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JINANANDA: The Middle Way - the Story of Buddhism (Anton Lesser/ David Timson/ Heathcote Williams/ Nicolas Soames) (Naxos Audio Books: NA314612)

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General interest in Buddhism has never been higher. The story and teachings of a man who lived 2,500 years ago have a special resonance for us today, perhaps because he taught a way of life that was not based on belief in a creator god but rather on personal experience. 'Test my words for yourself,' he said. But what lies behind those distinctive images of the Buddha, seated with unshakeable poise, with eyes half-closed and a slight smile? How did Buddhism develop, from the austere style which governed the life of the yellow-robed monks in ancient India to the more colourful, even magical expression of Tibet? And where does Zen fit in? In The Middle Way, Jinananda, a Western-born Buddhist, divides the subject into The Three Jewels?á- The Buddha (a life of the historical figure), The Dharma (an account of the fundamental teachings) and The Sangha (the disciples, both lay and monastic throughout the world). With extracts from some of main sutras, Jinananda explains the key concepts that lie behind a system of thought and behaviour which, like the universe itself, is continuously expanding.
Item number NA314612
Barcode 9789626341469
Release date 20/10/2000
Category Non-Fiction | AudioBooks
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 3
Artists David Timson
Anton Lesser
Heathcote Williams
Composers Duncan Steen Jinananda
Producers Nicolas Soames
Disc: 1
The Middle Way (Buddhism)
1 The Buddha: The Birth Of Buddha
2 The Buddha: The Training Of Siddartha Gautama
3 The Buddha: The Legend Of the Four Sights
4 The Buddha: The Decision And The Departure
5 The Buddha: Siddartha's First Teacher - Alara Kala
6 The Buddha: Austerities
7 The Buddha: A Declaration Of Intent
8 The Buddha: The Night Of The Enlightenment
9 The Buddha: The Implications Of His Awakening
10 The Buddha: To Varanasi To Turn the Wheel Of the D
11 The Buddha: Forty-Five Years Of Teaching
12 The Buddha: The Tales Of Kisa Gotami, Angulimala A
13 The Buddha: Death And The Parinirvana
14 The Buddha: The Final Moments: 'Impermanent Are Al
Disc: 2
The Middle Way (Buddhism)
1 The Dharma: The Teaching Of the Budda
2 The Dharma: Thus Have I Heard
3 The Dharma: A Direct Experience
4 The Dharma: Pratitya Samutpada - Dependent Origina
5 The Dharma: Conditionality - A Process Without Beg
6 The Dharma: The Middle Way
7 The Dharma: The Four Noble Truths
8 The Dharma: The First Noble Truth - Suffering.
9 The Dharma: The Second Noble Truth - The Origin Of
10 The Dharma: The Wheel Of Life - A Mirror Of Cravin
11 The Dharma: At The Centre - A Cock, A Pig And A Sn
12 The Dharma: The Rise And Fall - Karma And Rebirth
13 The Dharma: The Six Realms Of Existence;
14 The Dharma: The Outer Rim Of The Wheel.
15 The Dharma: The Third Noble Truth - The Cessation
16 The Dharma: The Forth Noble Truth - The Noble Eigh
17 The Dharma: The Eight Limbs Of The Noble Eight-Fol
18 The Dharma: Morality Or Ethics.
19 The Dharma: Meditation
20 The Dharma: Wisdom
21 The Dharma: The Growth Of The Dharma After The Bud
Disc: 3
The Middle Way (Buddhism)
1 The Sangha: The Sangha
2 The Sangha: The Dharma As A Raft - Designed Differ
3 The Sangha: The Spiritual Friendship Of the Sangha
4 The Sangha: The Vinaya, The Rule Of The Monks
5 The Sangha: The Development Of Schools - The Thera
6 The Sangha: The Development Of Images Of The Buddh
7 The Sangha: The Growth Of The Mahayana - The Great
8 The Sangha: The Growth Of The Mahayana - The Great
9 The Sangha: The Growth Of The Mahayana - The Great
10 The Sangha: Skilful Means - The Sultras: The Writt
11 The Sangha: The Perfection Of Wisdom Sutras - The
12 The Sangha: The Heart Sutra
13 The Sangha: The Madhyamika School
14 The Sangha: The Yogacara School
15 The Sangha: Worship
16 The Sangha: Tantric Buddhism Or The Vajrayana (Dia
17 The Sangha: The Tantra In Tibet - The Three 'Esote
18 The Sangha: The Tantra In Tibet - The Three 'Esote
19 The Sangha: The Tantra In Tibet - The Three 'Esote
20 The Sangha: The 11th Century Tibetan yogi And Poet
21 The Sangha: Buddhism In China And Japan - The Pure
22 The Sangha: Buddhism In The West
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