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    The multi-award-winning Latvian composer Eriks Ešenvalds’ 21stcentury choral sound is both exquisite and angular, and in this album he explores ideas of ‘translation’, legend and the divine. With his expanded tonality and employment of shimmering singing handbells in Translation, and the angelic use of the viola and cello in In paradisum he creates music of ravishing refinement. In The Legend of the Walled-In Woman Ešenvalds transcribes and employs
    an authentic Albanian folk song.
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    Ludwig van BEETHOVEN


    By the time of Emperor Joseph II’s death in 1790 Beethoven was a member of the court musical
    establishment in Bonn. To mark the occasion, Beethoven was commissioned to write two
    cantatas, one to mourn Joseph’s death and the other to celebrate the accession to the throne
    of Emperor Leopold II. Although Beethoven was only 19 years old at the time, both works show
    the embryonic marks of his greatness: intense expression and control of structure in one, and an
    almost operatic panache in the other. Neither piece was performed during Beethoven’s lifetime.
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    Ludwig van BEETHOVEN / Gabriel PROKOFIEV

    Beethoven Reimagined

    2020 is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, and this album presents three works that
    reshape the composer’s awe-inspiring music for the 21st century. The Sonata for Orchestra
    considers how the Violin Sonata No. 7 would sound had it been written for orchestra, while
    A Fidelio Symphony transforms vocal lines into symphonic textures to take us through the
    entire arc of the composer’s sole opera. Based on the famous Ode to Joy of Beethoven’s final
    symphony, BEETHOVEN9 Symphonic Remix uses loops, grooves and musical transformations
    to create a contemporary tribute to Beethoven’s universal message.
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    Johann STRAUSS II


    Blindekuh (‘Blind Man’s Buff’) was Johann Strauss II’s sixth operetta and his least known.
    Neglected for well over a century, it was revived by Dario Salvi and the forces on this album in
    January 2019. The work’s initial lack of success is hard to explain but it may have been caused
    by a confusing libretto – the music itself is vibrant and captivating with waltzes, polkas, mazurkas,
    marches and bel canto arias. Performed in a concert version without dialogue, and in accordance with performing traditions, this production restores the work to the status of one of Strauss’ most melodically seductive works.
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    Mieczyslaw WEINBERG

    Clarinet Music

    Mieczyslaw Weinberg was familiar with the clarinet from his youth, given its prominent place in
    klezmer bands and theatre ensembles, and he wrote three works specifically for the instrument.
    In the Clarinet Concerto he draws a wide range of textures from the accompanying strings, over
    which the soloist explores the clarinet’s extremes of register in virtuosic fashion. Despite having
    been written when Weinberg was still in his mid-twenties, the Clarinet Sonata is a mature work
    with Romantic and folkloric elements. His last completed work was the Chamber Symphony No.
    4, an impassioned piece with a wrenching chorale theme and role for obbligato clarinet.
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    Robert SCHUMANN

    Arrangements for Piano Duet Vol.5

    The insatiable demand for sheet music for domestic use in the 19th century meant that popular works were widely disseminated in piano duet form. Robert Schumann’s own arrangements of the ‘Spring’ Symphony (in collaboration with his wife Clara Schumann) and the Fourth Symphony
    balance playability and fidelity to the original with tremendous skill. Clara considered the Fourth
    Symphony to be ‘another work from the innermost depths of Robert’s soul’, a symphony that has become one of the most quintessential of the Romantic era.
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    Richard DANIEL POUR

    The Passion of Yeshua

    Richard Danielpour’s dramatic oratorio The Passion of Yeshua – a work which has evolved
    over the last 25 years – is an intensely personal telling of the final hours of Christ on Earth. It
    incorporates texts from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Gospels inspiring extraordinarily
    beautiful music that stresses the need for human compassion and forgiveness. Danielpour
    returns to the scale and majesty of Bach in this oratorio, creating choruses that are intense and
    powerful, and giving both Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene a central place in a
    work of glowing spirituality. Conductor JoAnn Falletta considers The Passion of Yeshua to be ‘a
    classic for all time.’
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    Eugene ZADOR

    Sinfonia Technica

    The music of Eugene Zádor is both warmly expressive and colourful. The composer took great delight in writing for overlooked solo instruments, as his Trombone Concerto, garnished with elements of Hungarian folklore, clearly shows. The easy-going, gypsy-influenced Music for Clarinet and Strings is a beautifully proportioned quasi-concerto. The Sinfonia Technica, composed much earlier when he was living in Vienna, and something of a one-off, is an enchanting and exuberantly orchestrated example of ‘industrial music’.

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