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In November 2021, the international award-winning Danish label, OUR Recordings, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary year!

To mark this milestone, enjoy discounts of up to 60% on all OUR Recordings titles, exclusively on Naxos Direct.

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Image Ukdk:Contemporary Recorder
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Mikkelborg: Going To Pieces
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Poulenc: Half Monk/ Rascal
OUR Recordings is proud to announce the release of this great choir music by Francis Poulenc, which is standard repertoire for all professional choirs. On this release Stephen Layton and the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, put together a program representing both Poulenc`s secular and sacred choral music.

This cd is launched in connection to the much praised release of The Nightingale: \New Nordic Music for Recorder and Choir" (2011) with Michala Petri and Danish National Vocal Ensemble. One further cd is planned for next year.

Poulenc was a man of contradictions. The traditionalists called him a modernist, the modernists called him old-fashioned. The contradictions were almost glaring: a declared homosexual and devout Catholic in the first half of the twentieth century! Courageous? Indeed! He wrote modern music but couldn't help creating melodies. That was to be both his good fortune and his misfortune. He knew so much about instruments and voices, and his music sounded so good that it could be regarded as poppish, and many people were loath to admit him to the serious musical world of Europe. Some snobs spoke of "French elegance" "Gallic esprit" or - even worse - "perfumed music", and this was not meant as praise.

Poulenc died in 1963. The rascal was there until the end: "Even though you may think the music is in bad taste, you must play your heart out all the same. I am quite aware of what I can do. And pianists must remember that you can never use too much pedal!"."

£5.60 (£13.99)
Image The Percussion Universe
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Garden Party
All good musical duos are conversations, and when Lars Hannibal and Michala Petri play together, they create an extraordinary, intimate space. From their first concert in the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain in the summer 1992, they have toured throughout Europe, North and Central America and Asia, giving more than 1.500 concerts from a repertoire spanning from the late renaissance and early baroque, the classical and romantic periods, to contemporary music written especially for them. In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, Michala and Hannibal have selected a very special program of some of the pieces they have played live so many times – to share that intimate 'fleeting moment' they have perfected in the live performances. Featuring musical sketches and character pieces by Carl Nielsen, Edvard Grieg, Edouard Lalo, Asger Lund-Christiansen, Lars Hannibal and a new arrangement of an ancient Chinese melody, 'Garden Party' perfectly captures the spirit of 'Conversation, Companionship and Communication' that has defined their quarter-century long musical partnership.

£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Floating Islands
Yevgeny Alexandrovich Mravinsky was born according to the Julian calendar then in use in Russia on May 22, 1903 (June 4 according to the Gregorian calendar predominant in the West), the son of an aristocratic lawyer, in the city known then and now as Saint Petersburg. Two aunts played decisive roles in the life of Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Mravinsky. The son of an aristocratic lawyer was born in St Petersburg on May 22 (according to the Julian calendar of the Russian Orthodox church, though according to the western Gregorian calendar the date is June 4), 1903. One aunt was the celebrated soprano Yevgeniya Mravina, and the little Yevgeny probably learnt something about musical theatre from her. The other aunt was Aleksandra Kollontai, and she would prove extremely useful in enabling him to follow the profession he had chosen.

£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Borup-Jorgensen: Organ Works
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Danish/Faroese Recorder Concertos
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Jorgensen: Recorder Music
This recording presents Borup-Jørgensen's complete works for recorder; a chronicle of a 30 year relationship that began when his daughter, Elisabet Selin became Michala Petri's first and only private student. Over the years, Michala and Elisabet performed on a number of critically acclaimed recordings but none as special as this; as the artists for whom these works were originally composed, their interpretations are both personal and authoritative. Beginning with the Fantasia for sopranino recorder and harpsichord op. 75 from 1975 and concluding with Pergolato op. 183, composed the year before the composer's passing, each work carefully explores the potential of the recorder as a melody instrument and as a source of new forms of acoustic expression.

£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Axel Borup-Jørgensen: Marin
Borup-Jørgensen’s music exists on the margins of silence, punctuated with searing dramatic eruptions, all of which can be heard in his orchestral masterpiece Marin (1970). Borup-Jørgensen massive ‘sea symphony’ exists in its own unique world of sound - some-times in as many as 55 separate voices - as is one of the most challenging and meticulously detailed orchestral textures ever set to paper. Such visceral music demands visual expression and as part of this very special DVD/SACD release, Lückow Film, and an international team of animators directed by Morten Bartholdy bring Borup-Jørgensen’s musical world to life. Also included is the new ?lm AXEL - a portrait of both the composer, and of mid-century Danish modernism featuring interviews with other composers, colleagues and friends, as well as excerpts from recent live performances of the music by Axel Borup-Jørgensen.

£11.60 (£28.99)
Image The Secret Mass: Choral Works by Frank Martin and
The centrepiece of this album is Martin's towering masterwork, the Mass for Double Choir. Originally completed in 1926, Martin did not allow the work to be performed until 1963. After its premiere he explained: 'I felt that a personal expression of religious belief should remain secret and hidden from public opinion.' Thankfully Martin decided to share his secret; his Mass has become one of the 20th century's most powerful works composed for a cappella choir. For Swiss-born Martin, his musical breakthrough came early in life when he heard a performance of Bach's St. Matthew Passion. His musical language draws on a wide variety of in?uences, including Renaissance polyphony, Hindemithian extended tonality and traces of Schoenberg's twelve-tone system, but above all, Bach. In contrast, the urbane, cosmopolitan Martinu was a stylistic butter?y, and a bit of a late bloomer. One can easily hear traces of impressionism and Stravinskian neoclassicism throughout his mature style, but in his ?nest moments, Martinu embraces the love of folklore that inspired his elder countryman, Leos Janacek.

£5.60 (£13.99)
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image American Recorder Concertos
The late 17th and early 18th centuries were the Golden Age of the Recorder. Played by amateurs and professionals and admired by musical connoisseurs, the recorder was everywhere. From Italy to England, the greatest composers of the day were writing hundreds of masterworks to meet the public’s demand! Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, a scrappy group of colonists were carving a new nation out of the wilderness... But where were the recorders? It is one of the great ironies of the recorder’s long history that despite being ubiquitous in nearly every American public music school program, few composers ever explored writing for it. In order to set this egregious state of affairs to right, Michala Petri, the first Lady of the Recorder, invited four American composers to make their own discovery of just what an Old World Recorder can do! For the newest installment of her ground-breaking Concerto Project, four works have been specially commissioned to showcase the sound of the modern recorder.

£5.60 (£13.99)
Image German French Concertos
£5.60 (£13.99)
Image Telemann For Two
Anthony Newman, the "High Priest of Bach" and Michala Petri, the "First Lady of the Recorder" join talents for the first time in recording, after playing together for many years in concert. To commemorate this historic meeting, our two legendary artists have selected the Sonatas for Recorder by Georg Philipp Telemann. And herein lay Telemann's genius: even works conceived on the most intimate scale bursts with originality and musical surprises.

£5.60 (£13.99)
Image MIKKELBORG: Everything matters / JERSILD: 10 Impro
It is a great pleasure for OUR Recordings to present its first international release of contemporary Danish recordings. The works are all world premiere recordings, and have been composed especially for Kim Sj?©gren and Lars Hannibal. The repertoire is written for violin and guitar and for both Herman D. Koppel and J?©rgen Jersild it was their first time to write for the guitar. Vagn Holmboe already knew the guitar very well as he had previously composed many guitar works, including a solo sonata for Andr?®s Segovia.

£5.60 (£13.99)
£11.89 (£16.99)
Image Nordic Sound:A Tribute
£7.00 (£13.99)
£7.00 (£13.99)
Image SPIRITS - East Meets West
£7.00 (£13.99)
Image Kim Larsen: Ta´ mig med - Songs for classical guit
A journey into the heart of the Danish soul. Kim Larsen (1945-2018) – the much loved Danish rock musician and multi-artist - captures in music and words the Danish soul. With his 500 recorded songs and 40 albums he is known by all Danes of all ages. Guitarist, and head of guitar department at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Jesper Sivebæk, had 2 heroes in his youth: Andrés Segovia and Kim Larsen – and they have followed him ever since.
For more than 10 years Jesper Sivebæk has worked on the pieces on this album. With his great experience he uses the possibilities of the guitar to the utmost, and follows the classical tradition of making instrumental versions of folk songs. Sivebæk is true both to the beauty and the simplicity of Kim Larsens songs, and to his instrument – the classical Spanish guitar. In these arrangements classical guitar players around the globe now have 12 new pieces to discover and put on their concert programs. Erik Jensen, journalist and former musical editor at Politiken wrote: 'Kim Larsen was unrivalled at taking the big moments and feelings of existence and converting them into music and lyrics in a playful, direct language that Danes loved. In his songs we were able to mirror ourselves and be precisely the Danes we wanted to be: free and brazen, wilful and provocative, but also poetic and elegant, sensitive and standing shoulder to shoulder with those struggling in society.'

£20.99 (£29.99)
Image Hickey: A Pacifying Weapon
The featured work on this vinyl maiden voyage is American composer Sean Hickey’s three-movement concerto for recorders, winds, brass and percussion, “A Pacifying Weapon”. Composed as a response to recent, turbulent events, Hickey sought to convey the idea of a “tool or instrument that was capable of providing an instant and irreversible peace.” In turning to the recorder, “an ancient instrument passed down unchanged through the years”, Hickey invoked many aspects of the ancient instrument’s personality, from the bucolic, the melancholic and even the militant. An extensive percussion battery enjoys second-billing in Hickey’s score, adding both drama and providing an effective foil for the recorder’s solo displays. Sharing honors with both the composer and the soloist are the phenomenally talented ensemble of young musicians from 11 nations, attending the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music, who appear for their very first professional recording under the direction of Jean Thorel. Filling out the program is Thomas Clausen’s charming Neo-Baroque Concertino for recorder and strings, originally released on Nordic Sound - Tribute to Axel Borup-Jørgensen, (6.220613). As befits such a momentous release, OUR Recordings proudly announce their very first LIMITED EDITION vinyl. Mastered by Grammy-nominated Danish wizard of sound, Preben Iwan in DXD format (352.8 kHz/32bit) sound!

£23.09 (£32.99)
Image English Recorder Concertos
The recorder has been part of Western music for more than seven hundred years, during which time it has enjoyed a particularly special relationship with the composers and musicians of England. The present recording showcases the music of three generations of English composers who have embraced the recorder, making significant contributions to the repertoire in the process. Gordon Jacob, the eldest, composed numerous works for the recorder from the 1950s up until his last year.

Sir Malcolm Arnold was to follow Jacob's example contributing his Concerto for Recorder, originally written for and premiered by Michala Petri. Arnold's amphibious existence as a composer for both film and the concert hall is echoed in the career of our youngest contributor, the BAFTA award-winning composer and recorder player Richard Harvey.

The result? Pure musical enchantment! Jacob's delightful Suite has been a mainstay for recorder players (and an audience favourite...) since its premiere, while Arnold's rarely performed concerto is a late masterwork truly deserving a wider audience makes a most welcome return to the catalogue. The program is capped off by Harvey's magical Concerto Incantato (composed especially for Michala) - a true concert piece for the Harry Potter generation.

"The highlight of the evening came... with the world premiere of Richard Harvey's Concerto Incantato, a work written specifically for this concert and for Michala Petri and five (or perhaps it was six?) of her recorders... Harvey's work brings together a broad range of musical influences...oozing walls of warm string harmony and a distinct story-telling quality - a highly consumable work commandingly performed." Mark Tjhung, Time Out Hong Kong

£9.79 (£13.99)
Image LALO: Symphonie espagnole / Fantasie novergienne
Ever since Edouard Lalo wrote his Spanish-inspired violin concerto 'Symphonie Espagnole opus 21', it has ranked among the most frequently played violin concertos. On this recording the orchestral part has been arranged for guitar, which gives the piece a genuine chamber-music character.

'Fantaisie Norv?¿gienne' from 1878 was originally a concert fantasy for violin and orchestra. The Spanish guitar, seen as a folk music instrument, also interested Lalo, and in 1882 he wrote 'Guitare' for violin and piano. Until now the only existing recording of this piece has been in the form of a rhapsody for orchestra.

£9.79 (£13.99)
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