted by Gade himself. Gade was especially admired in Germany, and on this album, Elverskud is not only played on period instruments for the first time but is also sung for the first time with the German text that brought the work international fame. Here the cantata is put together with Gade’s breakthrough as an a capella composer, Fünf Gesänge from 1846, also in German. Perhaps this Danish national composer isn’t so Danish after all?

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Siobhan Lamb-The Red Shoe-Based on the Story by H.
Red is the colour of blood, the colour of danger and the colour of temptation. Hans Christian Andersen took the symbolism to a new extreme of cruelty in The Red Shoes – an ancient folk tale here given a modern musical reworking by Siobhan Lamb and the Suoni Ensemble.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Vagn Holmboe: The Chamber Concertos & Sinfonias
Vagn Holmboe (1909-96) worked throughout his life to distil his own ideas and cut out the unnecessary. This collection comprises all of his 13 concise chamber concertos and his four sinfonias in the acclaimed recordings by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and former chief conductor Hannu Koivula. The neoclassical concertos for one or more soloists reveal Holmboe's rustic, down-to-earth style, that can be described as Danish or Nordic, and his inspiration from eastern European folk music.

£26.59 (£37.99)

£11.89 (£16.99)
Image Floating Islands
Yevgeny Alexandrovich Mravinsky was born according to the Julian calendar then in use in Russia on May 22, 1903 (June 4 according to the Gregorian calendar predominant in the West), the son of an aristocratic lawyer, in the city known then and now as Saint Petersburg. Two aunts played decisive roles in the life of Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Mravinsky. The son of an aristocratic lawyer was born in St Petersburg on May 22 (according to the Julian calendar of the Russian Orthodox church, though according to the western Gregorian calendar the date is June 4), 1903. One aunt was the celebrated soprano Yevgeniya Mravina, and the little Yevgeny probably learnt something about musical theatre from her. The other aunt was Aleksandra Kollontai, and she would prove extremely useful in enabling him to follow the profession he had chosen.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Svend Erik Tarp: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1
Not known to many today, Svend Erik Tarp (1908-94) was one of the most prominent Danish composers of his time, boasting a large and versatile body of work which more or less has survived in obscurity. This series now sheds new light on a selection Tarp's orchestral works, opening chronologically with some suites, overtures and two small concertos. These are early and charming works that show a development from the elegant and easily accessible towards a more clarified neoclassicist style, which later became one of Tarp's hallmarks.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image In Dulci Jubilo – Music for the Christmas season b
In the gloomy sky of a winter’s night a bright star emerges and ignites Advent’s anticipation of the Nativity –the year moves towards the rebirth of light just at the time of greatest darkness. With evocative works by the Baroque master Dietrich Buxtehude and the circle of 17th-century northern German composers around him, Paul Hillier conducts his Grammy award-winning ensemble Theatre of Voices in a stimulating addition to the traditional Christmas repertoire.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Nancy Dalberg: The String Quatets
Nancy Dalberg (1881-1949) completed three string quartets, and they hold a place of their own among her compositions. No. 1 in D minor was the very first instrumental work that she presented at a public concert (1915). No. 2 in G minor, op. 14 (1922), was the first work that was published and played outside Denmark, while No. 3, op. 20 (1927), which is dedicated to her teacher, Carl Nielsen, was not published during her lifetime. The present release of the three quartets features two world premiere recordings.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Rued Langgaard: Symphonies 2 & 6; Jacob Gade: Tang
Rued Langgaard (1893–1952) was the major Danish late-Romantic composer who did not gain recognition in his mother country. His greatest successes took place in Germany and Austria, where his Symphonies Nos. 2 and 6 were met with considerable acclaim. Back home, he never received that kind of backing. He died a careworn and despairing individual. On this recording with one of the world's leading orchestras, the tradition-conscious Vienna Philharmonic, one is therefore able to hear Langgaard's music 'return home' to a central European musical culture. At the same time things were going swimmingly for his colleague Jacob Gade (1879–1963) whose Tango Jalousie has become the absolutely most frequently played piece of Danish music for almost a century.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Crossing Borders
On this release, Paul Hillier and Ars Nova Copenhagen continue their exploration of Danish vocal music. The main work here, Line Tjornhoj’s Vox Reportage, was composed in close co-operation with the artists, and weaves various sources together – including 1981 Nobel laureate Elias Canetti, Chelsea Manning, and Rabi’ahal Adawiyya (8th-century Iraq) – to create a ‘reportage’ on the nature of humanity over the past thousand years. In Carl Nielsen’s Three Motets, Renaissance polyphony and the composer’s more personal style are molded into something fresh and powerful; the Swedish Romantic composer Stenhammarsets Danish texts, while Holmboesets British border ballads. Everything about this album crosses borders of one kind or another!

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Garden Party
All good musical duos are conversations, and when Lars Hannibal and Michala Petri play together, they create an extraordinary, intimate space. From their first concert in the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain in the summer 1992, they have toured throughout Europe, North and Central America and Asia, giving more than 1.500 concerts from a repertoire spanning from the late renaissance and early baroque, the classical and romantic periods, to contemporary music written especially for them. In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, Michala and Hannibal have selected a very special program of some of the pieces they have played live so many times – to share that intimate 'fleeting moment' they have perfected in the live performances. Featuring musical sketches and character pieces by Carl Nielsen, Edvard Grieg, Edouard Lalo, Asger Lund-Christiansen, Lars Hannibal and a new arrangement of an ancient Chinese melody, 'Garden Party' perfectly captures the spirit of 'Conversation, Companionship and Communication' that has defined their quarter-century long musical partnership.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Friedrich Kuhlau, Otto Malling: Piano Quartet No.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Per Nørgård: Early Piano Works
Since the beginning of his career Per Nørgård (b. 1932) has composed music for all kinds of instruments, but the piano is probably the one he has remained closest to. Illustrating the development of the ‘universe of the Northern mind’ as well as early influences by both Bach and Stravinsky, the acclaimed pianist Niklas Sivelöv presents a unique portrait of Nørgård’s earliest musical thinking, including world premiere recordings of the Sonata determinata, Miniature Concerto G Major and Trifoglio.


£11.89 (£16.99)

£20.99 (£29.99)
Image Bo Holten: Gesualdo Shadows – a modern baroque ope
The conductor and composer Bo Holten has long been fascinated by Carlo Gesualdo – an Italian prince and one of the most extreme composers of the Late Renaissance, whose dramatic life and bitter fate make up the plot in Holten's and librettist Eva Sommestad Holten's 'modern baroque opera' Gesualdo – Shadows. Reflecting our own time, this is a drama of a great artist lost between outward duties and inner fragility: from a passionate youth to an old age of mysticism, violence and melancholy. Gesualdo's own madrigals, fused into the score, contribute to a thrilling universe of pain and beauty.

£17.49 (£24.99)
Image SUPERFLEX & Anders Monrad: The Mærsk Opera
An opera in three acts by the art group SUPERFLEX (founded in 1993) and composer Anders Monrad (b. 1981), performed by a dedicated team of high profiled singers and musicians. The Mærsk Opera is an documentary opera based on true events leading up to the opening of one of the most controversial buildings in Denmark’s recent history: The Copenhagen Opera House, and at the same time, an artistic reflection on the opera as genre.

£27.99 (£39.99)
Image Niels W. Gade: Erlkönigs Tochter (Elverskud/The El
Elverskud (The Elf-King's Daughter) is a dramatic cantata from 1854, based on Danish medieval ballads. It became one of Niels W. Gade's greatest successes,not only in his native Denmark, but throughout Europe, where Elverskud was performed several hundred times, often conducted by Gade himself. Gade was especially admired in Germany, and on this album Elverskudis not only played on period instruments for the first time, but is also sung for the first time with the German text that brought the work international fame.

£17.49 (£24.99)
Image Wood Works
The Danish String Quartet's love of traditional Scandinavian folk music is becoming as well known as the quartet's masterly approach to the classical repertoire. Now the renowned ensemble, at present house quartet at both New York's Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society and BBC Radio 3, is releasing the vinyl version of "Wood Works", presenting their favourite melodies from Nordic folk music - including the 400 years old bridal music from the island of Fanø that has spread far and wide as a video with over 50,000 plays on YouTube and Vimeo.

£19.59 (£27.99)
Image Diem 25 Years
The story of DIEM (The Danish Institute of Electronic Music) is the story of 25 years of believing that the newest technology can move existing musical boundaries, create new sounds, new structures, and pioneer the development of the music of the future. This double CD presents a broad selection of works produced at DIEM from 1987 to 2012; all of them presented in their original form and many of them released for the first time.

DIEM is dedicated to artistic production, teaching, research and performance in the area of electronic music in Denmark. DIEM is led by the Californian-born composer Wayne Siegel, himself an electronic pioneer with several releases on Dacapo Records such as the recent TERRA in the spring of 2012.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Moller:Rewrite Of Spring
£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Weyse: Key Masterpieces
With this attractively packaged double CD (for the price of 1) in Dacapo's Perspectives series, you will encounter Weyse's vocal genius in the shape of the popular Christmas Cantata and a selection of melodious solo songs with orchestral or piano accompaniment; a couple of early Romantic symphonies which were the very first to be written in Denmark as well as beautifully balanced pieces for solo piano.

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Hartmann:The Key Masterpieces
£9.79 (£13.99)
Image Holmboe: Perspectives I
£9.79 (£13.99)
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