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GIBBON: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Part II (Neville Jason/ Nicolas Soames/ Philip Madoc) (Naxos Audio Books: NA612212)

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Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire occupies an immortal place in the pantheon of historical masterpieces. This six-disc recording covers the final three volumes of Gibbon's work, tracing ten centuries in the life of the eastern half of the empire, whose capital city was Constantinople. Among the many figures who stride across Gibbon's stage here are the emperor Justinian I, a noble statesman and successful warrior, brought low by his lascivious wife, the former prostitute Theodora; the murdering Basil I, a peasant who nonetheless proved himself a worthy figure upon which to drape the purple; and the final emperor of all, Constantine XI, who died on the battlements of Constantinople in 1453, valiantly fighting a losing battle to prevent the Turks from gaining a city they had craved for centuries. It is still the work that sets the standard for all histories of the period.
Item number NA612212
Barcode 9789626341223
Release date 13/05/2000
Category Non-Fiction | AudioBooks
Label Naxos AudioBooks
Media type CD
Number of units 6
Artists Neville Jason
Philip Madoc
Composers Edward Gibbon
Producers Nicolas Soames
Disc: 1
Decline and Fall of Roman Empire II
1 Odacer, The First Barbarian King Of Rome-AD 476
2 The Visigoths Rule All The Roman Conquests West Of
3 Clovis Establishes The French Monarchy In Gaul
4 The Struggle Of Britain
5 'The Decline Of Rome Was The Natural And Inevitabl
6 Theodoric The Ostrogoth
7 Theodoric...'Sheathed His Sword InThe Pride And Vi
8 Justinian Ascends The Byzantine Throne, AD 527, An
9 Belisarius, A Loyal Proved Commander
Disc: 2
Decline and Fall of Roman Empire II
1 Belisarius, Cursed In Love In His Marriage to Anto
2 The Gothic Courage Revives
3 The Games Of Antiquity - The Struggle Of The Green
4 The Festival Of The Ides Of January In The Fifth Y
5 The End Of Belisarius
6 The New Emperor - Justin, Nephew Of Justinian
7 The Virtues And Merits Of Tiberius
8 The Emperor Maurice
Disc: 3
Decline and Fall of Roman Empire II
1 The Fate Of Rome At The Close Of The Sixth Century
2 Maurice Abdicates And Is Succeeded By Phocas
3 The Victory Of Heraclius Against The Persians
4 A Melancholy Task
5 Martina, Constantine III, Constans II, Justinian I
6 Justinian Returns With Vengance
7 Leo IV, The Son Of The Fifth Constantine, And Fath
8 Leo V And Michael II, Michael III
Disc: 4
Decline and Fall of Roman Empire II
1 Basil The Macedonian, Leo VI, Constantine, John Zi
2 The Rise Of The Comnenian Dynasty
3 Manuel I Reigns For 37 Years
4 Andronicus Rules, Firstly From Behind The Emperor,
5 Six Hundred Years Filled With Sixty Emperors
6 The Rise Of Islam
7 The Concept Of The Holy War
8 A Sinful And A Fanatic World
9 The Departure Of The Pilgrims
10 The Effect Of The Crusades
Disc: 5
Decline and Fall of Roman Empire II
1 The Palaelogi Dynasty Of The Early 14th Century
2 The Rise Of Genghis Khan And The Mongol Empire In
3 The Mongol Invasion Of The West
4 The Rise Of Timour - Tamerline
5 Timour Turns His Eyes Towards The Ottomans
6 1422 - Constantinpole Once More Under Siege By Tur
7 Mohammed II, 'The Great Destroyer' And The Final A
8 The Response Of Christendom
9 A City Of 13 Miles Defended By 8,000 Soldiers
10 The Great Cannon Of Mohammed
11 A Siege Of 40 Days, Breaches On All Sides
Disc: 6
Decline and Fall of Roman Empire II
1 29th May 1453
2 Fleeing To The Church Of St Sophia
3 The Legitimate Reward Of The Conqueror
4 The Fate Of Constantine
5 The Incomparable Position, A New Future
6 The Effect Of Christendom
7 The Religious Schism In The Christian Church
8 Reflections Of Pope Eugenius IV And The Learned Po
9 The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman
10 The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman
11 The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman
12 The Four Principal Causes Of The Ruin Of The Roman
13 Rome In The Days Of Gibbon
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